Friday 24 March 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Alpha Balla' (A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) by Angela Foxxe

Book Description:

Superstar NFL player John Wild had it all. The looks, the skills and the money. 

He could have any woman he wanted. But he didn't want just any woman. He wanted a mate.

This was because John Wild was harboring a dark secret life as a Werewolf and his desire for a mate was growing by the day. 

Childhood sweetheart Heather Camp might just be John's fated mate. But Heather has her own dark secret. In fact, it’s a secret so dark it just might get them both killed…

WARNING: Steamy paranormal read, best enjoyed alone!

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is a great story. It has very sexy love scenes and is full of surprises which makes this book one fast read from start to finish with you wanting to see how everything turns out. This is about a rich, famous football star, John Wild, who in anyone’s mind would think he had it all but that is not the case, John is hiding a big secret, he is in fact a werewolf.

John does his level best to lead as normal a life as he can and not let his curse as he calls it to interfere. He hates being a werewolf with a vengeance and with his best friend and agent Keith who helps to control the beast every full moon, so far, he has managed to do just that.

With women throwing themselves at him, he knew deep down although they were beautiful they just were not right for him. It was going back to his home, to his childhood haunts for a break where everything made sense. It was when he was in the company of his childhood sweetheart Heather Camp, it had been her all along, he knew she was the one that was his mate.

Heather was just as overjoyed to see John. It had been a long time. They had broken up when she was eighteen each wanting different things in their lives but seeing him again was like time had slipped away and they were together again just like nothing had changed.

The attraction between these two flared hot when they went out on a date. The strong connection they felt couldn't be denied so when they got back to Heather’s house they gravitated to each other and started with a very heated kiss and then the clothes came off very quickly.

“In a moment, John was deep inside of Heather. She was like the most delicious piece of succulent fruit - soft, sweet, and juicy. He slid into her perfectly, almost like the two of them had been custom designed for each other.”

It was then when they were slowly coming out of this passionate moment that John knew he was in love and always had been.

“He'd just refused to admit it.”

But all was not right in Heather’s world. She had been keeping a secret from John and it all came out one very frightening day when they found themselves fighting for their very lives. It was up to John to keep Heather safe which was something he vowed to do. There are lots of twists and turns, big surprises from where you would least expect them and the steamy love that John and Heather share will keep you glued, making this a real page turner.

This is a really good book Ms Foxxe and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

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