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Review ~ A Beautiful Kind of Love (Choices #1) by Ellie Wade

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“Unfortunately, regret is one persistent bitch.”

First thoughts on this book was, what a beautiful cover, yes it was one of those reads where I one-clicked because the cover caught my eye in the first instance and then I read the blurb and thought, this sounds like my kind of book. But as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover and that is so true when it comes to reading this. The cover says beautiful, pretty, hearts and flowers love story, but inside…we have angst, lots and lots of angst, we have a beautiful friends to lover’s story, we have a book that made me angry, extremely bloody angry, but I was taken on one amazing journey and I whole heartedly loved this book. It ticked my boxes and now I am anxiously awaiting the next one.

This is one of those books where you cannot say too much without giving too much away, so I am going to have the brief. For me this book was all about the connection, not only the reader connection with the characters but also the connection between Jax and Lil themselves. These two were born a month apart to mothers that were best friends. These two spent every waking moment together and built a friendship bond that was so strong it was unbreakable. It was the friendship that we all wanted, that person who was your person. No matter the time or place you knew they would always be there for you and these two were just like that. Each other came first and foremost, they had each others back, and they truly were soul mates.

“…loving Jax has never been a choice, but it’s always been a privilege.”

Whenever you have a friendship such as this where we have one male and one female you always have the inkling that as they get older and hormones get involved that those lines of friendship are going to get blurry and I take my hat off to these two because they lasted a long time as “friends.” It was only a matter of time though before Jax and Lil saw what everyone else did and when those lines do start to blur, was when I started to panic, I knew the angst would begin. These two were so perfectly suited to each other, they were fantastic together, and I loved them so much. I was championing them from the start and even though I could see the peaks and troughs coming I whole heartedly thought that these two would be strong enough to get through anything.

“our entire life has been perfect. We have had eighteen years of foreplay. I don’t need candles or flowers. I need you. Take me to bed and make me yours in the only way that I’m not.”

Long distance relationships are hard at the best of times but these two communicated daily, they were always at the end of the phone but when Lil decides she wants the college experience too and moves away, this is where we get more troughs than peaks and I read on with my heart in my mouth, my nerves frayed, my nails bitten and with fear and trepidation.

“I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope toward my destiny, and if I slip or make one wrong move, I will fall, and I’ll never reach my fated destination. Since I believe that Jax is waiting for me at the end of that tightrope, the risks of falling aren’t ones I’m willing to take…”

This is one tough ride and kudos to Ellie Wade because I was hooked; I could not put this book down. At times I was infuriated and so damn angry but that is testament to this authors writing because she evoked every single emotion out of me during this read. I liked, I loved, I laughed, I cried, tears of sadness, tears of laughter and tears of sheer frustration and anger but I knew that I had been on one incredible journey.

“You see, every action has a reaction, and that reaction has another, and so on and on. Therefore, once that action is put out into the universe, we have no control over the infinite amount of reactions that might occur, forever changing the future.”

With any relationships, mistakes will be made, but when you have a love like this you always hope that the good will outweigh the bad and somehow things will all be ok at the end. This book did rip my heart out in all the best ways, the tears flowed, the tissues were abundant and I now I am anxiously awaiting the next book. Imagine my pleasure when I saw it was due for release this week. It has been put back a week so now I have a few days to wait…just a few more long days…did I say long…I need to know what happens!!

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Birthday Presents ~ Happy Birthday Staci Hart & Giveaway

Today is Staci Hart's birthday and with our new Birthday feature comes gifts and reviews. Donna came across Staci Hart by pure accident as one does, but it was these covers that Donna died for and made her download that first book. This was a serial read and it was highly addictive, full of suspense, romance and Parkour all rolled into one fantastic read.
To win the Hardcore series for kindle all you have to do is post on Staci Hart's page saying Happy Birthday and mention The Romance Cover. Staci's page:
Our Review:
Hardcore Series by Staci Hart
Hardcore Volume 1 ~ 4.5 stars
Hardcore Volume 2 ~ 4 stars
Hardcore Volume 3 ~ 4 stars

“Don’t run from me. Run with me.”

From the moment I started reading Volume 1 I fell in love with this series and once you start reading you really begin to understand just how damn perfect the covers are. I have never come across a book about Parkour or base running as it is known and the way the author describes the activity was absolutely breath taking. I felt the thrill of the run and with the added vivid descriptions and imagery your heart couldn’t help but thump, thump, thump.

By day Cory is a bike messenger, but this is more as a smoke screen because by night she is part of a team of thieves who target electrical stores. These thieves are like no other, they have their MO down a pat and by using Parkour as a means of escape are virtually undetectable and cannot be followed.

Cory was a beautiful character inside and out despite her nocturnal activities. Cory had been running all her life, never feeling loved or fitting in at home, just merely surviving until she was old enough to get out. She always felt like a mistake and her parents made sure she knew it. Cory had nothing to live for until her sister was born and then she became everything. Determined not to let her sister live the life that she had Cory does what she does so that her sister can have the life she didn’t. Cory pays for everything for her sister including her education, hence the activities that she currently finds herself doing.

“What are you running from? My answer: Everything.”

One night while running from their latest heist the crew are all being chased by another gang of Parkours, Cory is really good but the guy on her tail is even better. He eventually runs her down thoroughly impressed by how far and for how long she managed to evade him. With the adrenaline running high these two have one hell of a “on top of a building scene,” seriously hot!! But one time will never be enough and once their paths cross again, neither will be able to look back.

“His body was a silhouette against the lights of the buildings that stretched up around us. He was a god or a superhero, something out of a myth or legend, too good to be true. Too good to be mine.”

Van Collins is a professional photographer and has used his love of Parkour to get some out of this world shots that have elevated him to super stardom, insanely rich, he cannot believe that he has found the perfect woman. Someone that gets him, someone that loves Parkour as much as he does, someone that is just as good at it too and someone that he shares some intense chemistry with.

Knowing the company that Cory keeps you know that the fact he is insanely rich is going to cause problems and when Cory is blackmailed to betray him, huge choices and sacrifices are made.

“You don’t know anything, Van. If you did, you’d never want me. That’s the honest truth.”

I loved the plot of this story, all the characters had their place and reason for being and all played a massive part in this tale. As I said above the way the Parkour is described has you salivating and if I wasn’t my age or build it is something I wouldn’t mind trying…well actually being afraid of heights probably not, but if I didn’t have a fear of heights this is something I would definitely want to do. Seeing a city from a totally different angle than anyone else, the peace and quiet, the burn of the chase, the adrenaline rush all these factors so vividly described that I lived this series.

The romance side between Cory and Van had me swooning, neither character had really opened themselves up to love before and you could really feel their chemistry. From that first scene, you knew what they shared was powerful and I couldn’t help but champion these two along. Just a note Cory was bi before she met Van and there is one small F/F scene in the first book.

“…how I feel about you, how you feel about yourself. I wanted you to fill that space on my wall. In my heart. In my life.”

You certainly find out who your friends are the hard way and this is no different for Cory, I loved the way that the good ones stuck together and helped each other out when times got bad. This is a book about friendships and family, betrayal, forgiveness, second chances and living life to the max. This book is also about love, how when you find “the one” you know and will do anything and everything to make it happen even if your heart rules over your head.

“You’re good, Cory. Even when you’re bad.”

This was my first Staci Hart read and it certainly won’t be last. Cannot wait to read what else this author has written. If this serial is anything to go by, I am in for a treat.

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Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Wickedest Witch by Eve Langlais

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

This is one very sexy, erotic book. Where two very strong headed people get thrown together after a disastrous first meet in the local bar. Although, it did not stop either of them from noticing each other and feeling quite lustful, yay!

The first in this unlikely twosome is Evangeline, who is the granddaughter to the very famous Rasputin, and who carries the family name with pride, and who lives up to it to the full. If ever anyone crosses Evangeline, watch out, because she didn't earn the name, the wickedest witch for nothing, her anger is formidable and the magic starts flying with disastrous results for the other person.

The other person is Ryker, a cat shifter, whose reputation goes before him as one who could certainly look after himself. With a very muscular body and rugged good looks he was a sight for sore eyes, but these two had one thing in common, they both worked using threats and intimidation, a match made in heaven, so some would say.

Evangeline owned her own business called Wicked Incorporated, and she took all sorts of jobs which was how, when talking to her latest employer, she was very surprised when in walked Ryker, the overbearing man from the night before, and even more amazed when her employer told her they were to work together on this latest job. And when they came face to face it was instant lust.

This story tells you about the growing erotic attraction between these two. With the dreams they were getting at night and the very hot chemistry during the day that these two shared when in each other’s company it makes their working together quite explosive.

Ryker was given a very big surprise soon after meeting Evangeline which made him all the more determined to get his little witch, and Evangeline, although she wouldn't admit it she was very attracted to Ryker even though she was for ever throwing insults at him.

“Mother would have a kitten if she found out I was dating a shifter. Then again, I don't really want to date him, just have wild, raunchy sex with him.”

This was going to be one annoying, frustrating but oh so hot arrangement working together. Needless to say the relationship that these two had was very hot and it does have its funny moments, but when they did get together they really got together.

“That's it, little witch. Take it. Take all of me." And she did, thrusting back against, inviting him to go deeper, harder. Holy fuck, it was heaven.”

And then it happened


This is a roller coaster ride of a story, with outside influences trying to make things difficult for these two. It is a very enjoyable read and have the ice ready to cool you down when reading it. Great work Ms Langlais.

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Release Day Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Afraid to Fly (Fearless, #2) by SL Jennings

Book Description:
I’d like to tell you that I’m ok.

That the meaningless sex with countless women has somehow numbed the pain. That it’s deciphered the constant confusion in my head. Eased the self-hatred that sinks into my gut every time I look in the mirror.

I’d like to tell you that time heals all wounds.

That we evolve and grow into well-adjusted, stable adults, set on a path to right the world’s wrongs. That we are not our past…we are not our pain.

I want to tell you all those things. Hell, I want to believe all those things. But I’d be lying. I’m good at that. Living a lie is the only way I truly know how to survive.

But the day I saw her, I stopped surviving. I stopped existing. And for the first time in 24 years, I started living.

She brought me back to life. Set me free and sent my soul soaring. Made this useless shell of a man feel like…something. Something whole and real and good.

She saved me.

Although she believes I wasn’t even worth saving.

This story chronicles the journey of Dominic Trevino, a character from Fear of Falling. However, it can be read as a standalone.
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 afarid to fly rd 1.jpg
I approached her slowly, letting my eyes take in her soft, feminine curves. That’s what I loved the most about women—their softness, their delicateness. It made them appear breakable, just like me. And it made me appreciate that vulnerability, in hopes that someone could—and would—one day, appreciate mine.

That’s why even though I never offered more than a few hours of toe-curling pleasure, I assured each second was spent tending to their sexual desires and making them feel treasured. Just because I was a whore, it didn’t make me callous or uncaring. If anything, it made me more aware of my humanity.

I pushed it all away, trading my own hang-ups and idiosyncrasies for the mental numbness that sex could provide and did what I do best: Fuck. I was good at this part—touching, kissing, licking. And when we were both ready—too ravenous with desire to consider my aversions—I drove into her slowly, all the way to the hilt. Until her body completely covered mine and soothed the ache of loneliness with wet warmth. This was the feeling I had been chasing since I was just a child, barely a man. That sweet oblivion that only mindless sex could provide. I was made whole by emptying myself into another, and for the barest of moments, I became separate from my pain and anger. I became the type of man that could look himself in the mirror and not see the horror of his past standing behind him, its razor sharp claws cutting into the skin of his shoulders while it smiled in that sinister way that still made my skin crawl.

I had seen that malevolence in my dreams every day since as long as I could remember. Sometimes it was in the form of a smile, a laugh. Sometimes it wore the face of ecstasy and passion. But it was always terrifying.

I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling long after Alyssa had passed out in blissful exhaustion. She came twice, once by my tongue, the other with her ankles on my shoulders. She was a screamer, and I kept wondering if Angel would bust in here, wondering if I was fucking or killing the girl. Then, if Alyssa was up for it, she’d join, like she had just this past weekend with Cherri. It wasn’t that we wanted each other in that way—oh hell no. We were just better…together. It made it even easier to get out of our heads and lost in the movement of our bodies.

It was co-dependent like a motherfucker. And unhealthy. And unconventional. But it was all we knew.
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About the Author:
S.L. Jennings is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.

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