Friday 1 July 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Devil in Disguise (Bad Things #1) by Cynthia Eden

Book Description:

Don’t make the devil angry… 

Luke Thorne loves having one hell of a good time. As the ruler of every dark creature to walk the earth, he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side. He lives for danger and isn’t the type to lose his heart—mostly because he doesn’t have one. Then she walks into his life. 

Mina James is seduction in the flesh, a perfect temptation that the devil himself couldn’t pass up. Too late, Luke realizes he’s let a real siren into his life, a woman who is bent on using his dark powers to free herself from hidden enemies. Since Luke isn’t the type of man to be used, he should walk away from her, but…something about Mina draws him close. 

Soon he’s realizing that she isn’t who she appears to be. Not dark and cold, but burning red hot. Mina is a woman fighting for her life—and the Lord of the Dark suddenly finds himself in an unlikely role…hero. Luke isn’t going to let her enemies destroy Mina. He will fight heaven and hell to keep her. But in the end, the secrets they both carry may just rip apart a love that should never have been… 

There are Bad Things in the world…very, very bad. Are you ready for them?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

What a thoroughly enjoyable book. A story of light and dark, sensuality and with a hidden twist.

The main male character being tall, well built, incredibly handsome and pure sin and the female character beautiful, long black hair, a body to die for, the bluest of eyes and a voice of pure sex. What a combination.

The male in question is Luke Thorne, Lord of the Dark and the female is Mina James an unknown quantity. They meet in a bar in Key West, Florida and so this excellent book begins.

Luke was there feeling utterly bored trying to raise himself above it drinking his favourite whiskey and deciding whether to go out and kill someone or just get a woman to relieve himself. Looking around the bar he spots a woman and catches her eye but someone blocks his view, about to let rip into the person standing in the way, he stops when he hears this deep, sexy, sultry voice speak to him. A voice to lure you in.

"Trust me, you'll like me better."
Her voice was like sin. Husky and soft. Tempting and sexy.
She was small, delicate and wearing the best-looking fuck-me high heeled shoes that he'd seen in ages. Red shoes. Devil red. His favourite colour. Nice.

The story has many twists and turns but the attraction between Luke and Mina makes avid reading. It is certainly not your typical boy meets girl next door book.

Luke is something else, a very dangerous, lethal being and Mina knows this but something strong, deep inside her drives her on with her quest. Hoping against hope she can control the situation between them but soon is disillusioned by that fact…by Luke.

Luke’s interest was up. Never having found a woman who intrigued him as much as Mina did, not in a very long time, and his thoughts was entirely on getting her in his bed, but that was the last thing on Mina’s mind but Luke was undermining her resistance with his seductive, drugging kisses.

But the story is not only about these two. There are others working in the background who are evil and as you read the book you will find how evil they are and why Mina has gone to such lengths to get away from them and to find herself knocking on the Devils door so to speak.

I loved the way the story unfolds and how Luke’s protectiveness towards Mina comes to the fore baffling everyone around him, but Luke also reads as one very deep, dark and sex on legs man which really gets your interest up and that leaves Mina not having a chance against these odds and Luke getting his way and into his bed.

He sank into her, deep and full, thick and so hard.
"Luke!" A whisper, a demand.
He pulled back, then drove deep. He licked her breast. Kissed her.

and believe me it was so much more.

I've only spoke about Luke and Mina not wanting to spoil the book for another reader but this book holds so much more. I can see this developing into a brilliant new series for Ms Eden if this exceptional first book is anything to go by. Loved it.

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