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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway ~ Slave to Love by Julie Richman

Mixing business and pleasure is never a good idea. Or is it?

Find out in Slave to Love by Julie A Richman

Book Description:


There are risks to mixing business with pleasure...


He was a royal prick.

The night we met, he ignored me.

Then Mr. Big Shot CEO grabbed my ass in a business meeting.

My boss just loaned me out to this guy.

Now, we’re working on a major project together.

And our chemistry is dangerous.


If I allow it to ignite, I’ll risk losing that promotion.

Worse, what if I lose myself in him?


From the moment I saw her I knew she was trouble.

It was the combination of her fresh face, smart mouth and nipples that seemed to know my name.

This woman could satisfy my needs both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

But there was more to it than that.

I wanted her.

Really wanted her.

And I was in the position to change the course of her life.

But I’ve got secrets, secrets that could destroy her.

And either make her mine or drive her away forever.

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Slave to Love: Chapter One

By Julie A. Richman
© 2015 Julie A. Richman

I am a slave. Seriously, I am. My shackles may not be what you’re envisioning, as unfortunately, they are not crafted from leather with a hot, sexy dominant on the other end, flogger in hand. But they are trendy and cool and golden. Yes, my handcuffs are golden and they come with stock options, a 401(k), oodles of frequent flyer miles and hotel points and an Admiral’s Club membership at the airport. I wear my handcuffs 24/7.

And I have no freaking idea where the key is.


Eight-twenty A.M. and I already need an effing shower. Ugh. Running late for an eight-thirty A.M. meeting. I thought a cab ride would be the answer and certainly cooler and quicker than walking, or God forbid, taking the dreaded subway on a sweltering Manhattan morning. But no. I emerge from the cab, with my now translucent white silk blouse pretending it’s a soggy second skin gearing up for our fabulous win in today’s “Who’s Got the Perkiest Nipples” contest. Shoot me. Just shoot me.

As I slide sideways into an elevator, the doors already half closed, I have the distinct honor of joining two techy nerd boys returning from their eight-fifteen A.M. smoke. Lucky me. The unkempt duo reek of cigarettes, yet I can’t decide which is worse, that, or the stench of their general shoddy hygiene and filthy jeans. Nerd Boy #1 is enjoying my transparent, wet tank blouse and my not-shy nipples. I catch him and he pretends to look at my necklace, a gold mermaid, just grazing my cleavage.

The door opens on my floor. Eight twenty-six. I’m not late yet. On my way out of the elevator, I lean over and whisper to Nerd Boy #1, “Great necklace, isn’t it. Would be better if it were pearl.”

I hear him choke as I exit. Schwing.

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“To crashing through walls without decimating all boundaries.”

I love Julie Richman’s voice and Slave to Love was no different. From the start I was enamoured with Sierra Stone and it is unusual for me to click with the heroine first.

Sierra Stone was ballsy, she was a woman in a man’s world and had to work twice as hard to stay there. She had the attitude, integrity and drive to succeed and her work hard mentality had begun to pay dividends. She was respected in her field and used her brains to succeed rather than what was between her legs even though she was gorgeous. However, what Sierra had that her counterparts didn’t was the respect of those that reported to her, she loved her reps and they in return loved her and both would walk over hot coals for the other. With a team that dedicated and driven it would be hard for anyone to stand in their way. Her ingenuity was second to none, she was destined for greatness. Her work gave her no time for relationships and she was adamant that she would never have to rely on a man for anything, her mum had been bitten and she was not about to make the same mistake. No man had made her question her beliefs…until she met Hale Lundstrom.

Hale was successful in his own right, he was well known in the technology area and used his past and his intelligence to make the world a better place. He had fantastic morals, a great work ethic but had always kept his heart to himself. He came across professional and aloof but underneath the façade was a genuine lovely man. He was totally and utterly adorable. He was quite content with meaningless flings until he met Sierra Stone, a woman that literally left him tongue tied.

When their paths cross and they are going to have to work with each other Sierra soon sets down the no fraternization rules despite what her libido tells her. These two have fun trying to resist the other. Julie Richman really captured that chemistry and their attraction for one another and the constant battle that each had in trying to keep their hands off one another. I loved the bond that these two had and their banter back and forth had me smiling from ear to ear. This is what I love about a Julie Richman book and what I have come to expect, character connection is pivotal and she delivers in spades.

“I like being with you.”
“I’ll one-up you… I don’t like being without you.”

This book also has an air of suspense surrounding it too, but this element I cannot give away, it did however really work and brought balance and intrigue to what was already a page turning read.

Julie Richman delivered a story with relatable characters, that had the perfect blend of emotion, wit and suspense. A book that had me laughing out loud one minute and brows creased in concentration and tension the next. But and this is a big but, this is a Julie Richman novel and she has never failed to make me cry and yet, just when I thought I was safe, she does it again. So yes, I did shed a tear or two but that just emphasises the talent that she has for bringing her characters to life on the page.

“…as far as being worth the wait. I’ve waited a lifetime for you, Sierra. A few months more was nothing.”

Totally loved this book and highly recommend a read.

 “One little Maraschino cherry represented so much more.”

About the Author:


USA Today Bestseller Julie A. Richman is the author of the highly acclaimed NEEDING MOORE SERIES trilogy (SEARCHING FOR MOORE, MOORE TO LOSE & MOORE THAN FOREVER), BAD SON RISING & HENRY'S END. Saddled with the affliction of serious wanderlust, Julie can often be found behind a camera lens in locales from Paris to Alaska. 

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