Friday 4 December 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Hunters Fury by Jennifer Hartz

Book Description:

Ellie Burke enjoyed a low-key job and weekend barhopping with her group of early-twenties friends, until the night a Fury killed her best friend and marked her to be turned next. Now the only hope of stopping her transformation into an evil heart-eating beast is to join Fury hunters, Yas and Hunter Payne. One wants to protect her, the other thinks they should kill her before it's too late.

As they travel the country, the brothers tell Ellie how they came to be Fury hunters. Present and past weave together as Ellie learns the truth about Hunter's mysterious ways.

Can Hunter protect Ellie from being turned into a Fury? Can Ellie keep herself from falling for Hunter? Is there a cure to cleanse away the Fury poison within? The answers for the future may be held in the past, back farther than either of them can possibly imagine.

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Our Review:

This book is an extraordinary story of the mythical Three Furies. I found it well written and interesting with the different slant on the myth. I don't want to give too much away as it would spoil the enjoyment for other readers. What I can say is it is about the Payne family, hunters of the Furies and who for generations have fought this evil.

The three main characters in this book are Hunter Payne his step brother Yas and Ellie Burke. Yas is a colourful character which a penchant for spicy wings with Hunter being more quiet of the two. Both very good looking guys in their own way but Hunter has a slight difference he has the most mesmerizing eyes and the women flock to him.

Ellie is a woman happy with life surrounded by a very good crowd of friends until the meeting with Hunter and Yas when her life spirals out of control and of the journey she then shares with them against the evil of the Furies.

Ellie is immediately attracted to Hunter and slowly Hunter comes round to telling her he feels the same about her. It is a romance that is forbidden but is so strong that it was inevitable that they would both succumb. A romance that was gentle, slowly taken to see where it would take them.

“Finally, after long wonderful moments in his loving gaze, he rests the palm of his hand flat against my cheek and lowers his lips to mine. It is the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced. So soft, so slow, so precious, yet so deep and searching. Every tiny piece of me yearns for him, my heart so full in this moment.”

The story of the Payne family weaves through time to tell you of the highs and lows in being a Fury Hunter and everything it entails.

Ms Hartz this is a very intriguing tale and it makes you wonder how it will all come out in the end for Hunter and Ellie.

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