Friday 9 December 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Tiger Speed Dating (BBW Paranornal Weretiger Romance) by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Book Description:

Romance author Abigail Collins has an epic writer’s block following a breakup with her boyfriend. She decides to stay at her grandpa’s cabin in Cub’s Cove to nurse her broken heart while working on her new novel. But she can’t write romantic scenes when all she can think about is how to strangle the main male character seven ways to Sunday for his lying, cheating, bast—okay, she’s stuck. Big time. Uh-oh. Seeing her in a rut, her best friends, Tiffany and Carmen, drag her to a local speed-dating event to get her out of her funk. 

Tiger shifter Michael Kage chooses Cub’s Cove for his self-imposed exile, away from his clan’s dangerous, back-stabbing politics. Even though he enjoys the new town, one thing in his life is still missing: he yearns for a mate. So when he hears the local bar is hosting a speed-dating event, he’s the first in line to buy a ticket. 

That night, just as Michael thinks the speed-dating event is a bust, he sees a gorgeous woman: a curvaceous goddess with silken hair and beautiful, sad eyes. 
He knows he has found his mate. But before he even has the chance to learn her name, they switch to other partners. Head over heels for having met his perfect woman, Michael has to find his Cinderella because that unforgettable woman holds the missing part of his heart.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is a lovely light-hearted but sexy romance with a very muscular, handsome male character in the form of tiger shifter, Michael Kage and a beautiful curvaceous human woman called Abigail Collins or Abby as everyone who knows her calls her.

Abby is a writer of romance novels. She had hoped that by coming to her late grandfather’s cabin in Cub's Cove where she had spent much of her childhood and had many happy memories, it would get her out of the writer’s block she has found herself in since the break-up with her ex-boyfriend. The only thing is every time she comes to write a romantic scene in her book she finds herself wanting to strangle her male character instead of showing a loving disposition.

Then one afternoon, her friends, Tiffany and Carmen whom she hasn't seen since she had come to Cub's Cove three months earlier, come to take her out for the night. Abby hadn’t seen them as she felt she would not be good company for anyone but they get her to break her exile and persuade her to go to a speed dating event being held at the local bar in town. Tiffany was single too she would go into it with her to keep her company.

Michael had moved to Cub's Cove to get away from the other tigers he had grown up with as he had had enough of the back-stabbing and internal politics and had to get away from it all. He enjoyed being in this new town and had made a good friend in a man called Jason but the only thing that was missing in his life was a mate. So, when he saw the advertisement for the upcoming speed dating event he was first in line to buy a ticket hoping against hope that his mate would be amongst the women who attended.

With Jason in tow to keep him company, being early, they saw the women arrive and Michael spotted her. A curvaceous goddess with silken hair and beautiful sad eyes and he just knew, she was his mate. Abby had noticed the handsome man sitting by the bar and was immediately drawn to him and she hoped she had a chance to get to know him better. There was something about him that she felt that being with him would be so right for her.

This evening could turn out interesting for these two after all.

The story tells of the growing attraction that grows between Abby and Michael. It is not without its hiccups. Michael knew he had to take his time and let Abby see he was serious about her but what he didn't know was that Abby felt the same way about him. But as time goes on they get closer and closer until they shared their first kiss and it was all they could have wished for.

“He fisted her silky, glossy hair as he deepened his kiss, telling her that she was his to possess. Their kiss was a symphony of lust that cadenced into a fast tempo of thrill.”

And so, this very sexy romance has begun.

I loved the story. It was a lovely change for me to read something that was not heavy. It passed a delightful afternoon making me smile especially at Abby’s two friends Tiffany and Carmen. Good book Ms Lee very enjoyable.

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