Saturday 16 July 2016

Review ~ Coming Out by Seven Slade

Book Description:

A long time ago, on a playground far, far away, an awkward boy with two mothers and a penchant for pink shirts shook a tough girl’s hand over the rattled frame of a deposed playground bully.

Tamsyn promised to be Rodrigo’s bodyguard if he’d draw her pictures of girls wearing superhero capes. Rodrigo promised to be Tamsyn’s buddy if she’d let him braid her hair.

A deal, struck. A partnership, forged. And the timid gay boy and the fearless straight girl became inseparable.

Now college graduation looms, and Rodrigo questions his place in the world. He has no boyfriend. No job. And a sudden—arousing—fascination with the female body. Correction: with Tamsyn’s body.

Then one night, a golden ticket from a broken piƱata introduces him to the man he’s wanted for years. Now he’s torn between pursuing these strange feelings for Tamsyn or following the guy of his dreams.

Best friends forever.

If love doesn’t break them up first.


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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Friends forever.
Got your back.
For worse or better.
Kiss my sac.”

Coming Out is a YA/NA LGBTQ book which is the first book by Seven Slade. Seven Slade is a pen name for an established author and I must say I am curious as to who it is. Whoever it is definitely has a sense of humour.

Tamsyn and Rodrigo have been best friends since school, a friendship that has now got fifteen years of memories under its belt and a friendship that is as strong and impenetrable as Fort Knox. Tamsyn is definitely the stronger of the two in most respects and has been Rodrigo’s guardian angel, protecting him from bullies and bigots alike, all because Rodrigo is gay. Their friendship is one that will make you smile and be a little green with envy. They finish each other’s sentences, know what the other is thinking and saying with just a look, they have been there for each other through thick and thin and they rely on each other implicitly. Everyone will want a friendship like theirs.

“Am I attracted to men? Hell, yes. And apparently women, too. But the attraction is skin-deep. It’s biological. It’s an extrinsic cocktail of hormones and pheromones and endorphins triggered by a body that cheated itself.”

Tamsyn is an interesting character who says what she thinks, she has no filter, can talk with her fists with the best of them, has her own eclectic style and works the streets collecting rubbish. She had to give up her education to pay for her father’s medical bills and since his passing has become a little introverted with her thoughts and feelings, even with Rodrigo. She is an intense character but one that you cannot help but love, especially her friendship with Rodrigo. For Tamsyn though the lines are getting extremely blurry, she loves Rodrigo, but not so much as a friend, she has fallen in love love, that love, I want to jump your bones love, but he is gay.

“…you can’t always be my knight in shining armor, Joan of Arc.”

Rodrigo was adorable with a capital A, he was the president of the LGBTQ Association, was on the tennis team, was a talented artist and was coming up to graduation. He had a wise head on his shoulders and was the sounding board and advice line to many a person struggling with their sexuality. His work and love for the LGBTQ community was tireless and he was revered by many. Rodrigo cherished his friendship with Tamsyn but just recently he had begun to question his own sexuality, was he gay? Was he Bi? Was he straight? Or was he just bicurious? The man of his dreams, Simon suddenly becomes a potential reality but the trouble is, Rodrigo had begun to notice boobs, and not just any boobs…Tamsyn’s boobs and it seems his willie was in agreement.

“Simon’s the flick in my Bic, the affection in my erection, and hopefully soon, the dick in my dickies.”

For me personally, this was a book of two halves and I have to admit I came close to a DNF. The first forty percent was a tough read for me, mainly because the majority of the dialogue or should I say inner monologue was between Rodrigo and his willie. Yes, Rodrigo talks to his dick…A LOT! While in the first instance I found it funny, after a while it just became tedious and monotonous and I lost my reading mojo. But I am a sticker and I love to give every book the benefit of the doubt and so I carried on. The second half really picked up as both of them begin to explore others leading to, at times, disastrous consequences.

“I’ll tell the world about the two of you. Let’s see how his precious little queer community likes finding out their rainbow warrior is really a monochromatic muff muncher.”

But most of all this was a book about labels and more importantly how we should just ignore them. Be who you are, be what your heart and head is telling you and who cares about what others think. It is your life, your choices, don’t be afraid. Don’t pigeon hole yourself, who cares for stereotypes, just be you, there is only one you, be proud of that. Love doesn’t come in one shape or form, you don’t find it, it picks you. The heart wants who the heart wants no matter if it is man or woman. Love should make you happy, not a means to conform, love transcends labels, love for you, love for love in return, just be happy.

“You’re the most beautiful gift I never knew I had.”

Seven Slade delivers a thought provoking book, that was hilarious at times and deadly serious in others. While the first half was a two for me, the second half was a decent four so I have averaged it out for a three. So even if you, like me, struggle in the beginning, give it a chance, because this book carries a great underlying message. But and as I always state, these are my thoughts and opinions and mine alone, what didn’t work for me, may work for you.

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