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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review ~ Seven by Amy Marie

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We’re all born with it. Navigating through life as though power, privilege, and money don’t rule the world. I’m guilty of it. I walked around, ignorantly thinking that the PITCREW, the most popular guys in high school, was where you wanted to be or who you wanted to date. They could have any girl they wanted, but they needed a challenge. They needed something to do to make their miserable existence exciting.

That’s where I came in.

How was I to know that the one night I willingly gave away my innocence would set off a chain of events, turning my world upside down?

Now, ten years later, it’s my turn to use sex, money, and lies to take from them all that they took from me . . . and more.

But the road to retribution has its twists and turns and I don’t want to make the innocent mistake of crashing.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“A decade ago, they hurt me. A decade later, they will pay.”

Amy Marie is a new to me author and this was one of those books that I picked up because of the synopsis. There is nothing better than a good “revenge” book but they are extremely hard to pull off well, especially when the heroine is the revenger, but as the saying goes…hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Embyr/Annie is out for revenge, seven boys ruined her life ten years ago and the anger has festered and festered, now she is stronger, fitter, resourceful and extremely confident, a far cry from the shy wall flower she once was. Embyr has grown a pair, she is sassy, she is strong, she is extremely clever and intensely devious and conniving. Gone is the cute, honest school girl, in her place is a beguiling woman with curves in all the right places…the best attributes to put her plan into action.

“But, looks can be deceiving, and I’m as deceitful as they come.”

The PITCREW were the boys that everyone wanted to be a part of, boys that everyone wanted to emulate and the boys that everyone wanted to be friends with or the girlfriends of. Together they ruled the school, together they were a cohesive unit, together they were typical high school boys who never second guessed their actions and the consequences thereof. To them the games they played, were just that…games, but to their victims they destroyed them, none more so than Embyr.


…their days were numbered.

Ten years on Annie has now reinvented herself as Embyr, not only is her demeanour the total opposite but add in drastic weight loss, new hair colour and coloured contact lenses…a huge part of being unrecognisable to her once assailants. Embyr is like a well-trained sniper, picking off her victims one by one…she finds their weaknesses, finds their transgressions and makes them pay…she destroys them, but what happens when she comes up against Casen, the boy she loved? There is a fine line between love and hate…which emotion will be stronger? What will happen when the past is seen through different lenses?

“I smile deviously. Oh Casen. I’m going to destroy you.”

Amy Marie delivered a real pager turner, one that I didn’t want to put down. Embyr is hard not to love and support through her quest for revenge but her relationship with Casen will have you willing her to put her quest aside and grab the one thing she has always wanted, love and happiness…especially with the man that she had always loved.

“And, for the first time since I started this journey of revenge, I feel like maybe – just maybe – I’m going to be the one to get hurt.”

Casen was adorable in every way, cocky enough to be charming, a ripped fire fighter but a man with a heart of gold, he was hard not to love. Once past truths come tumbling out will Embyr see Casen for the man he is now or who she perceived he once was. Will the past irrevocably alter her one change at happiness?

“I guess I’m a bit of everything. You know the ‘gentleman in the street but a freak in the sheets’ kind of guy.”

I loved this authors writing style, she really delivered on the suspense and intrigue while also delivering emotion and fantastic character connection. Her characters were believable and the secondary characters were all well rounded, fleshed out and had their parts to play. Amy Marie really delivered on the down and dirty too only drawing you into Embyr and Casen’s relationship even more and wishing upon all hope that somehow these two can come out the other side unscathed. I cannot wait for Casen in the Fall. I appreciate that the author wanted to make this a standalone, but this is a story that demands length and I am glad that we are getting a second book. I cannot wait to see what the author has in store, I for one will be diving in.


“Am I going to get your name tonight, beautiful?”
I laugh. 
“Not interested,” I state, trying not to let the seduction in his voice fool me.
“Not interested? I’ve never heard anyone with that name,” he tries to joke, but I don’t laugh. 
This is the kind of shit he uses to pick up women? 
“What can I getcha?” Damien asks.
I point at my glass, requesting another drink, and motion towards Casen, “On his tab.”
“Budweiser for me.” Casen tells him before returning his full attention back to me. “If I’m going to buy you a drink, then it’s only fair you tell me your name.” His leg brushes against mine, lifting my skirt and exposing more of my thigh. Goosebumps spread across my skin like wild fire and I will them down.
Stay focused, Em.
My fingers come up to play with my necklace, and I relent, “Embyr.” I pick my gaze up and stare directly into his eyes. I drag them down his body, noticing the long-sleeved, black Henley he’s wearing and faded jeans. His shoes are black, as well, and they look like they hold massive feet. I peek at his hands, seeing exactly what Trinity meant. They are huge.
A moment passes before he says, “Don’t you want to know my name?”
I already know your name. Casen Parker. Fire fighter. Lived with your friends, my other high school bullies, Ian and Reece, up until two months ago, when you all ventured off and got your own places. Homecoming King in high school and graduated with honors in fire science. 
But, I don’t say all that.
 “Okay, then.” I roll my eyes as if the idea is beneath me. “So, what’s your name?”
He stares for a moment before widening his smile. “Casen.”
His cockiness pulls me in and I can’t bring myself to turn away. His heated tone breaks through my barrier and a flood of emotions take over. Even though it’s been ten years, he still looks the same and I feel a spark of not only hatred but attraction. I didn’t expect that and it makes all of the high school memories come screaming back at me. They consume me. My chest tightens while I feel my face burning. I can’t control the tremble of my hands as I pick up my glass trying to keep this panic attack under control. 
I haven’t had one of these since high school. 
I take deep breaths, gasping for air, hoping I don’t pass out. It’s not working. The memories continue to suffocate me. I feel constricted. 
I can’t fucking breathe.
A gentle touch glides over my back and I jump at the contact. “You okay?” Casen asks concern evident in his voice.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out. 
I’m finally able to lift my head and slide off of the stool, grasping my purse to my chest. “Yes. I just…” I stumble. “I need a moment.”
I race to the bathroom, knowing full well I am fucking this up. I’ve managed to screw Patrick and Thad over no problem. So what is so different that, just speaking to Casen twice in the past week, has me turned inside out? The bathroom door slams against the tiled wall when I barge in and lock myself inside. My forehead meets the cold metal of the door as I chastise myself. 
Get your shit together, Embyr. 
You hate him.
He didn’t stop them.
He repulses you.
I repeat this over and over until I believe what I’m saying. It takes a few minutes, but I gather myself and hold my head up high as I stride back to the bar, shoulders straight, like I didn’t just fall apart in front of my prey. When I turn the corner, I see Casen looking down at his phone typing furiously, and I pray I didn’t lose him. I’ll be pissed if I screwed it all up by letting his good looks and charm suck me in at a vulnerable moment.

About the Author:

Amy-Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Virginia Beach with her fantastically crazy husband and two kids.

As an avid reader, she never dreamed of writing her own novel until the characters started haunting her at night and in the shower.  Wanting to get it down on paper she set off on the journey that is more than she could have ever dreamed.

When not writing she can be found carting her kids around, breaking up their fights, cleaning up messes, teaching Zumba, or reading.

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