Friday 13 October 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Marked for Them (Witches of Rose Lake #1) by Lia Davis

Book Description:

Hiding out in a mental institution isn’t glamorous. I call it surviving.

I’m blissfully unaware of the world outside the walls—and spell—that hides me. Until the ghost shows up with talks about his friends being marked by a demon. Oh, but not just any demon. The same one who has marked me and wants me dead.

My Father.

Fearful daddy dearest would be my next uninvited guess, I make the choice to follow the ghost to his four, very alive friends. To my relief they want my father dead as much as I do. One thing I’m not prepared for is finding out that Zane—the alpha wolf shifter—is my mate, and the demon mark links the five of us—ghost included—together on a deeper level than I thought.

Teaming up and facing the demon stirs up passion and dark secrets none of us are ready to face.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

I have got to say I really enjoyed this book and have already pre-ordered Book 2.

The story flows along at a speed of knots which keeps you turning the pages. It is also sensual and loving.

Our heroine Reese has had a rough deal. Her mother is dead and her father, a demon, plagues her dreams and to top it all he wants her dead as well. To get away from him she has had to go to the extreme of locking herself away in a mental institution for the last two years, hiding behind a spell so that he cannot find her.

But someone found her, a ghost. He tells Reese she is needed by his four friends who also share the demons mark. The same mark that her father marked her with when she was a child. The ghost persuades her to go with him and this is where the story gets really interesting.

Her first encounter was with a very large alpha wolf shifter. Reese is immediately drawn to him. He might be deadly and frightening but…

“Yet, I found him gorgeous, overwhelming, and sexy enough to lick from head to toe.”

And so, she carries on and sees the devastation that her father has done, making Reese all the more determined to destroy her father once and for all. With these new people she is to meet she feels this can be done because she feels the pull of the marks linking them all. Which in turn makes them stronger and also much, much closer to one another especially after finding out that the gorgeous wolf shifter is her mate.

“Our lips brushed together, soft at first. Then he deepened the kiss, moving his mouth over mine. Tingles skittered over my body, and desire churned in my soul and belly.”

I have only one complaint, it has a cliff hanger, cruel, but the story is so good it is worth the wait.

Ms Davis this is a brilliant book and I cannot wait to see how the characters develop and see how they get on with their fight against Daddy Dearest.

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