Tuesday 10 January 2017

Release Day Review ~ Sinful Abandon by Jeannine Colette

Book Description:

Heather McCallister wants one thing: A rich husband.

When she catches her trust fund wielding boyfriend with his pants around his ankles she finds herself fighting over a taxi with a stranger she meets on the streets of Chicago.

Ryan Pierson is handsome, fun and doesn’t have a penny to his name. The two embark on a wild night of passion that has Heather questioning what it is she wants out of life.

But nothing is as perfect as it seems. A secret affair, a proposal and a surprise revelation have Heather facing the greatest dilemma . . .

and it’s downright Sinful.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Sometimes, the very best things show up unannounced.”

Even though this is a novella, as with any Jeannine Colette book, it still packed an emotional punch. Even in such a short story, Jeannine Colette still got me. This authors talent with that deep seated, emotional read was ever present as she set out to do the impossible, make the irredeemable…redeemable.

I must say I was a bit worried knowing that this was Heather’s story. She has appeared in the Sinful series in bit parts, but always as a relationship wrecker and all out evil, conniving, bitch. So why on earth would I want to read about her? And does she really deserve her own happy ever after?

“You’re like the lake. You think you can do it all on your own without love. But, deep down, there is a current inside you that runs rapid, reaching out, flowing into others. You just have to look beyond the horizon to see it.”

Once you begin to read Sinful Abandon it is not long before you realise the reason the way Heather is the way she is and while it does go somewhat to explaining her I still couldn’t forgive her for her past transgressions. Although, I will say, I did want her to find her happy every after.

“Men only care about two things – their dicks and their wallets. The smaller one is, the bigger the other one seems to get.”

Heather is a gold digger, the difference being…she is upfront about it, she has no qualms about saying it to their faces. She is hugely successful in her job and is admired by those she works with, but deep down, she is missing one thing…love…in any shape or form. Never loved, never cuddled, no affection, Heather has led a cold life from the day she was born, she was determined never to go back to the life she had growing up and if that meant marrying for money then so be it.

“In a city where I came to find a place to belong, instead, I found a home. A life. A love. I’d call that a win for a sin.”

One chance meeting, one night of passion and Heather is smitten, but deep down she knows it has no legs. Ryan does not meet her future husband criteria on any level, but sometimes these chance encounters are just meant to be.

Ryan was adorable with a capital A, he was charming, humble, handsome, intelligent and just beginning to find his feet in the big wide world. He wore his heart on his sleeve as a badge of honour and was the total opposite to Heather. What he lacked to offer in terms of money and stability he made up for in love and affection, but the Ice Queen would take some persuading to thaw.

“Do you know why I chose lavender… It means, love at first sight”

When their paths cross once again it is definitely kismet, but does this second meeting only cause more problems?

Intense and emotional, Jeannine Colette really delivers with the instalove story. Albeit a short story, we are made to wait as the too and fro of do I or don’t I are forever at the forefront of Heather’s mind. Being a novella, instalove is always going to be there but this was believable and I loved every single word.

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