Friday 13 January 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Angel Kissed (The Watchtower Sentinels #1) by Jasmine Walt

Book Description:

Demons tore her life apart. Can a sexy Scottish Druid put it back together again? 

My name is Arabella, and I'm one hell of a mess. My entire life, I've been driven to protect and defend the innocent. But my history of epilepsy has kept me from getting into the military or law enforcement or any other career that would let me follow my dreams. 

I've never felt like I've belonged because of my condition, but at least I thought I knew who I was. But then I crashed my car on the interstate, and went flying straight into the clutches of a demon in human skin. I didn't think life could get crazier than that, until a hunky guy who seems to be the lovechild of Outlander and the Iron Druid dropped in and rescued me. 

But I'm not safe. Far from it. Because Brodie won't take me home. He insist that my life is a lie, and that I'm still in danger. He says the demons think I have something they want, and they won't stop coming for me until they get it. 

I should run far, far away from this man. But I'm drawn to him in a way I can't explain. Those startling green eyes see past my barriers and into the real me, in a way that I didn't think anyone ever could. And that wicked smile makes me wonder what else he can do with that tempting mouth. Plus, ever since the demons showed up, my seizures have been getting worse. I have a feeling its all connected, and if I can figure out how, I might just be able to cure myself.

If I want to find out the truth, my only choice is to put my life in the hands of this charming, but dangerous Scotsman. And hope he doesn't break me in the process.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is a great first book in this very interesting start of a new series. Angel Kissed is full of surprises and sexy passion and is fast paced so that you keep turning the pages and has two strong main characters in Arabella and Brodie.

Brodie has been brought up a Druid in the Scottish Highlands in England. Mother a druid, father unknown. When his mother died in childbirth, the druids took him to the healer Agnid who lived just outside the druid settlement and it was she who brought up Brodie giving him all the love any mother could give a child, but because of his druid roots he was also brought up in the druid way.

Brodie didn't take life too seriously. Life had been good to him with the love of Agnid and because of his exceptional good looks he was never short of a woman’s company but one day that all changed when he received a vision from Gaia, the Earth Goddess to the druids, which was to take him across the seas to America which will change his life forever.

Arabella has not had an easy life having been plagued by epilepsy. All her life she has felt the need to protect and defend the innocent but because of her health doors were closed to her but that did not stop her from training hard in the hope that she can overcome her disability and get into the police like she wanted. Then one day her life changed dramatically when she was involved in a car accident and demons came to claim her, and it was through them she first met Brodie who swooped in to rescue her.

It was Brodie’s vow to Gaia that he would keep Arabella safe from the fate that awaited her, which he had seen in his vision, but she never showed him how beautiful Arabella was and how very, very, touchy she was with him. He had his work cut out in this endeavour. For all his maddening ways Arabella was drawn to this mountain of a man, with his Celtic tattoos and his unreal green eyes that shone with power and also the very wicked smile he put her way.

Arabella was so confused with everything going on around her but deep down she knew she could trust Brodie to keep her safe and so their journey began with a strong attraction developing between these two. One night they succumbed to that attraction.

“It was fierce and tender and full of need, his lips moving urgently against mine, as if determined to memorize every line and dip of my mouth. Desire shot through me, blossoming in my core, and my nipples hardened as they brushed against his chest.”

His kiss deepened and then to Arabella’s dismay Brodie pulled away from her, telling her he couldn't get involved if he was to protect her properly which caused Arabella a lot of hurt. But they had to put that aside because the demons were still on their trail and danger was nipping at their heels.

I thought this was a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed it Ms Walt. I can see that this series could quite possibly be a winner. I will certainly love to read more.

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