Friday 17 February 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Red Havoc Rogue (Red Havoc Panthers #1) by TS Joyce

Book Description:

Annalise Sutter is a newly Turned shifter determined to get her life back on track. The problem? Her inner panther is a monster that attacks anything that breathes. She’s had to let go of her old life completely to protect the people she loves, and the one thing that has kept her steady through this transition is Jaxon Barns. They’ve been texting for months, but he’s anti-shifter and she can’t tell him what she has become. When a spot on a notoriously private panther crew comes up, she jumps at the opportunity to pledge in desperation to get her animal under control. Too bad that means leaving Jaxon behind, because what human is going to put up with an out of control shifter who lives way out in the boonies? 

Jaxon Barns is harboring two things—a massive grizzly in his middle and an equally big chip on his shoulder about being born a shifter. He grew up in the Gray Back Crew, but can’t seem to settle down long enough to stay in one place. The only thing that eases the ache of being a rogue are the text messages that come from Annalise. She feels like the only real thing in his life, and when she disappears mysteriously one day, he knows something has gone really wrong. Now he’ll have to track her to panther territory to save her from herself. 

But maybe the panther inside of her isn’t the biggest danger to Annalise’s safety anymore. Perhaps now, the biggest threat to her future…is him. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This new series by Ms Joyce I feel will be another big hit with the readers. It has great dialogue, very sexy love scenes and a gorgeous, hunky main character by the name of Jaxon Burns. Jaxon is a grizzly shifter who from an early age hasn't been able to put down roots, preferring to leave his family and crew and going out on the road, thus being classed a rogue by many.

The main female character is Annalise Sutter, a panther shifter. She is witty, sassy, with a She-Devil inside who has turned her life upside down. Annalise has had to cut herself off from her family and friends and everything she once knew. To cope with this, needing to reach out to beat the loneliness she was feeling she went on a dating site and this was where she first came to know Jaxon. Their texts were what kept Annalise sane. While texting Jaxon, Annalise could be herself, their jokey, sexy and sometimes risqué conversations made Annalise feel steady in herself and helped with the madness she was having to cope with.

The book is a love story but to reach any type of happy ending Annalise, especially, has to go through some strong learning curves first. It's a journey which takes her onto dangerous ground but Jaxon is in the background doing his best to help her. This also takes Jaxon to places he rather would not be in but feeling something was very wrong not having heard from Annalise for days he knew he had to track her down.

There is plenty of action going on in this book. Blood spilled as only shifters know how, and when Annalise and Jaxon do finally meet face to face the chemistry between them sizzled.

“Oh God, he was good. Jaxon was like a damn professional kisser, and she was clumsy compared to him. Smooth operator. He sucked gently on her top lip and pulled her waist until their lips connected. And there was nothing sexier than this, right here, kissing on the hood of his truck, tasting each other, alone in the woods, under the full moon.”

This is a really good story with everything going on in the shifter world, making this a real page turner. Great starter to this new series. Loved it Ms Joyce, keep them coming.

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