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Blog Tour, Review & Excerpt ~ Survival of the Richest (Survival of the Richest #1) by Skye Warren


Survival of the Richest, an all-new emotional and romantic standalone from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren, is available NOW!


Book Description:

A Park Avenue princess...

My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan's harbor. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy, the son of my mother's latest husband. Instead he protects me with fierce determination when I need him most.

This tale begins with a fall, but it doesn't end there.

Because another man wants me.

Sutton wants to consume me with a passion more feral than kind. In the lush emotional wilderness I'm not sure I want Christopher to save me this time...

Or if there will be anything left if he tries.

SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST is a book about finding your soul's desire, even if the search leads you places you never expect. A woman torn between two men. An impossible choice. And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield--the heart.


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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Only a certain amount of denial feels good. The rest just fucking hurts.”

Survival of the Richest is Skye Warren at her best and this book was unputdownable from start to finish. This was a book I went into blind to be honest, I loved the cover, had loved her Endgame/Masterpiece series and didn’t even realise that this was a spin off. I was pleasantly surprised. From first to last page Skye Warren had me gripped, I feasted on this book, couldn’t read it quick enough and while the ending was in a good albeit nail-biting place, I was left salivating for more. I didn’t realise it was a duet and then was pleased to learn that the next book, The Evolution of Man comes out on 28th August, not too long to wait.

“It would have been impossible to choose between these two men, but sometimes love doesn’t give you a choice. The heart has its own balance sheet. It makes its own calculations. I’m the last person to find out what it decides.”

Skye Warren is an evocative story teller and throughout this book she pulls you in hook, line and sinker. Cleverly crafted prose drags you into Harper’s story as our heroine battles her own family and then her feelings for the two men that find themselves in her life. One that has been there for her for quite a while and one new one, the existing’s business partner. But, it is not cut and dried, no sir, and we have Harper’s dad and Skye Warren’s evil mind to thank for that.

“Both men and money have a way of disappearing when you need them most. It’s something I learned early, but clearly I needed to learn it again… Neither of them were anything I could trust.”

There is definitely going to be #teamChristopher and #teamSutton bands on social media, that is what happens when an author kills you with two very different, yet extremely lovable men. One that has this façade to protect himself and his responsibilities and the other that wears his heart on his sleeve. The problem with façades though is that they are extremely easy to see through, and yes Christopher I see you very clearly!!

“It was more than a kiss, more than a claiming. He changed the molecules that form me, made me crave him.”

Skye Warren throws every single emotion at this book, just when you think you know what is going to happen, whoosh the rug is pulled from under you and it is this toying with your emotions that really hammers home all those feelings that I crave. My heart was all over the place reading this one and I never knew if I was coming or going, #teamChristopher though for me. I adore Sutton, I truly do, but #Chrisarper are meant to be, at least to me.

Harper is a young woman caught in a catch-22 situation. She has that artistic soul that bleeds her emotions and she is caught between both her parents after their acrimonious divorce. Her parents truly hate each other and she is the innocent caught in the middle. With both parents seemingly getting re-married annually, she is caught between a harem of step-mums and dads, but the one thing that never wavers, despite everything is the love she has for her parents. I would love to know what actually happened between them for it to get this bad, and I’m hoping that Skye Warren garners us with that little titbit in the next book.

“It’s a testament to female power that she was able to create a shadow of her own beside two men of incredible ambition and renown.”

Christopher is an enigma, he hides his heart, emotions and his soul, but every now and then we are treated to a little chink in his armour. He is quiet and stoic and yet when these two came into each other’s lives they just fit, they connected and that connection is going to be hard to break even though Christopher seems to be doing his damnedest to do it.

Sutton is the player, the Southern gentleman that is knocked off his feet when this feisty little artist comes a knocking to have it out with his partner, Christopher. He has the gift of the gab and the actions to back it up, but in my opinion, our quiet Christopher knocks him down every, single, time.

The chemistry is spot on, the dialogue was fantastic, the heat in the sheets was perfection and the emotion poured into it…FIRST CLASS. Damn, this book killed me and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Roll on August, I need The Evolution of Man in my life!!


My body heats at the words, at the remembered pleasure of Sutton’s mouth on my sex. Christopher looks down at me, as if he can feel the heat emanating from between my legs. His expression turns stark, as if he’s in pain. That’s only fair, because I’m in pain too. “You deserve better than that,” Christopher says, but there’s no way to pretend he’s talking about Sutton. He’s talking about himself and we both know it. “He gives me what I want, which is something you might try next time you like a girl.” “It wasn’t that,” he says, harsh again. “No?” I step forward and place a hand on his chest, feeling the way his heart beats strong and fast. He may want to be unaffected by me, but he isn’t. I tilt my face up toward him.“You didn’t imagine me naked in the cabin later?” He sucks in a breath.“You were too young then.” My words come out as a whisper.“What about now? Will you do what Sutton said—imagine me in this dress when you go home after this?” “It’s not fucking decent,” he says, even though the silk covers every part of me. It’s a perfectly respectable dress, when it’s not hitched up around my waist. “You can thank Sutton for this,” I say, because it’s true. He’s the only reason I lean forward and place my lips against Christopher’s, touching them in some terrible attempt to show him what he gave up, to prove to myself that I don’t care about either of them. Christopher sucks in a breath. For a second I think he’s going to pull away. He stiffens and grasps my hair with his fist. Easy enough for him to stop the kiss. Instead he dips my head back and deepens it, exploring my mouth with his teeth, his tongue. Opening me wider until I whimper. Pulling me close until I can feel how hard he is beneath his slacks. His other hand fists in the gauze of my dress, and I realize he’s holding me with both hands clenched—one in my hair and one in my clothes. I don’t know whether he’s doing it so he doesn’t have to touch me or because it’s a way to control me without bruising me. He uses both hands to tug me closer; I’m pressed so tightly I can’t imagine getting away. Where Sutton had been raw sensuality and playfulness, Christopher is pure determination. He kisses me like he’s a conquering army, like I’m made of gold he has to grasp—or lose forever. 

About the Author: 


Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance such as the Endgame trilogy. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

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