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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway ~ Filthy Foreign Exchange 2 by SE Hall & Angela Graham

Title: Filthy Foreign Exchange 2
Author: S.E. Hall & Angela Graham
Genre: New Adult

The conclusion of Echo and Kingston’s story as they backpack through Europe!

Book Description:

When Echo Kelly is invited on a backpacking trip throughout the UK, she jumps at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, refusing to let one fleeting past exchange stop her.

At least, that’s what she’s convinced herself of, until the moment she sees him again. It’s not the one-time “run-in” she was expecting, and therefore prepared to handle.

Instead, it’s an announcement she never saw coming…he’s the tour guide.

She’s got no backup plan for that.


Kingston knew what it meant the moment Echo accepted the offer. And when he lays eyes on her, standing in his childhood home, her fate is sealed forever. There’s not a damn thing that will stop him from finally claiming what’s always been his.


Not everyone gets a second chance—and Kingston Hawthorne sure as hell isn’t going to let his slip away.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“…things have changed.”
“I know. And I’m scared to death.”

So once again I was reunited with my charming Brit, Kingston Hawthorne. Oh how I have waited for this moment. After Filthy Foreign Exchange I was left anxiously waiting for the conclusion to Echo and Kingston’s story. While Echo was certain that their story was over I knew my Brit had that typical British stiff upper lip and tenacity that would mean that he would fight for who he loved…and love he did.

“I want you, Echo – every single beautiful, stubborn part of you. I’m never going to give up again, because I know what it feels like to walk away. And now that I have you here – have you back – I’m too selfish to ever let you go again.”

Filthy Foreign Exchange 2 continues on from Filthy Foreign Exchange and Echo has been chosen to go on a back tripping trip around Europe that was run by Kingston’s father. I did wonder why Echo had been chosen, but I feel that the Hawthorne family had put their match making hats firmly on and after meeting Kingston’s grandmother in this book, I am now certain. The icing on the cake is the fact that the tour guide is none other than Kingston himself. It seems these two are destined to talk.

“He knows that when I look at you, I see exactly what he saw when he looked at my mother – genuine, unbelievable, and completely unconditional love.”

Kingston had been incessantly talking about Echo since his return to the UK and when a Hawthorne falls in love, they fall in love for life. I have to say that I didn’t think I could love Kingston any more than I already did, but boy does he release all that British charm in abundance in this book and I fell hard. Kingston was courteous as ever but resilient and extremely patient. He played the long game, he studied his prey and played her brilliantly, not in a nasty way, but in the way she needed to be handled so that it appeared to Echo at least, she had made the decisions. It had to be her choice, she was in charge whether she knew it or not.

“How can I possibly expect my heart – the most powerful, yet fragile, organ in the body – to resist when my scalp still tingles from the desperate touch of his fingers, and my tongue continues to swipe across my swollen lips for another taste of him?”

From when Echo and Kingston first meet once again that undeniable chemistry sparks back to life, so much so that not even Echo can deny it, much to her chagrin. She plays hard ball, but every little action by Kingston, which would seem insignificant to others, means the world to Echo. Our Kingston brings his ‘A’ game.

I loved Echo’s exuberance and excitement at finally seeing the big world on her own, she finally felt that she was growing up and she was literally like a kid in a candy store. Her thirst for knowledge and history was infectious and while most others on the tour were more interested in the night life you could feel Echo’s excitement at just seeing the country itself and the landmarks. I loved that these two authors took the time to describe and relay to the readers the sights themselves so you actually felt that you were on this trip with them and the rest was an added bonus.

The other back packers all had their parts to play and Echo does find a new BBF that had no filter whatsoever. This results in some fantastic dialogue once again and a few situations that will have you crying with tears of laughter.

“Bloody Christ, you ladies and cannabis do not agree…is there any single emotion we haven’t hit upon yet?”

SE Hall and Andrea Graham really wrapped up this duet nicely and I had many a laugh while reading as well as a few throat clogging moments too. I have loved these two books made all the more enjoyable by two fantastic characters that you could not help but fall in love with. I am now hoping that Echo’s brother, Chris, gets his story told. Reading between the lines I think he has an extremely interesting road ahead of him.


“Disappointed?” he asks with smug confidence.

“About?” I mutter too quickly…too transparently.

His deep laugh slashes through the air.

“You know exactly what—and we both know the answer is yes.”

The sexual magnetism between us is thick. He grabs me by the hips and pulls me to him, breaking the silence with a hoarse whisper.

“My sentimental, romantic Echo isn’t wearing the look of a woman who just got the kiss she’s always dreamed of—pictured a million times.


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About the Authors: 

S.E. Hall 

S.E.Hall, lover of all things anticipation and romance, is the author of The Evolve Series: Emerge, Embrace, Entangled, Entice, Endure and companion novellas Baby Mama Drama and Guide for Tools Looking to Date My Daughter by character Sawyer Beckett. S.E. also wrote the stand-alone Finally Found novels Pretty Instinct and Pretty Remedy. Her co-written works include The Provocative Professions Collection: Stirred Up, Packaged and Handled 1&2, One Naughty Night and full-length, standalone novel Matched with Angela Graham as well as Conspire, a romantic suspense, written with Erin Noelle. 

S.E. resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 3 daughters of the home. When not writing or reading, she can be found “enthusiastically cheering” on one of her girls’ softball games. 

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Angela Graham 

Angela Graham is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of the Harmony Series. She spent a lot of her childhood hidden away in the aisles at her local public library where she fell in love with reading. It was a home away from home through her youth to her adulthood. 

In 2012 she knew she found her calling in the world of fiction the moment she began pounding away at the keys for her first short story. With a baby on her shoulder, she wrote about a year before deciding to try her hand at a novel. It was the best decision she ever made and one that changed her life in ways she never imagined. 

Together with S.E. Hall, she has released five novels and one short story together. 

Angela resides in Northwest Arkansas with her three beautiful children and a rowdy dog. 

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