Tuesday 14 February 2017

Release Day Blitz, Review & Giveaway ~ Royal Affair (Royal Scandal #1) by Parker Swift

ROYAL AFFAIR by Parker Swift 
Release Date: 14th February 2017
Forever Yours eBook; $3.99
(Royal Scandal Book 1)

Book Description:

One seriously sexy son-of-a-duke . . .

Behind the posh British accent, Dylan Hale possesses a down-and-dirty sexiness. Off-the-charts gorgeous, a ruthless architect . . . and did I mention he's a future duke? Every time we touch, it's wildfire. All need and lust and heat. But Dylan has rules: just sex, no one can know, and in the bedroom he gets complete control. All I have to do is follow the rules, because falling in love with Dylan Hale is all it would take to screw everything up . . . royally.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

For a debut book Parker Swift really delivered and I have to be honest and say it did not read like a debut at all, the writing was very accomplished and totally engaging. I love a good Royal book and this is what initially caught my attention, I then read the synopsis and being British reading it was a no brainer and so I dived in.

Lydia Bell is not in a great place emotionally, she had put her life on hold to be there for her sick father and since his passing she has lost her way in the world…no sense of belonging, no parents, no idea what to do and too many memories in her current surroundings. Even though Lydia knows now is her time, it is hard to let go, but moving on for the sake of her own sanity is a must. Her parents met in London and so it is there she intends to make her final destination, if this was where her parents fell in love maybe love could find her there too. In the meantime, a summer job nannying for some extremely wealthy and connected parents was on the cards, a summer trip to Canada was where her life would forever be altered, even if she didn’t know it yet.

“Just sex? What I have in mind will be far better than ‘just sex.’ I hope you’re not offended…I’m afraid it’s all I’m good for, but I promise I’m very. Very. Good at it.”

Dylan Hale was a drop dead gorgeous Brit with the accent to match and when he first catches a glimpse of Lydia frolicking with the kids in a skimpy bikini it seems our Brit is smitten. Dylan though is a man of mystery, a man who wants to keep his cards close to his chest, he doesn’t have relationships and keeps his private life private and he has his reasons. While at times he came across as an arrogant, self-assured, domineering, arsehole, underneath was a man that actually wanted something he knew he could never have, a normal relationship, he just didn’t know it…or at least he didn’t until he met Lydia Bell.

Dylan was British Royalty, a title that he never wanted but was given by birth right. After the death of his grandfather he has to step up to the plate and none more so than in providing the next Marquess. Dylan is well aware he is every socialites wet dream, he is aware of the superficial gold diggers that constantly throw themselves at him, but he never takes the bait. Dylan is adamant with regards to his no relationship policy, but he hadn’t met his game changer, he has now.

“I can’t be a haven for anyone – I’m a goddamn war zone.”

Parker Swift delivered a book with a captivating plot and while it isn’t the most original it was delivered in her own unique style. I loved the dialogue, I felt the emotion and I felt their connection, I may have even shed a tear of two, but most of all this book kept my attention throughout, so much so, it was a one sitting read and for a newbie, that is a huge accomplishment.

My only niggle was this had a little Fifty Shades feel about it, certain scenes or actions would make me think of Christian and Ana and it was a little annoying. Dylan is an alpha and a little dominant and while his predilections have only gone so far as slapping, a little bondage and butt plugs and of course a penchant for knicker stealing or even better no knickers at all, I can see that this side to their relationship will probably be explored more in depth. Lydia also had that Ana feel about her, being the inexperienced (not virginal), coquettish woman who suddenly finds her inner vixen.

“Yours is the only pussy I can’t bear to be separated from by fabric, no matter how thin.”

The sex scenes were seriously hot and Parker Swift certainly has them down pat and with an engaging plot line there was little to not love about this book. This is the first in a trilogy and this book was left on a little cliffy but in a good place none the less. To say I am seriously jonesing for book two is an understatement and I cannot wait to dive into it. As much as Dylan pissed me off in the beginning he has worked his charm well and truly into my heart and I want to see these two make it…they both deserve it.

“I just couldn’t stay away. I still can’t.”

About the Author:

Parker Swift grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and then grew up again in New York, London, and Minneapolis and currently lives in Connecticut. She has spent most of her adult life examining romantic relationships in an academic lab as a professor of social psychology. Now, she's exploring the romantic lives of her fictional characters in the pages of her books. When she's not writing, she spends her time with her bearded nautical husband and being told not to sing along to pop music in the car by her two sons.

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