Friday 30 December 2016

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Where Darkness Lives (Guardians of Eternity #8.5) by Alexandra Ivy

Book Description:

Drama. Scandal. Secrets. 
And a whole lot of supernatural goings-on.

No one’s more surprised than Sophia when she’s struck by an unfamiliar maternal urge to move closer to her daughters. But there’s one obstacle to enjoying her luxurious new home near Lake Michigan: her fourth daughter, Cassandra. Revealed to be a rare prophet, Cassandra is missing. And that means the whole family is in danger. So instead of being greeted by a welcome committee, Sophia is targeted by kidnappers—and saddled with an exasperatingly sexy bodyguard…

Six feet of pure-blooded Were, Luc is gorgeous, ruthless, and immediately stunned by Sophia’s smoldering beauty. The man in him is on a mission to protect—while the wolf in him is on a mission to seduce, and possess. All the more reason to keep Sophia safe—assuming she doesn’t get them both killed first…

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

I have read this series from Book 1 and I have never been disappointed and this book is no exception. It has drama galore and very sexy moments between our two main characters, Sophia and Luc, both alpha wolves. Danger abounds in this story and it is directed at Sophia, a pure blood wolf. Mother of four daughters which has been an amazing feat in itself as the werewolf community is on the decline as female wolves have not been able to reproduce.

Sophia has moved to be close to her daughters, setting up home near Lake Michigan and opening a new business called Menagerie, a high-end strip club with the finest male dancers. Everything is going well except for two things; her youngest daughter is missing and she herself is being targeted. Her family is very worried for her and has asked her to move in with them but Sophia has not earned the name bitch of all bitches for nothing and refuses to hide from the threat that surrounds her. She is an alpha wolf and will fight whoever it is, but she did make a concession and got herself a bodyguard and what a bodyguard her acquaintance Troy had hired for her. A man stepped from the shadows…

“No, not a man ... a pure-blooded Were, she quickly corrected, catching the feral scent of his wolf. And so sinfully gorgeous that he made her heart slam against her ribs.”

Sophia could not understand her reaction to him, he had taken her breath away.

When Luc was introduced to Sophia as her bodyguard, the attraction was immediate not only by him but by his wolf. The woman was stunning but for his wolf to sit up and take notice was very unusual and Luc was disquieted about it to say the least. Their first meeting did not go well but in the end Sophia had to agree that she needed help to find whoever is out to get her.

Be prepared for a bumpy ride between Sophia and Luc but the attraction between them was running hot and neither of them could deny it.

“With a wicked smile, Luc branded her lips with a kiss of pure hunger. The taste of his wolf on her tongue sizzled through her, setting off small fireworks of pleasure.”

And Luc made sure he showed Sophia just how much he wanted and needed her during their lovemaking. Sophia couldn't escape it anymore, Luc meant more to her than anyone else has.

This book is a very enjoyable read. A story to curl up with in your favourite chair. I said at the start of my review this is a great series and one I would highly recommend for anyone to read. Another winner Ms Ivy loved it.

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