Friday 14 October 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Demon King (The Kings Book 9) by Heather Killough-Walden

Book Description:

Dahlia Kellen has been through hell. Raised in a fae society that slowly drove her mad, she turned traitor against her people and was cast out. But in an act of heroism that clearly exposed her for the good she was, she rose up against the true evil threatening her people, and in her efforts to stop that evil, she was terribly transformed. Now dark, different, and feeling truly exiled in her soul, Dahlia has a chance encounter with a man in Boston. A man whose gaze is as dark and haunted as her own… and whose craven desire for her and dangerous, powerful bloodline will show Dahlia that for her, hell is just the beginning.

“I’ve come with a message about your father,” said the stranger.

“You’re speaking of Marius.” Marius was dead. Laz would know; he’d killed him.

But the messenger smiled. “No, no. Not quite,” he said, white teeth gleaming in an unholy grin. “Think bigger. Think badder.”

Steven Lazarus is a seasoned detective with the Boston police force who has always served and protected, and done so by the book. But the Akyri King’s insides are heating up, a painful yearning is tearing away at him, and his tall, strong body has become capable of a dark, violent magic he can barely control. His dangerous past has caught up with him, and he can scarcely stand to look at his own reflection. He doesn’t recognize the man staring back at him, and that terrifies him. 

Because he knows the powerful, hungry man in the mirror wants Dahlia Kellen just as badly as he does. And if he has to, he’ll raise hell to claim her.

The Demon King is the 9th book in the best selling The Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Heather Killough-Walden.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

What a ninth book in this amazing series. It has everything going on in it and from the first page you are drawn into the life of Detective Steven Lazarus of the Boston P.D.

Starting from extraordinary beginnings up to the present day his world has been to protect the people of Boston he has sworn to protect until everything was turned upside down when he learned a truth that had been kept from him. Not only is Steven a detective, he is also one of the Kings, the Akyri King, who sits at the table of the Thirteen Kings. The leader of which is the Vampire King Roman D'Angelo. At such a meeting the Vampire King got Steven or Laz as he is now called on his own. He had sensed that more was going on with Laz as he had noticed a change in him.

Laz couldn't give him any answers, getting angry he left but all the while he had been at that meeting all he could think about was finding his queen which he had never really thought about before.

Dahlia Kellen a Tuathan Fae who was also a warlock and vampire has not had an easy life. Once accused of being a traitor she has slowly come through everything that had been thrown at her. The most harrowing and dangerous was her fight against an evil so strong that it had left her transformed forever. Dahlia and her sister Poppy are under the tutelage of the human witch Lalura who is one of the greatest witch's alive. Very old now but still strong and wise whom the Kings listen to when things around them are threatened. Dahlia is very strong in her own right and unbeknown to her she has an enemy who is out to get her anyway he can.

Laz and Dahlia get drawn together and their story cannot get much more exciting and very dangerous. You read how these two have to fight off this enemy that is out to get them and through this they knew that they were meant to be.

“She wanted it. All of it. Suddenly, Dahlia realized her salvation. She realized his. There in that give and take, that command and surrender, was a way for her to reach the man she was falling in love with. Because that was where trust came in. And she trusted him.”

Not only that, the traitor that sits with the Thirteen Kings has still not been exposed and he upped his game to mega proportions and the evil of the Entity in the background is doing his utmost to bring the Thirteen down.

Brilliant series cannot wait to read Book 10. I wonder what will be in store for us in that one as I am sure it will be just as good as this one.

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