Friday 4 August 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Forbidden Bonds (Immortal Curse #2) by Lexi C Foss

Book Description:

Exile never felt so good. . .

Tom’s a trained sniper, not a babysitter. He kills rogue immortals for a living, but after releasing classified information to a friend, he’s banished to a remote location with the CRF’s most prized asset.

Can two tortured souls find solace and love in one another?

Secrets unfold as Tom forms a forbidden relationship with his new charge. The immortal woman evokes memories and feelings long forgotten, and forces him to question everything he’s ever known.

Sacrifices must be made.

A rash decision sends them both running for their lives as immortal enemies vie for their heads.

Some bonds are meant to be broken. . .

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

As I predicted Book 2 is just as amazing as the first book in this fabulous series. Which is hot, erotic, with plenty of action and real amazing characters.

This book centres on Amelia and Tom. It has its dark moments especially with what Amelia has endured for the last six years. As for Tom, he has finally had the scales fallen from his eyes about his father. A father he now despises.

You are in for a real treat with this page turner. The book grabs you right from the beginning. The story showing torture in the most sickening way. It had my stomach turning. Couldn't believe such evil lived in a person and a doctor at that.

As for Tom, he has slowly realized not is all what it seems and getting to know Amelia has certainly changed his life forever.

The story shows of the building trust for each other and how it will make each other stronger to fight against the evil that threatens them. And also through spending time together, on their own, of their attraction they felt for each other building stronger into new heights.

“A fresh surge of arousal hit her lower belly at the taste of her own pleasure on his tongue. He kissed her hard, leaving his mark on her soul.”

I am really loving this series. Although Ms Foss tells of the next book not being coming out till late next year, which will seem like an eternity. I will still be eagerly waiting for it to be published.

Brilliant writing Ms Foss. Really amazing books.

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