Monday 23 May 2016

Release Day Review ~ Kissed by Elizabeth Finn

Kissed by Elizabeth Finn is LIVE!!!

Book Description:

Reputation is everything, a fact Keegan Lauri knows all too well. A political PR strategist by trade, he makes his living creating and protecting the image of men, protecting them from women like Gabrielle Kitrick. She’s a threat to every man who falls for her. Beautiful, innocent, young, and available … for a price… Gabe is the shiny little trophy men of power seem to desire. But possessing her is a risk, a risk Keegan is responsible for removing from his client’s life.

He’s not above manipulating her for his own professional gain. He’s not even above seducing her and enjoying every second of it. But he finds out quickly her looks are a façade, and the more he comes to know Gabe, the more difficult it becomes to ignore her humanity. Because behind her beauty and crimson-lipped smile lies a young woman fighting for a better future, a future his very involvement with her jeopardizes.

When Keegan’s professional responsibilities threaten to expose her, will he choose to do his job or protect the young woman he’s become so attached to?

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Our lips could make the world disappear…but it was just pretend. The world didn’t go anywhere.”

Years ago I stumbled across Elizabeth Finn and have never looked backed since. She is one author that I can always count on for a read that always ticks my boxes, great story, fantastic character connection and loads of emotion and she delivered all this and more with Kissed.

Gabrielle or Gabe for short was a twenty-one-year-old student that was struggling to make ends meet. Her father had never been on the scene and her mum had recently passed away from cancer so it was just Gabe and her sister Jessa. Both students, living in different towns and as Jessa wasn’t an adult yet, she was Gabe’s responsibility. Two lots of course fees, two lots of accommodation, two lots of everything left Gabe with one option, to become a high class prostitute. She didn’t want to do it, she far from enjoyed it but it was a necessary evil and one that she needed to keep quiet. Gabe was a woman that you couldn’t help but fall in love with. She was selfless, she adored her sister and had been forced to grow up way before her time. She hadn’t had a life, it had just been a succession of issues and battles to overcome. She deserved a break, but life was about to throw her the biggest curve ball of her young life.

“She’s stunning by the way…She’s smart. She’s strong. She’s so sweet. She had to grow up really fast when her mom died so that she could care for her little sister, and yet she’s fighting through it, making a shitload of mistakes on the way, but fighting.”

Keegan was a political PR strategist and fixer. He was the man that parties employed to ensure their candidates toed the line and any dirt that could be unearthed was well and truly buried. He didn’t fight fires, he put them out before they even became a spark. He was highly revered in his field, confident, wealthy, handsome and just bloody adorable. I truly adored him, he may have come across as a bit of an arse in the beginning, but he was just doing his job, underneath that “all business” façade was a man that had a heart of gold and wasn’t afraid to show it.

“I was as much a threat to her as anyone. She’d told me that once. She’d been right. I simply hadn’t listened.”

David Edgerton was a political party’s worst nightmare. He had more money than sense, a penchant for high class prostitutes and one prostitute in particular…Gabe. Keegan had been employed by his sponsors to keep him in line. Keegan was determined to keep these two apart, by any means necessary. Gabe was detrimental to David’s career but little did he know just how detrimental Gabe would become to his own reputation.

“You know, my life may be small compared to his, and I may not have as much to lose, but what I do have is everything to me.”

Neither Gabe nor Keegan had ever been in love before, but sometimes love hits when you least expect it. So as the synopsis says “will he choose to do his job or protect the young woman he’s become so attached to?”

“I want to kiss you.”
“How very Julia Roberts of you.”

Elizabeth Finn delivers an unputdownable, compelling read as the life of politics and prostitution merge in all their back handed, back stabbing glory. Where reputations and the destruction of others are just collateral damage in achieving their end game. Who would come out unscathed? 

This book was really well paced with a perfect balance between story, angst and humour. Yes, humour comes in the form of Jessa. Jessa had no filter, spoke her mind and had me in hysterics. She was a girl that wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and spout the first thing that pops into her head, often resulting in me laughing my head off. This girl needs her own book, that would be one entertaining read!

Another fantastic read Elizabeth Finn, beautifully written, totally captivating and unputdownable.

“Wanting you…hurts.”

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