Friday 22 July 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ No Were to Run (Shift Happens #3) by Robyn Peterman

Book Description:

It's a battle I’ve waged most of my life, but now the odds are looking crappy. Before I go up flames, I have to find a way to save my horde and make sure my secret treasure is safe. There is one way I could stick around a bit longer, but the men I’ve met aren’t exactly lining up to save me.

What in hell does a Dragon Princess have to do to find a mate? Offing my father, the reviled Dragon King, would be one way to go. He has a penchant for eliminating any male who shows interest—not to mention he’s been trying to kill me for almost 500 years. 

So my brilliant plan is to take out my father in a blaze of glory—pun intended. However, I have to suck it up and do some stuff I don’t want to do. 

For example, getting along with Dragons who don’t trust me is a horrific challenge even though we share the same goal. That’s why I aligned myself with the rag tag pack of shifters who accepted me and my secret treasure unconditionally. They’re my friends now and I’m keeping them. I’ll fry anyone who dares to speak against my Werewolves, Werecows and the fabulous gay Vampyre named Dwayne. 

Unfortunately the Weres who love me don’t have the kind of fire power I need to take out my father. To get that I have allied myself with a dangerous group of Dragons known as The Resistance. Staying away from the sexy, pompous, fire-breathing, blow hard of a leader is turning out to be a full time job. And no… he’s not even in the running for the mate. Mutual incineration would be inevitable—or sexual combustion. 

You see… Dragons aren’t the easiest of the species to get along with. You can dress us up and take us out, but at the end of the day we’re still the idiots who like a little friendly blood shed and sex—make that lots of sex. My life keeps getting more and more complicated, but I’ve run out of options. I’m about to run out of time too. I’m learning there’s no where to run and no where to hide from destiny.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This is the latest saga in this brilliant series and as always it was a really enjoyable read, where humour and sex abounds. In this book we are reading about very sexy dragons whose lives revolve mostly around violence and sex, lots and lots of sex.

Except for our main character Dima, a special dragon whose life of close to five hundred years has been spent mostly on the run, keeping herself away from civilisation. Having to do despicable things just to survive and to stay in front, out of the clutches of her evil father, the Dragon King who wants her dead.

Every male she has ever came in contact with had met a grizzly end due to her father so now Dima keeps herself and her hoard firmly to herself and while on the run she comes across a town called Hung in Georgia where for the first time in her life she is accepted for herself. Here she finds peace and some extra special friends, something she has never had in all of her long life.

This town is well known to the readers of this series. The lovable characters who make up this town are Werewolves, Werecows and Vampyres. A motley crew to be sure but they have hearts of gold and they are certainly a vital part of this book.

Dragons not being a race that other Were's usually tolerate Hung was different and they had taken Dima to their hearts and have given her the friendship she so badly needed. It is now with time running out for her that she has decided it was time to take her father down and end his brutality.

But to do this she had to feel out to other dragons, something she was dreading because her kind was not the most trusting of races. Luckily she had met one dragon in the past whom she could friend. His goodness just shone out of him which made her trust him and it was through him that she was put in touch with The Resistance a small army of dragons who wanted to take her father off the throne as much as she did.

It was the leader of the Resistance, Nicolai, that Dima had to convince of her sincerity and the initial meeting with the large egotistical but drop dead gorgeous dragon was eventful to say the least. The sexual tension between these two was tangible but Dima was not there for very hot dragons as she told him quite vehemently she was only there to bring her father down.

This was what Dima kept telling herself as she fought the strong attraction that was telling her to jump Nicolai's bones every time she came in contact with him.

This book is fast paced and will keep you hooked right up to the end. It has humour as well as sensual, erotic loving and when it gets hot it gets really hot. From when Dima and Nicolai have their ding dong arguments

"God you're hot when you're pissed," he yelled after me as I stomped out of the mess hall. "I'll leave my door unlocked. He was an epic asshole and hell would have to freeze over before I would beg him.

to the capitulation of something neither of them could deny anymore.

His hands were everywhere at once and I matched his frenzied need to memorize each other's bodies. Never had anything felt like this. It was as spiritual as it was carnal. With each touch I was catapulted into needing more. He was like a drug.

The story between these two makes for superb reading and at one point it brought tears to my eyes it was so poignant. By the time you reach the end of this book the characters will feel like old friends and you will want to know more about Hung, Georgia. This is a real page turner and a fabulous book.

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