Friday 24 February 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Saved by Darkness (Darkness series #6) by Katie Reus

Book Description:

He thought he lost her decades ago.

Half-demon, half-dragon shifter Ian McCabe is hellbent on getting back the only woman he’s ever loved. When Fiona O’Riley kicked him out of her life decades ago, he thought she was gone for good. Now that she’s back, nothing will stop him from claiming her. But she wants nothing to do with him—or his family.

She’ll do anything to save him.

Fiona knows that Ian is the only male for her. The only way to keep him alive is to stay away from him. But when tragedy strikes and they discover a wicked agenda for the mass murder of humans, they must work together to take down the enemies that threaten everyone. But there’s so much more on the line. As their undeniable desire intensifies, they’re faced with an unbearable choice. If Fiona and Ian succumb to their temptation, mating could be the last thing they ever do.

Length: NOVEL
Author note: Saved by Darkness can be read as a stand-alone novel with an HEA and no cliffhangers.

Books in the Darkness Series:
1. Darkness Awakened
2. Taste of Darkness
3. Beyond the Darkness
4. Hunted by Darkness
5. Into the Darkness
6. Saved by Darkness

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This book contains everything that any reader would want in a story and it grabs you from the very first page. With brilliant characters, a tragic love affair, lots of very sexy loving and extremely bloodthirsty action. Wow.

I have been a follower from the very first book in this amazing series and it was great to see some old friends pop up in this stunning book. This is a story not to be missed.

As I said in the beginning of this review the story is about a doomed love affair between our two main characters. First up is Ian McCabe, a half-breed shifter. He is a dragon cross demon. One very gorgeous male who happens to be sex on legs. Quite the combination. He lives his life as a fighter, a very successful one which has earnt him the name of "Beast" in the ring.

And his love interest is a beautiful dragon shifter, Fiona O'Riley, whose family is very draconian, and does their very best to keep Fiona on a very short leash. So when Ian and Fiona first met her family warned Ian off very menacingly but Ian knew Fiona was his and was not going to be easily deterred. But it was not to be, she was lost to him in the most hurtful way imaginable.

It took decades before he found her again, and now nothing will stop him from making her his.

Fiona was living a quiet life. She had set up a refuge for abused women with her best friend Ava, a vampire, but through having a meeting with the Alpha wolf, Finn, whose territory abuts with hers she was confronted by Ian and the love she had always had for this male shot through her like a tsunami but also fear. She had to stay away from him at all costs because if her family found out they were together again they would surely kill him and that was something Fiona could not live with.

But fate had other ideas as they were thrown together through tragedy.  An evil was threatening the human world and they were needed to fight it together with Finn’s pack, but being in such close proximity with each other, their love could not be denied and it took just one kiss for it to flare as hot as it has always had.

“Her breath hitched slightly, a pale blue fire dancing in her gaze and enfolding them just as his smoke did. It wasn't hot though, just a consuming presence. The smoke and fire were so thick he couldn't see beyond the two of them. Not even the stars above. All he saw was her. She was all that mattered anyway.”

A fantastic book. I could not put it down. This is a real page turner and not to be missed. Ms Reus brilliant as always you never let us readers down.

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