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Release Day Blitz & Reviews ~ Den of Mercenaries Volume One by London Miller

Title: Den of Mercenaries (Volume One)
Author: London Miller
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 4, 2017

Book Description:

Welcome to the Den ...

A mysterious, but powerful, man known only as The Kingmaker brought together a team of mercenaries to become a weapon the likes of which no one has ever seen before. 

An unrivaled and merciless sniper … 

A ruthless, yet charming thief … 

A beautiful, but cunning spider … 

They do his bidding if and when he calls with no exceptions, but beyond the work they do, their lives are complicated, filled with both love and pain, hate and lust. 

Sometimes the line blurs between what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Sometimes the line doesn’t exist at all. 

Den of Mercenaries: Volume one includes the first four books in the Den of Mercenaries series. Included in this bundle for a limited time are bonus scenes featuring each couple, as well as the first look into how the Den came to be.

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Our Reviews:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars & 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

Red (Den of Mercenaries #1) by London Miller
4 stars!!!

“Is the man who leads the lamb to slaughter not just as guilty as the man who slits its throat?”

I have to admit, I have read this authors work all arse about face having jumped onto the London Miller train a little late. Having read the Seasons of Betrayal series that she co-wrote with Bethany-Kris I then read Crooks & Kings that I later found out was a spin-off of the Den of Mercenaries series, hence signing up to read this series. I have now found out that the Den of Mercenaries series is a spin-off of the Volkov Bratva series so it seems my days of reading London Miller are far from over. I am reviewing these books in order they appear in the box set so I don’t get confused and having read the first one I didn’t feel too lost in the plot as in the beginning, London Miller sets the scene well.

Mafia books are one of my favourite reads and while the Den of Mercenaries is not Mafia per se, the people that contract them most definitely are. Red is Niklaus Volkov and he is the identical twin of Mishca that appears in the Volkov Bratva series. Red and Mishca were separated at birth and neither knew of the others existence until their paths crossed most unexpectedly.

“Enemies one day, allies the next.”

Niklaus had been shielded from the life for a long time until one day, through a case of mistaken identity, him and his girlfriend were dragged off the street and tortured by the Albanians. His girlfriend never made it, but Niklaus did and it was at this point that Niklaus’s brother, Mishca was called. These two were identical and it was this meeting that started Niklaus on the revenge train, Mishca gave him the opportunity to train for the Den of Mercenaries and now he was one of their most prolific and efficient, this training gave him the means to exact his revenge, but what would happen when that was completed?

“Do not fear death. Embrace it. Pain is inevitable, learn to love it.”

Reagan was only supposed to be a one night stand, but Reagan changes Niklaus in ways that at first he wasn’t comfortable with. Niklaus wasn’t looking for her, but she found him none the less and knowing the journey he was on, the timing was never right…until it was.

“A few nights, or all of them. Your choice.”

I loved Niklaus, despite what he had been through, the Niklaus that lived before “the life” was never far from the surface despite him trying to keep that side of himself hidden. Niklaus was a crazy mofo, professional, dominating, domineering, possessive and a whole lot of sexy alpha that ticked all my boxes.

Reagan was a little harder to connect with and I would have loved a little more history on her and her family and of the times that her and Niklaus were apart. None the less, I loved this girl with balls of steel and a penchant for slapping.

London Miller brings to the table a story of vengeance all the while delivering one of the most unexpected of romances. Reagan and Niklaus, while complete opposites had that connection that most strive for, despite weeks, months, sometimes years apart that burning flame only peters out to a smouldering ember until such time as they are together again. With the Russian and Irish mob both making their presence extremely felt this was a page turner and action packed. Having come to know quite a few of the characters in “The Den” I am salivating for what is to come.

Celt (Den of Mercenaries #2) by London Miller
4 stars!!!

“And know that should you make it of this room live, pain is inevitable. Learn to love it.”

After reading Red, Celt was the one character that stood out the most for me and the one that I was most intrigued by so I was glad when I turned the page that it was his book up next. I loved the fact that all the characters that have already been introduced play their part and that the story somewhat moves on a continuing time line so you never lose your connection to them either.

Kyrnon, Den name of Celt was exactly what I wanted, what I expected and our deadly Irish Leprechaun was that and so much more too. London Miller has a knack at spinning broken heroes into dark, deadly, swoon worthy men that go above and beyond for the women they love, but cross them and the mercenary in them is never far behind and Kyrnon was the epitome of this.

Despite what Kyrnon does for a living he was full of Irish charm and I could only imagine the smile that often brought everyone to their knees. The dialogue in this book was some of my favourite and London Miller really brought this Irish charmer to life with some fantastic dialect and perfect comedic timing.

“If we’re going to have guests, you should probably warn me, eh?” Kyrnon put one hand on his hip, the other pointed to his cock. “I’m not even wearing pants.”

Amber is a budding artist that works as a curator in a high-end gallery where she comes into contact with priceless valuables on a daily basis. Amber was well respected despite her young twenty-five years and it was her attention to detail and her professionalism that got her where she was today. When Amber is propositioned to do something that combines all her talents she couldn’t say no, but when said proposition puts her in danger, it is a good job that her path crosses with Kyrnon, because there is no one more equipped to be in her corner.

“You help me sleep…When you’re lying there beside me, I don’t disappear into my head like I usually do. You bring me peace, Amber, so wipe that sadness off your face. I don’t like seeing it.”

My heart broke for Celt when his past was painted in vivid technicolour and goes someway to explaining the man he is today. However, in Amber’s company the true Kyrnon comes to the surface and the tender and romantic scenes between these two were truly panty melting.

“…he kissed her like it was the last time, like he wanted to convey just how he felt if only by using his lips on her own. She felt it down to her bones. But as she watched him walk out that door, she desperately hoped he would be walking back in them.”

In this book, old characters are present and some new ones are introduced and as the web keeps spinning the intrigue in the world surrounding these characters only increases. London Miller does a fantastic job in keeping these characters on their toes and as danger lurks at every turn the true skill set of these individuals is always apparent. I cannot wait to see what comes next from the Den…I’m turning the page now!

Nix (Den of Mercenaries #3) by London Miller
4.5 stars!!!

“She deserves better than all of us.”

Nix is my favourite of this series so far, not only because of the characters but because I gleaned so much information in this book, about the Den, about Uilleam, the history, the love lost and the love gained. This ticked so many boxes and I was in my element as I read this one. The suspense and intrigue was prevalent throughout and I loved that this book did not focus on one job or one enemy, this was about the outfit as a whole and the secrets they held, secrets that could have this house of cards tumbling down in an instant. But there is an unknown player in this game and their anonymity is tenuous at best, what will happen when the true enemy of The Kingmaker is revealed?

“You promised you would never leave…”
“You promised you wouldn’t give me reason to.”

This book starts with Kit “Nix” Runehart and Luna “Calavera” Santiago in marriage counselling and with the aid of some intrusive questions Kit and Luna begin to tell their tale from the very beginning. This was a genius way of explaining the background behind these characters and I loved that London Miller took the time to explain their dynamic and their love/hate for one and other in glorious technicolour. It is thanks to this that these two characters have embedded themselves into my heart, the character connection was on point and the emotion behind their story led to quite a few leakages from my eyes. I felt the torment behind these two and if any two deserve a happy ever after it is them, but the Den and Uilleam will never make that easy…but what did they expect?

“There are rules, even ones that I can’t break. It’s not about the enemy in front of you, it’s the one standing at your back that you can’t see.”

Luna was a captive in a warehouse but it seems her destiny or fate as some may say may not be as random as first thought. Uilleam wants her trained and he puts her in the care of his brother Kit. Kit and Uilleam’s relationship is far from close, Uilleam is the loose cannon and has no scruples whereas Kit is cunning and ruthless but is more methodical, he thinks before he acts…or at least he did before he crossed paths with Luna. Kit was The Facilitator, he was the man they all called upon to find/do the impossible but it seems he has found his achilles heel…Luna.

“…as she stared down at terrified eyes, she couldn’t help but think even gods bled.”

This was a slow burn, a slow build and most importantly a game of trust and I loved that London Miller took the time to tell their story from their first meet, the training, the friendship, the love, the marriage and then the implosion. At the end of Celt I was intrigued into what their past was and was more than grateful for finally getting that understanding, despite how hard at times it was to read.

“There was a dangerous thing about fear and doubts. Sometimes they could be ignored, pushed aside because the worries were unfounded, but other times it only took the smallest bit of information to make those doubts morph into something bigger. Something like suspicion. And very much like realization.”

As with the other books in this story the plot lines continue and the elusive enemy of Uilleam finally shows his cards and this will continue in Calavera’s book. With more players joining this game of chess has the Kingmaker finally found a worthy opponent? The puzzle pieces are finally beginning to make sense, the edges are complete and now I want to frantically complete the middle. Who is brave enough to go up against them? Someone with a death wish for sure. I cannot wait to dive into Calavera so I will bid my farewell, see you on the flip side.

Calavera (Den of Mercenaries #4) by London Miller
4.5 stars!!!

“…to topple an empire…you don’t start with the queen – you start with her pawns.”

London Miller has held me captive for the past one and a half days, four books read and now I am itching to read the next one…only to find out that it isn’t released yet!!! Hot damn!! Skorpion is up next and I cannot wait for his book and to find out who is behind everything that has happened so far. We think we know, but do we?

“Ghosts don’t stay hidden forever – I’ll always find them. And you tell her, or whoever it is you work for that the second I become available, I will make it my mission to flush her out.”

Calavera is the continuance of Kit and Luna’s story but rather than concentrate solely on them as a couple this is a more action packed, plot driven book that centres around the storyline that has been continual since book one and there were some major, major scenes that have left me stunned.

“…showed me what it meant to truly love someone without question…but she also showed me that love makes you weak.”

London Miller certainly bought her A Game with this one. Suspense and intrigue throughout, action packed to the gills and goes somewhat to answering a lot of questions while simultaneously generating a whole lot more. Seriously, this series has been addictive from the very beginning and normally spending this length of time in one world gets incredibly boring, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“Sometimes, you just need a bit of perspective.”

Luna just goes from strength to strength and her total kickassness oozed from every page as she is made to confront a lot of demons as well as try to repair her marriage to Kit. Kit shows his more romantic side in this book as he goes all out to win back the affections (that he never truly lost) of Luna and just the little things mean so, so much.

“I’d give you anything you asked for, but never that.”

Uilleam is really growing on me and I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Yes, our good guys are bad, but they are positively angels compared to the people they are fighting against and you cannot help but have their backs as London Miller makes us the reader navigate through some incredibly dangerous scenarios.

“Protect her – even if you have to protect her from herself.”

Palpitations aplenty, edge of your seat moments and nail biting is an Olympic sport in this book and mine are bit to the quick. I love this authors writing style and connected with it on the first book I read of hers, hence coming back from more. London Miller certainly nails the suspense and intrigue but her character connection is on point and this band of mercenaries have certainly burrowed their way into my heart. It is this connection that led to quite a few tears in this book as London Miller plucks at so many heart strings and most probably not in the way you are thinking.

“Just know that those I deemed responsible will be held accountable.”

Calavera held many surprises, Calavera destroyed my heart, but Calavera has also left me wanting vengeance, while some has already been dished there is still a lot to be dealt and I for one want a front row seat. Bring on Skorpion!!

“Did you miss me?”

About the Author:

With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds where the bad guys are sometimes the good guys. Her debut novel, In the Beginning, is the first in the Volkov Bratva Series.

She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two puppies, where she drinks far too much Sprite, and spends her nights writing.

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