Wednesday 18 July 2018

Review ~ I Fall Apart: A Love Story Written in Verse by Kenzie Hart

A love story written in verse.
Length: 32,000 words
Genre: Young adult romance
Release date: Tuesday, July 17th

Book Description:

Looks speak louder than words.
And after seeing you look at me that night,
The night we first met,
The night that changed my life, 
I should have known.
I should have known then,
That you would love me like no one else had
Like no one else could.
I should have known then that the kiss we shared would shift everything. 
I should have recognized that look in your eye.

And I should have known that you would destroy me.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“Love can set you free, if you let it,”

I read this book,
I loved this book.
Unique in its delivery
Yet no less powerful.
Beautifully composed,
With honesty and passion.
One of a kind,
Unputdownable read.

A love story,
Written in verse.

“And the moment that your body finally connects with mine,
Everything that was holding me together falls apart
And I lose all control
I lose everything to you.”

A story of love,
A summer romance…not.
A love so powerful it can

“You love so deeply
It’s your biggest strength
And deepest weakness
Because it can destroy you
Love can destroy you
And I just hope you don’t get scared
Because if you do
You’ll destroy me too.”

No names,
Just visceral emotions.
Painfully, painfully honest.

Love hurts,
Love is kind.
Love is passion.
Love is all-encompassing.
Love is the best feeling in the world,
Until it isn’t.

“We’re doomed to this endless pain
And that is our fate
And since you’ve accepted it
Then so should I
Because if you’ve given up on me
Why shouldn’t I give up on myself too?”

I’ve never read
Anything like this.
It took some getting used to.
But the emotions,
They bled.
You feel.
You hurt.
You hope.
Love conquers all.

I love poetry
This ticked my boxes.
So different.
Yet powerful.
So few words
Yet so full of meaning.
This won.
This slayed.
This was perfect.

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