Monday 29 January 2018

Review ~ Combust (Everyday Heroes #2) by K Bromberg

Book Description:

From New York Times Bestselling author, K. Bromberg, comes the second standalone book in the Everyday Heroes series. Just how hot will firefighter Grady Malone turn up the heat?

Songwriter Dylan McCoy has been burned.

By her boyfriend she found in her bed . . . with someone else. 

By the contract she signed that obligates her to work with him until the songs for his new album are complete.

By her agent when she asked Dylan to keep their breakup on the down-low.

When she finds herself in Sunnyville, she refuses to let her new roommate burn her too. Still . . . a rebound has never looked so good.

That’s her first thought when she sees firefighter Grady Malone. 
Sexy. Charismatic. Unapologetic. He’s a man who carries his own scars—the ones on his back, the survivor’s guilt on his soul, and the fear in his heart.

When an unexpected visitor puts their roommate status to the test, will their undeniable attraction burn out, or will they both take a chance and play with fire?

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“I used to work out because it was the way to feed my ego. Now I work out to save my soul.”

OMG!! K Bromberg hasn’t hit me that hard in a while and as I sit here, typing this review, with tears still streaming down my face, I can only sit back and think, shit, that was an amazing book. This was one of those reads that I could not put down, from first to last page this book had me hooked, I couldn’t find enough gaps in the day to read even just a few more pages and when a book has you feeling like that, you know it is a winner.

K Bromberg’s inherent talent for emotional, contemporary romance is prevalent throughout Combust, both with her characters and their story. The character connection was on point, the plot genuine and flowed naturally and the dialogue and banter was absolute perfection. Both characters in their own right had their issues, both on the outside and the inside, but it was learning to love yourself that was the hidden meaning behind these words. How you see yourself, is not necessarily how others do, sometimes you just need to look through a different lens.

“We all have scars. Some are visible, some aren’t. In the end, they represent the fact that you’re stronger now than whatever tried to hurt you.”

We first met the Malone brothers in Cuffed and now it is the turn of our firefighter, Grady, to burn up the pages and this man is seriously scorching. Grady is a man that has the weight of the world on his shoulders, most unwarranted, but ever present none the less. Grady is a man that took pride in his appearance, is drop dead gorgeous, ripped and has one huge heart. However, after a job that went wrong, he is left with a back marred with scars and while those scars you can see, it the ones that you can’t that haunt him the most.

“There was no two-in, two-out.”

Dylan McCoy, is a stunningly beautiful, curvy woman, but to her, all she sees is fat and cellulite. Dylan is a songwriter and having written for and then embarked on a relationship with one well known artist, being thrust into the spotlight did her self esteem no favours. Between the media and jealous bitches, her confidence is at an all time low, even though she is beautiful and extremely talented.

“That brush of his lips tells me Grady Malone may be as devastating to my heart as Jett, only in a completely different way.”

Having been cheated on, Dylan is in need of solace and quiet to fulfil her end of the contract, writing more songs for her ex. When she arrives in Sunnyville to be a guest of her brother’s friend, Grady, she finds herself thrust from the frying pan, into the fire.

“Tell me you want this. I need to hear you say it before we continue because once we start, we won’t be stopping for consent.”

Oooo, I do love a slow burn and K Bromberg does an amazing job capturing all those little telling glances and glimpses as these two navigate being in each other’s company. Neither is on the look out for love or a relationship, but sometimes the heart wants who the heart wants and that is the end of it.

This book was full of heart, passion, emotion and substance and I adored every single word. These two were a couple I didn’t want to leave behind and only wanted more from. With one more Malone brother to be heard from I cannot wait to see where these two end up and catching up with the secondary characters was extremely welcome. Once again, K Bromberg has written a winner.

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