Friday 19 August 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Master Unchained (Stealth Guardians #2) by Tina Folsom

Book Description:

After a painful betrayal in his past, Immortal Stealth Guardian Hamish MacGregor vows to never get involved with another human. But when he is charged with protecting Councilwoman Tessa Wallace from the Demons of Fear, his powerful desire for her soon makes this routine assignment the greatest challenge he’s ever faced. 

Caught between mortal danger and immortal passion, Tessa and Hamish must work together to defeat their enemies and bring peace back to a city in turmoil... and they discover that falling in love can be the most dangerous adventure of all.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

Another brilliant new book from Tina Folsom. It is full of action and hot sensual loving, and a great read.

One of the main characters, Hamish Macgregor, the Stealth Guardian in the book, is a really superb character. I loved the gifts that the Stealth Guardians have which makes the story interesting, and Hamish certainly sounded like a complicated man. That was until he met Tessa Wallace, our other main character, which was when his world was turned upside down. After being betrayed badly by a human woman whom he had loved, Hamish thought that his heart was dead, forever making him go through life deadened to any feelings.

The story starts when Hamish was told by Cinead, one of the Council of Nine, who are the ruling body over the Stealth Guardians, that his next assignment was to protect a human woman, Tessa Wallace, a Councilwoman, who is running for mayor in Baltimore. Hamish was dead set against it, especially when he was told he was to pretend to be her boyfriend, but he was overruled, and so he made his way over to her office.

Meanwhile Tessa was being told by Poppy, her friend and campaign manager, that because of the death threats she had received Poppy had made arrangements for Tessa to have a bodyguard. Tessa was not at all happy about this. It was while they were thrashing this out that Hamish walked into Tessa’s office.

Tessa looked over to him and saw a tall man with presence standing there. He seemed to be in his thirties with dark brown hair and eyes. Muscular, confident and with heartthrob looks. After introducing himself to Tessa, Tessa was quick to tell him she didn't need a bodyguard and it wouldn't work. She could not have someone hovering over her, that was when Hamish told her his cover was to be her boyfriend.

Hamish was told by Cinead that Tessa was a good person inside and out. It was imperative that she made mayor because Baltimore was getting more dangerous daily and it needed Tessa to calm everything down before the demons took control. When talking to Tessa, the woman he saw in front of him was not the woman he expected. This woman, with her long brown hair and lavender eyes was combative, stubborn and made for sin. It was going to be a lively assignment.

And so the story continues. It has danger, with demons coming out of the woodwork at every turn and a very hot love affair coming from this most unlikely pair. Fast paced and with sexual tension building up between Hamish and Tessa until the day it broke over them leaving Hamish knowing he couldn't wait any longer.

"That's it, lass," he encouraged her and withdrew, only to slice back into her with more force. "Like that, yeah?" "Yeah," she let out on a strangled breath, her hips meeting on his next thrust. She turned her head to the side looking at him. "Take me."

There is more to Tessa and when you read this book you will find a woman whom you will empathise with as not everything is what it seems. I loved this book. It was great to see an old friend pop up in it and hopefully I can see where this will be going, and I hope Ms Folsom will write Book 3 very soon in this fantastic series. I for one will be one of the first to pre-order it and will be looking forward to that day.

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