Friday 25 November 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Gentry (Wolves of Winter's Edge #1) by TS Joyce

Book Description:

****Don't miss this first book in the brand new Wolves of Winter's Edge standalone series from T. S. Joyce**** 

Gentry Striker is right back where he swore he would never be again—his hometown. All he has to do is tie up some loose ends and escape the darkness that has enveloped this place, but he can feel his destiny pulling him deeper into the shadows of this old town. The local pack has been taken over by one seriously unstable alpha, and Gentry is a rogue on a mission to escape. That is, until a striking beauty grabs his attention and demands to stay at the home he is renting out. The problem? She’s human, and isn’t safe in a town full of monsters. Perhaps Gentry is the biggest monster of all, but she’s got him wanting to dig back into his old life and become a better man. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has his wolf hunting her. And he’s not the only one. 

Blaire Hayward is on a last-minute vacation to escape the monotony of her life for a little while. The plan is to spend some time in a cabin in snow country relaxing, but when she coasts into Rangeley, nothing is what it seems. The people in this town are acting strange, and there is something dark going on under the surface that she can’t quite figure out. And at the center of it all is Gentry Striker. Tall, snarly, sexy, and mysterious, he’s calling to her heart in ways she never thought possible. But the longer she stays, the more uncertain her life becomes, because Rangeley is no normal town. It’s a town of beasts, and Blaire is falling for the most dangerous of them all. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

What a great book to start off this new series, it was a really superb story filled with sexy erotic moments, but it also contains humour which not only brings warmth to the body but a smile to your face and not only that there is a lot of action that keeps the tempo going full blast.

The banter and sexual heat between the two main characters, Gentry Striker and Blaire Hayward keeps this story alive, it makes you want to keep turning the pages to see how everything turns out.

The story begins with Blaire going on a birthday treat from her best friend Ashlyn. A week away in a cabin at the Hunter Cove Inn in Rangeley, Maine for a much-needed rest. The only thing is Blaire finds it not so much of a rest. In fact, she finds more than she bargained for when she meets the owner, the very handsome and sexy Gentry Striker.

The attraction between these two flares up from the very beginning and Blaire's first night at the Inn was more than she bargained for. Lust was on the cards for these two when they shared the evening meal that Gentry had gone out and bought for them. Gentry was bringing out the bad side in Blaire, a side she never knew she had in her as she had always been a good girl. She had only had one other man in her life, her ex-husband, which had left her feeling lost after the breakup of their childhood marriage.

Now meeting this large sexy man, so totally different from anyone she had met before was affecting her like no other. They shared something so intimate, an act that Blaire had never done before but had left her feeling so satiated and fulfilled.

“She had the marrow-deep feeling that for the next week, Gentry Striker was going to be a beautiful distraction from the mess her life had become.”

Gentry didn't quite know what had happened to him. His feelings for Blaire were so totally unexpected as she was human and he definitely wasn't. He had been brought up never to have any dealings with humans especially intimately but there he was and his wolf wanting her like no other. It was taboo, but he found himself wanting Blaire more and more, hitting very erotic heights together.

“Dominant lover wanted to keep her submissive, though. He wouldn't release her wrists over her head. Instead, he got a smirk that she fell in love with. Naughty man, the devil was in his smile, and she liked it. Liked the tease. Liked being at his mercy.”

But this book also has serious undercurrents. There's a big problem in Rangeley concerning a certain wolf that Gentry needs to resolve. His two brothers that he hasn't seen in years that hate him and of course a certain human whose striking beauty has turned Gentry's world upside down.

This is a fabulous book Ms Joyce. I loved and enjoyed immensely every word of this story. I am so looking forward to reading Book 2, Roman, coming out next month.

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