Friday 8 July 2016

Friday Frights ~ Paranormal Review ~ Wolf's Surrender (Shadow Agents/PSI-Ops) Book 1 by Mandy M Roth

Book Description:

Book One in the Immortal Ops World Spin Off Shadow Agents / PSI-Ops! 

Shapeshifter Military Paranormal Romance 

Total surrender doesn't come easy to a natural born alpha. Shape-shifting Special Operative Brad Durant has been held against his will by the enemy for nearly a year. He’s given up hope and is fast giving up his will to survive, that is until a hot-tempered, redhead succubus is placed in the cell next to his. She calls to his wolf on a primitive level and he won’t let anyone or anything harm her. Giving his body to the little minx is easy, but guarding his heart is much harder.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

Yet again I feel Ms Roth has another big winner here in the first book of this brand new series concerning the PSI-Ops. This story has it all. Superb characters, very hot sex scenes and that touch of humour.

The two main characters are brilliant. You have Brad the handsome muscular Alpha wolf shifter and Alice a beautiful tall leggy succubus.

The story starts with Brad being held prisoner by the enemy who are intent on capturing and experimenting on all paranormals. He had been incarcerated for close to a year, pumped up with drugs and tortured by sadistic guards. Often left cut and bleeding and in intense pain, he was determined that they were not going to break him.

Just before being taken captive Brad and his friend Vic had been approached by a PSI operative and had been enlisted. They were to finish university first to get their science degrees before joining the team and that was how they found themselves in the Brazilian rainforest with their Professor and fellow classmates and it was while there that they had been captured.

Alice herself was still at University, a fifth year student close to getting her degree. She was there with her friend Mae. Mae had persuaded Alice to come to a frat party that night as she had arranged to meet a blind date there. Alice not being a lover of frat parties was only there for her friend but it did give her a good opportunity to feed, for Alice being a succubus she could feed on all the sexual energy that abounded at these parties.

Everything was going to plan until a certain man walked into the room ringing alarm bells in Alice's head and that was when everything went wrong. She woke up in pain and in a concrete cell. While there she got the name of crazy bitch because even though she was a succubus she made sure that the sadistic guards did not come anywhere near her and often inflicted pain on them of her own.

Then her world changed when she was moved to a new facility and found herself in the next cell to Brad. Before she even entered the cell next door Brad had caught her scent and it affected him immediately and then he saw her. A tall leggy redhead and when she took her long hair away from her face he saw she was stunning and the way she held her own against the guards made pure appreciation go through him and his wolf was tearing at him to get out.

It was after the guards had gone that Alice caught sight of the handsome man in the viewing window that separated the two cells. Her succubus was overjoyed at the sight of him which surprised Alice as normally she was only interested in the feeding not the man, and also Alice was affected by him. He caused a craving so strong it actually caused her pain.

I am not going to say much more as I do not want to spoil it for anyone but I can say their journey together is not easy but I can say that the attraction between these two is scorching hot.

"Tell me what to do," Brad said continuing to hold her face gently.
"I can feel your need, your hunger, and it's beating at my willpower.
I'll take you wherever you want to go. Who can help you heal baby?
Tell me and I'll make it happen. "I'll do anything for you."

Brilliant and very enjoyable story. A real page turner.

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