Friday 10 February 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Bear-Ly Valentine's by ML Briers and AB Lee

Book Description:

A special Bear shifter for a special day. 

Jack Valentine knew trouble when he saw it and Lorelai was trouble. The woman had walked into his shifter bar and ordered a coffee, and from that moment on it was one thing after another … and all the time he was trying to woo her. 
From the wolf shifter with a grudge to the kind of trouble that had followed her to the mountain that could get a man killed, Jack knew one thing … he’d die to protect his mate. 

Lorelai had to wonder what the heck she’d walked into. Bears and wolf shifters, and not to mention a meddlesome vampire, this was another world, and what was a mate? Apparently that was Jack, a big, rough, tough, growly alpha bear shifter that made her want to stick around when she knew that she needed to leave. 

Could Jack persuade her to stay? Could he keep her alive? Would he be man enough to woo her?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

Here is a great little read especially for the romantic for Valentine’s Day. In it, it has love, laughs, sexy loving and action, all that you want when you cuddle up in your favourite armchair.

There are two main characters in the book Jack and Lorelai. Jack is a bear shifter and he knew when Lorelai, a human, walked into his bar his life would never be the same. All it took was one look to know his mate had just walked in and now all he had to do was convince her of that fact.

Lorelai was a complex person and not easy to know. Every time Jack tried to talk to her, Lorelai came back with a sarcastic retort which wasn't making it easy for Jack to woo his mate. Jack knew something was wrong in his mate’s life and it was just finding out what it was because all that was ingrained in him and his bear was to love and protect Lorelai with all of his being.

It was going to be an uphill struggle for Jack to win his mate but he knew it would be so worth it.

Lorelai had finally let her defences down around Jack. In her heart, she knew he was a good man and when she gave in to his charms and that sexy grin and sensational body her life had finally taken an upwards turn. Letting her barriers down when they were alone and letting Jack get close to her as in very close was soooo worth it.

“Her scent had been all around him all night and he wanted her, so badly that his cock felt like lead. It ached for her, for the warmth, the wet sheath of her body as he thrust inside her.”

The kiss deepened and all that was going through Lorelai's mind was.

“It's just kissing... Making out... a little sinful pleasure in the morning...
It feels like more... so-so much more.
I want more.
How much more?
How much is too much?”

Their lovemaking was hot and sinful and all that went through Jack's mind over and over was


This is a great story by the combination of these two superb authors M.L. Briers and A.B Lee. With bears, wolves and a very dashing vampire also with danger on the horizon makes it a very enjoyable read. Loved it.

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