Friday 11 November 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Freakn Out (Freakn Shifters Book #7) by Eve Langlais

Book Description:

Leave me the hell alone. Is that so freakn’ hard to grasp?

Yeah, Derrick is angry, and bitter, but with good reason. His army buddies should have left him to die instead of dragging him out of the rebel camp—and he meant drag. Shrapnel to his back ensured his legs are useless hunks of meat. Everything below his waist is useless—limper than an overcooked noodle. Whimper.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, fate just has to kick a wolf when he is down and send him the curvy and luscious Janine. According to his inner beast, she’s his mate. Not happening. There will be no claiming because Derrick isn’t about to saddle anyone with half a man. I don’t want her pity.

Problem is, Janine, with her fiery red hair and tempting curves, won’t leave him the hell alone. She thinks she can fix him. And a part of him, the part that refuses to give up hope, is tempted to let her try.

Can she teach this broken wolf new tricks—including bedroom ones—that will make him howl once again?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

What I liked about this book were the harsh realities that are in the world today, how our men and women go and fight in wars to keep us safe…and then how some never come back the same as they went. In this book, it shows how one man, a wolf shifter, has to come to terms with his horrific injuries.

Derrick had been out on a supply run with his army buddies when everything went south. They had walked into land mines that had been put in the road they had been travelling on. Although Derrick had hit the ground as soon as the first one went off he felt a burning in his back and then nothing. When all crying and shouting subsided Derrick found he couldn't move the bottom part of his body and then he found himself surrounded by rebels and was whisked away to their camp to be tortured day in day out until his army buddies came to rescue him.

To say Derrick came out of all this a very embittered man was an understatement. He chose to go into a military rehab centre rather than go back to his family, shunning them, because he couldn't face them as he now perceived himself half a man.

It was here that he first encountered a curvy redhead, her name was Janine and she was a human psychologist. When she walked into his room, apart from her luscious looks it was her smell that reached him and the first thing that went through his mind was "Mine". Knowing that they could never have a future together he did his best to push her away and was actually very rude and nasty but what he got back was not what he expected at all.

"Bad wolf. Behave yourself right now, or there will be no treats for you!"

Janine knew that she must not let Derrick intimidate her or all would be lost so she held her own against him. This set the tone for doctor and patient except for one thing Janine had not expected…her immediate attraction towards Derrick. Janine knew this attraction was something she had to squash down as she had to be professional at all times but she feared it was not going to be easy.

The story continues with Janine doing her utmost to get through to Derrick as she knew what was at stake if she didn't succeed in getting through to him. Her ways could be called unorthodox but she showed Derrick outwardly that she had a thick skin and that all his taunting and bitterness was not getting to her, but inside was another story. What Janine felt for Derrick was getting stronger and under all Derricks bluster she felt that he felt the same.

Then there came one night it all got too much for both of them when Janine went in to check on Derrick. Starting with a soul-searching kiss.

“Before his avid gaze, her nipples hardened into tight points, a temptation he couldn't resist. His hands rose to cup her breasts. A thumb brushed over each peak, and a shiver zipped through her.”

Derrick knew from that moment he had some hard decisions to make.

This book is very enjoyable. The banter between Janine and Derrick can be funny with Janine not giving an inch but it also shows that anger and bitterness can be overcome with a strong love standing beside them and giving the best encouragement ever.

Loved the book Ms Langlais, as always you never disappoint.

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