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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway ~ Where You Can Find Me by Fiona Cole

Book Description:

Luella King has experienced loss all her life. After losing her parents and the most important person in her life, she hesitates to open up to anyone and instead plays it safe. One night, she throws caution to the wind and gives into her desires with a sexy stranger.

Fearing her sudden and unexpected loss of control, Luella runs away from him. A chance second encounter pushes her to open her eyes and give the stranger a chance.

There’s something about Jack MacCabe that makes her feel safe enough to lower her guard. Despite how busy he is with his job as a security specialist, they continue to spend more time together and with each date and late night message she finds herself falling in love.

When a serial killer wreaks havoc on their city, Jack's dangerously close proximity to the case reignites Luella's fears of losing someone important to her. Surrendering her fears in order to keep Jack by her side challenges Luella to her limits, while Jack is under pressure to catch the serial killer before it's too late.

As Jack and Luella draw closer to one another, the killer closes in on their next victim. Soon Jack and Luella find themselves entrenched in a mystery they never saw coming.

**Warning: This book may contain minor triggers due to sensitive topics.

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Jack: Let me take you to dinner tomorrow tonight. Nothing too fancy, but somewhere we can be together. Maybe dance a little.

This message came late Thursday night as I climbed into bed.

Me: Jack, I’m not having sex in a bathroom with you again just because you get me to dance.

Jack: Haha! Not what I was thinking. But I won’t lie, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Me: I bet. And am I not worth fancy?

Jack: Oh, baby. You are worth more than anything fancier I can give you. But I heard this place has good food and I thought I would try it with you. I still feel bad about canceling last weekend.

Jack and I had plans to see a movie and he had to cancel last minute because a meeting ran over. I tried to reassure him not to worry but obviously the man couldn’t listen.

Me: Don’t feel bad. I told you this already … don’t make me spank you. *raises eyebrow*

Jack: Oh Lu … Don’t play with fire.

Me: But I’m already hot—and you said you wanted to try new things with me. ;)

Jack: You have no idea the things I want to try with you Lu.

I stopped for a minute and considered my options. I knew my next response would be a turning point. I could have made a joke and turned it back to a more friendly conversation or I could have responded the way I really wanted to. That past few weeks had been simple between us. We touched and kissed and sometimes the kisses got a little heated, but we always managed to pull back. We had to because we were usually out in public. But tonight, in the privacy of our homes, I could take this somewhere further. I paused staring at the screen contemplating my options.

Me: Tell me…

I had thrown the ball into his court. I wasn’t saying I wanted to go further, but I wasn’t denying that I wanted to.

Jack: … what??

Me: Tell. Me.

Jack: Lu, the things I want to try with you … I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been trying to take things slow, but every time I think about you I remember our night at the club. I remember how soft you are. How sweet you taste. The way you moan my name when you come.

My breathing sped up and I felt a flush invade my cheeks.

Me: Tell me more … please.

Jack: That reminds me of the way you begged me to let you come. I remember the way your breasts bounced when I fucked you. But what I remember most is the fire and desire in your eyes when we were being watched.

Jack: I remember when you told me you liked it.

Jack: That’s what I want to try … I want to find, and try, all the things that make that same fire and desire come back into your eyes. I want to try everything with you. Anything for you.

Me: Oh God.

Jack: Do me a favor Lu.

Me: Anything.

Jack: Make yourself come for me … send me a picture to prove it … I can’t call now, otherwise I could talk you through it baby, but prove it to me another way.

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars

“I can tell you I want to get to know you so much more. And I would like for you to know me well enough to believe me.”

This was one of those books I was asked to review and the cover spoke to me, I love finding a new author and for a debut book this was a fantastic read. So, I was looking through my calendar to see what I had coming up and I saw a release post for Where You Can Find Me, looked for the review copy but I hadn’t received it so I went and bought it anyways. This was a quick read at just over 200 pages and I flew through this book. It is fast paced and action packed, but it delivered, both in steam and suspense, so for me this a romantic suspense read that had me turning those pages furiously.

This book starts with a bang and the author really pulls you into Luella and Jack’s story from the start. Luella was living a quiet life, she was a scientist and worked all the hours she could to make her forget how lonely she actually was. She had her BFF but everyone, bar her brother that she had loved had gone, it was just her and Jameson, so she lived in fear of losing again and so she protected her heart with everything she had.

Her BFF, Evie was the hilarious and carefree soul everyone needs, she did her damnedest to pull Luella out into the real world and having persuaded her to go out clubbing so that she could get some “dick” Luella finds herself letting loose for once in her life. What Luella didn’t expect was to have a one-night stand in the club’s bathroom with a drop dead gorgeous stranger. Finding it hard to believe what she had let happen Luella flees the club, but the man in the bathroom is never far from her thoughts.

Jack was the mystery man in the bathroom, he was all kinds of awesome and I loved him from the get go. He was ex-military now working in security and investigations and was a little alpha, a little kinky but he had a heart of gold. He too could not forget the encounter he had with Luella in the bathroom and was gutted that she had left without a trace, he couldn’t stop thinking about her at all!!

When their paths cross once again these two can’t deny the undeniable chemistry between them and so begins a friendship and dates and a seeing where this goes to full blown lovers. From the start I felt their connection to each other but it always felt more lust than love and that is my only negative with this book. I wanted more from them on a deeper level. I wanted more of that emotional connection as the physical was seriously off the charts.

“…you love the hell out of me and you will never lose me. I’m like herpes. Never really gone.”

This book was also another one of my favourite reads…mystery and suspense, and the author delivered this too, with a serial killer on the loose and Jack helping with investigations it isn’t long before the both of them are dragged into this mystery whodunit. I had my suspicions from the start but didn’t see the end result and I have to say the way that the author covered up her tracks was great.

For a debut author this was accomplished writing, you would never guess just by reading and that was another positive with this read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, couldn’t put it down and will certainly be reading this author again. Fantastic job for a debut.

About the Author:

I never thought I would ever write a book. I wasn't even really a reader until age twenty. But I picked up a romance novel and that was it for me. I fell in love. And then one day I stepped into this indie world of books and I started writing. Then I wrote enough to keep going. And then I had a book. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, but it all falls into place. Writing is it for me. 

I'm a stay at home mom with a degree in chemistry and biology. I LOVE science. If you get me started talking about biochemistry, it's all over. I'll rattle on for days! But I use all that knowledge to take care of my two little girls. Mostly while my husband is away being a soldier. 

It's taken me a long time to get here, but I like it ... And I think I might stay a while.

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