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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review ~ Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd

What happens when you get pulled out of spy academy before graduation because you look good in a bikini?

Book Description:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Get close to the hottest Prince on the planet. 

Keep him safe. 

Uncover the plot to assassinate him. 

Kill the bad guys. 

Don’t blow your cover. 

And don’t fall in love. 

She's been trained kill a man with a paper clip, tail a mark without his knowledge, is a master of disguises, and once during a training jumped out of a five-story building using nothing but an embroidered hankie as a parachute. She's the star student at Blackwood Academy. Only instead of excelling at normal collegiate activities like keg stands and frat parties, she's an expert marksman, speaks seven languages, is skilled at covert affairs, and can hack into any computer. She's only a few months away from graduation and, hopefully, a coveted spot as an agent for the underground anti-terrorist agency, known only as Black X. But is Spy Girl ready? And at what cost?

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I know the drill. Open my orders, commit them to memory, destroy them. 

X X X 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Protect the heir to the throne of Montrovia, uncover the person or persons behind the plot to assassinate him in order to take control of this geographically important sovereign nation, and eliminate the threat. 

Get close to the hottest Prince on the planet and work for Black X, the double-black covert group so secret even the President of the United States is on a need-to-know basis? 

I accept. 

I think about what he said about me looking good in a bikini. Do they want me to hookup with this Prince in order to protect him? Are you kidding me? I’m valedictorian. I have the school’s highest scores in everything from parkour to the number of ways I can kill a man. 

I frown as I’m burning my orders in the fireplace. “Sir, may I speak freely about my assignment?” 

“I’m afraid I’m not privy to your orders. My job was to help choose the student best fitted for the task based on the parameters given to me.” 

“And one of those parameters was that I look good in a bathing suit?” 

He chuckles. “In this situation, my dear, they need an operative who is not only the best and brightest but one who can also demand male attention. Your handler is waiting for you outside. You leave immediately.” 

“But I need to go pack. Tell people goodbye.” 

“I’m afraid there’s no time.” He stands up and, in an uncustomary show of emotion, hugs me briefly. “Godspeed, X.”

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“How do I trust anyone when they didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth?”

Jillian Dodd never fails to engage me in her tales of youth, fashion and drama and in her brand new YA/NA series we have an added twist. Spy Girl is exactly what it says on the cover, we have secret covert Spy Missions, a girl who was trained for eight years in all things spy, a kickass heroine who has no fear and was top of her class in everything and a girl who was willing to do anything to get the job done. Think of a cross between James Bond, Spy Kids and Nancy Drew and you will have Spy Girl.

Spy Girl is "X" an orphan that was put in the spy academy at the tender age of 14, now 22 she is fully trained and has just been given her first mission. "X" to me was a younger version of a kick ass Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith that had all the moves to back up her reputation as being the best of the best, this girl has balls and is not afraid to use them. X or Huntley, the name her persona was given was fearless, stubborn and intelligent, but to me her greatest asset was herself. She was beautiful on the outside but just as beautiful on the inside too and it was these character traits that really helped her infiltrate and commandeer the attention of the Montrovian royalty.

“The measure of love is to love without measuring.”

First mission ~ protect the Prince of Montrovia at all costs and take out the enemy.

Montrovia to me was glamourous Monaco, with all its fashion, high end retail, yachts, casinos and its own monarchy, so while reading, I had this little rich man’s playground firmly in my thoughts. Through vivid imagery I was there in spirit with Huntley von Allister, her brother and their bunch of “spy” friends. One of the first rules of Spy Academy is to not become emotionally involved, but this is Jillian Dodd we are talking about and none of her books would be complete without her “hotties” and Spy Girl is no different…there are plenty. This book, in true Jillian Dodd style has some fantastic chemistry and will certainly have people picking teams as Huntley fights her way through this mission. In a playboy’s playground and with other hottie spies there was an abundance of temptation and a girl only has so much restraint.

While this book is action packed we also have the underlying story of who Huntley is and how she ended up in the Academy so the suspense and intrigue follows through on two angles, firstly, who is trying to kill the Prince of Montrovia and two, who is Huntley von Allister? Jillian Dodd weaves a fascinating tale while perfectly balancing it with humour, great dialogue and her fun and flirty persona that is prevalent throughout. With kids living the life of riley and gadgets and gizmos aplenty this book has something for everyone and will appeal to the spy in all of us and brings together a fun, flirty and thrilling read.

“How do I know you’re not part of whatever this scheme is?”
“You don’t, Spy Girl. But you have to trust someone.”

I cannot wait to see what Spy Mission “X” is put on next, while this mission may be complete there is still so much to learn. This series has endless possibilities and has longevity stamped all over it, I for one cannot wait and as I have always said, this author always brings out the younger me and I love living vicariously through her stories and her characters.

“Insomuch as love grows in you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”

Another great addition to my Jillian Dodd bookshelf.

Praise for Spy Girl:

Spy Girl is an intrigue filled, exciting ride through a world you'll wish you were part of and want to know more about! - J. Sterling, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author. 

"Spy girl was fun and fabulous! Jillian Dodd had me turning the pages as I was taken on an action-packed ride filled with mystery and secrets, not to mention a super sexy cast I fell head over heels for. I loved every second!" - A.L. Jackson, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author 

"X" to me was a younger version of a kick ass Angelina Jolie that had all the moves to back up her reputation as being the best. With gadgets and gizmo's aplenty this book will appeal to the spy in all of us and brings together a fun, flirty, thrilling read. - The Romance Cover

"My favorite read of 2016! Spy girl is 007 meets Gossip Girl level decadence, charm, and badass! 5+ stars!" - KA Linde, USA Today Bestselling Author

About the Author:

Jillian is the USA TODAY bestselling author of thirteen contemporary romance novels, from the The Keatyn Chronicles and That Boy series to Vegas Love. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She currently lives in Florida. 

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