Friday 22 April 2016

Review ~ Breaking Her (Love is War #2) by RK Lilley

Book Description:

From internationally bestselling author R.K. Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt-the-pages tension and all-consuming angst. It’s love, it’s war and it’s Scarlett and Dante’s story. 

Breaking Her
Book Two in the Love is War Duet. 
This is the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante's story.

He had done it again. Ravaged me. Burned me. Broke me. 
Given me air, only to leave me gasping, writhing.
But then something changed. Something that terrified and excited me both. 
Something that utterly destroyed me. 
Something that made me whole again. 

Our love was cursed from the start. She didn't know it but I did. 
All she knew was that I'd lied to her, betrayed her. Done unforgivable things. Unavoidable things. Yes, I had broken promises as surely as I had broken her heart. But, just as every war has casualties, and every lie has consequences–every bastard has his reasons.

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Book One ~ Breaking Him

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3 stars

“Do you love me at least as much as you hate me?”

After the angst fest of Breaking Him this was one of my most anticipated sequels and I had been waiting and itching to read it. It has taken me a while to get to it due to a heavy reading schedule, but finally the time had come and I dived in.

“Once you’ve been broken, every break after, even when they hurt like hell, can never outdo the profound damage of the first time.”

I have to be honest and say the first thirty percent or so really dragged and it was hard to really connect with and get to grips with the story in the first instance. Breaking Her continues soon after Breaking Him finishes so you are literally thrown straight back in. With shifts from past to present, I found the past a lot more interesting than the present and found myself eager to get back to times when Dante and Scarlett were together. Things though do pick up and once I made it past that initial thirty percent I became more invested.

For me personally, I think if the first book in a series was a “great” book your expectations of its sequel are huge and I think that was the case in this instance. I had put this book on such a high pedestal before it was even released I just think I expected too much. However, RK Lilley’s writing was once again flawless and it truly was this that kept those pages turning even though the story was not really what I expected.

“The king of all of my regrets. The architect of every last drop of joy I’d ever tasted. My tormentor. My savior.”

While we get answers to many questions I still had some that I felt were skirted over or not answered at all and because I was so invested in their story I wanted to know all the nitty gritties. However, I did end up enjoying their conclusion, I just didn’t love it.

Dante made this book for me, while I thought he didn’t go about things the right way it was obvious his heart was in the right place and I just wish that he had found a way to convey his actions and his reasoning’s to the person who needed to hear them the most.

“I’m here for the same reason I always come back to you. I’ve come for scraps.”

There are so many villains in this book, people that you cannot help but hate and RK Lilley really managed to convey their evilness in black and white. While some get their karma there was one character that really needed a dose and she managed to escape. I never feel violent tendencies but some characters just elicit that reaction and I desperately wanted to batter her through the kindle.

“She was my mother and the architect of my destruction.”

But at the end of the day this was Dante and Scarlett’s story, this was a story about understanding, forgiveness and second chances. How sometimes “that” time isn’t the right time but if kismet and fate is on your side then your time will come. Sometimes people are meant to be together, you just need to keep the faith that one day it will happen. Sometimes actions and reactions are born from misguided ideas but the intentions are honourable, they just lose their meaning along the way. Hearts get broken but they can be mended and at the end of day, love will be the glue.

“You’re heartless.”
“Of course I am. Did you think I wouldn’t be? You were my heart. And you left.”

It was heart breaking at times and hard to read, RK Lilley really loves her angst but she delivered a story fitting to these characters.

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