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Blog Tour & Review ~ Claimed (Evermore #2) by Andrea Smith

Claimed - Book 2 in the "Evermore Series"
RELEASES: September 30, 2016

Book Description:

Book #2 in the Evermore Series finds Neely Evans back in Malibu. She's seventeen and under her father and stepmother's care. Not the ideal situation, but Neely knows she has to bide her time and play the game until she goes off to college. 

Seth Drake is studying in New York, and Neely is relieved she won't have to face him after the way things ended two years prior. But little does she know a chance encounter on the beach a few months later will rip open scars she thought had healed forever. 

Seth Drake's rise to fame soon parts them once again, but he will forever be entwined in Neely's heart and soul, and that fact does not sit well with her. She's determined to live her life recklessly, and in doing so, she puts everything at risk. 

Adult Content 

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Our Review:

Crushed & Claimed ~ Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“I care about Seth. I wouldn’t do anything to screw up his life, no matter how bad mine is right now.”

Crushed and Claimed are the first two books in a four-part series and are novella in size. Both these books were quick reads for me, especially as I was drawn into the story from the get go and couldn’t turn the pages quick enough to see what life had in store for Neely Evans. This series is a coming of age story and follows Neely from teenager to adulthood.

Crushed starts as Neely’s life is uprooted and she has to move from her roots in Tennessee to California for her father’s job. Her father is a lawyer and is now specialising in Entertainment so he has to go to where the actors and actresses are, so Malibu it was. Neely feels incredibly out of place, from Tennessee to Malibu is a culture shock and she struggles to fit in, yet once she makes a friend, Malibu doesn’t seem that bad after all.

“As beautiful and golden as California was – and is, I ached for the rolling hills, lazy creeks, and dirt roads of Tennessee. I felt like I would never fit in here. But I did.”

Seth Drake is the boy next door, he is a year older than Neely and these two strike up an incredible friendship, they truly were inseparable. As Neely’s home life shatters due to her father working long hours and her mother seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle, Seth’s family become her adopted one and the Drake’s become the only people that she can rely on. As these two get older though, those lines of friendship blur and these two cross the line to something more and their reliance on one and other deepens even further.

The relationship between Seth and Neely was adorable, you sensed their attraction, their love for one and other and their chemistry. They were responsible, no matter the temptation and tried their hardest to be what the other needed. So what would happen when life strikes another blow and these two are torn apart?


Neely’s life was about to change for the worse when her cheating father is discovered and Neely’s alcoholic mother makes them up-sticks and move back to Tennessee. They write, they talk but what happens when that all comes to an end and what happens when Neely finally makes it back to Malibu?

Neely is a strong girl, she had to be to become the main carer for a manic depressive and alcoholic mother. She lost her late teens to the bottle and my heart broke for her so many times. Seth was always her anchor and it pained me when interference often caused misunderstandings. There was one particular person I wanted to throttle who seemed to be the one constant in everything that went wrong in Neely’s life.

“I would never waste years of my life getting wasted like Mama had, still allowing herself to be tortured over something that just wasn’t meant to be.”

Now that Seth is following in his mother’s footsteps and is now gracing the TV screen will fame and fortune go to his head, or will he stay true to his roots and his friends? His life has changed in Neely’s absence, will she forever be the past, or will she remain the one that got away?

Andrea Smith stays true to her character’s ages and their dialogue and actions were very representative of their ages, something that is often missed. Their stories are relatable and these two really got under my skin because when they hurt, I hurt. First loves always leave an impression, especially those born from a solid friendship and I cannot wait to see what happens to Neely and Seth going forward. Has too much happened or will these two get the happily ever after they so richly deserve? I cannot wait for Paparazzi!!

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Book 1 in the "Evermore Series"

Book Description:

It's 1993 in the pristine coastal community of Malibu, CA. Fourteen year-old Neely Evans is coming of age, like it or not. A Tennessee transplant, she ended up in California when her father landed a job at a top law firm.

Neely fills her time painting seascapes, still life art, and combing the beach for her next perfect picture. And then, the boy down the beach enters her life, and she will never be the same.

Seth Drake, a year older than Neely, takes her under his wing. He enjoys hanging with her and they are soon inseparable. As they grow close, their friendship gives way to something more. But before the teens can fully revel in their budding romance, Neely's life is ripped apart. Her father's infidelity is made public, and her mother is determined to seek revenge by using Neely as her weapon. She takes her daughter and moves back to Tennessee.

Months later, when Neely returns for a visit, she finds that Seth has matured in ways she'd never imagined. Neely isn't sure if she's ready to take the next step in their relationship. In the end, Neely makes a decision she may live to regret. 

This first installment in the Evermore Series is bittersweet; complete with first love, first heartbreak, a family forever fractured by infidelity, and a teenager that becomes the primary caregiver for her mentally unstable mother. But Neely has strength that sometimes surprises even her. She learns how to cope - any way she can.

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About the Author:

Andrea Smith is a USA Today Best-Selling Author.

She self-publishes Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, and Sensual Romance with a paranormal twist. She also writes New Adult Romance, and has recently collaborated with Author Eva LeNoir on two M/M Romances, with the third in process! 

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