Tuesday 1 August 2017

Release Day Review ~ Links by Lisa Becker

Book Description:

Charlotte Windham, a nerdy high school prodigy who tutored classmates to earn money for college, escapes her geeky past to become a celebrated novelist. During a chance encounter at a Los Angeles restaurant 15 years after high school, she reconnects with her secret crush, Garrett Stephens, the popular star athlete and teen heart breaker. Garrett, still leaving broken hearts in his wake, is now a successful professional golfer who recently suffered a possible career-ending shoulder injury. As he and Charlotte spend time together, developing a friendship based on mutual respect and comfortable companionship, can Charlotte forgive the past and can Garrett reform his lothario ways for a chance at love?

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“If only he would see her as anything but a brain in oversized black frames.”

Lisa Becker is a new to me author and this was definitely a book that called to me because of the synopsis. I have two passions in life, reading…obviously and golf. Give me a book that is about the both of them and I am immediately sold. I also have a passion for geeks…seeing as I was one myself, so this book had a lot going for it even before I had turned the first page. This was a quick, easy read for me that gave me many a laugh, a lot of smiles, a few frowns but most of all that all-encompassing happy feeling at the end, a definite feel good read.

Charlotte Windham was a geek in school, especially when it came to English Literature. Her best friends twin brothers needed all the help they could get, one to get the grade for medical school, and the other to keep his place on the golf team. As a favour to her bestie, Charlotte tutors the both of them, which is extremely hard for her seeing as she has been crushing on one of the twins for a very long time. Charlotte was your stereotypical geek, nerdy clothes, braces and thick-rimmed glasses…damn this could have been me!

Garrett Stephens was your typical all-star athlete, drop dead gorgeous, all the girls flocked to him and he ran through them like a dose of salts, the typical love ‘em and leave ‘em type. Garrett was young and he made the most of his good lucks and “charming” personality. Tutoring was a chore for him and all he could see was glasses when it came to Charlotte. Garrett never saw the person, the girl, the one that made moony eyes at him whenever they were in each other’s company. Garrett broke Charlotte’s heart without even realising it.

“Yeah. You know me. Love the chase; hate the commitment.”

Fast forward fifteen years, Garrett is an extremely successful professional golfer and Charlotte hit pay dirt with her first novel, both successful in their own right. When they have a chance meeting all those feelings come rushing back for Charlotte, shame Garrett doesn’t remember who she is.

“Oh yeah, because there are a host of smart and handsome men lined up around the corner fighting over me.”

“There probably are. You just aren’t willing to walk down the street…”

Charlotte is like the elephant that never forgets, she hasn’t forgotten Garrett and she certainly has forgotten how she didn’t exist as far as he was concerned. Even fifteen years later every relationship she has had has failed, all because they were no match her first and only love, Garrett. Knowing that she couldn’t suffer that rejection and heart break a second time Charlotte steers clear of Garrett. Charlotte didn’t see what everyone else saw when she looked in the mirror, her self-esteem wasn’t great and she was always down-playing herself. Charley need to find her self-confidence.

This was one of the best “chase’s” I have read in quite a while, Garrett goes all out to prove to Charley that he is a changed man. From establishing a friendship to months of pursuit, Lisa Becker regales the reader with a man desperate to catch the only woman that has made him want more. As much as Garrett irked me in the first instance, he was a hormonal teen but the adult Garrett was a man that will have many women swooning. I loved that Charlotte stuck to her guns even though it was emotionally painful for her, but when these two finally let those lines blur I was jumping up and down.

“Yes! Finally!”

As I said above, this was a real feel good read, one that had me smiling from ear to ear and one that left me with the warm and fuzzies. You cannot ask more from a romance. Loved it and I will definitely be checking out other books by this author.

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