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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review ~ Say You'll Stay (Return to Me #1) by Corinne Michaels

Say You’ll Stay
Author: Corinne Michaels
Release Date: June 20, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:

One word. 


It was all he had to do. Instead, he got on that bus and took my heart with him. 

That was seventeen years ago. 

I moved on. Marriage. Kids. White picket fence. Everything I ever wanted, but my husband betrayed me and I was left once again. 

Alone, penniless, and with two boys, I had no choice but to return to Tennessee. He wasn’t supposed to be there. I should’ve been safe. However, fate has a way of stepping in. 

This time around, the tables are turned. It’s my decision. Second chances do exist, but I don’t know if we can repair what’s already been broken . . . 

** This book is a STANDALONE ** 

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“…life is a gamble. You played your cards and lost. Doesn’t make you a loser. Means you need to find a new dealer.”

I am a sucker for second chance romance, it is one of my favourite tropes. There are always those instances of reminiscing of the one that got away, but what happens when you get a second chance? Sometimes the past is too painful and there is no hope of going back, but sometimes, those old feelings come back and you cannot help but fall head over heels all over again, especially when “the one” was your first love.

“How can two people remember the same thing so differently?”

Corinne Michaels is known for her emotional, angsty, romantic reads but never before have I been hit with such an emotional impact as the first part of this book. Corinne Michaels takes no prisoners with her introduction to her characters and I cried a river in the beginning. So much so, I had to take a breather. I found myself thinking, well if this is the start…what the hell have I got coming? Needless to say though, it is not like that throughout the book, but such was the intensity of the beginning, it really gave you a feel for our heroine’s story and situation. My heart went out to her and her boys.

Presley had her perfect life in the city, a business she loved, a husband she loved and two wonderful twin boys. One day she comes home from work and her life is destroyed. Everything she thought she knew was a lie, now alone, penniless and desperate, Presley is forced to go back home, to the ranch in Tennessee where she was brought up by her parents and her brother. A ranch that she never thought she would return to, much less live on and a place that had many great memories, but one god awful one and his name was Zachary Hennington.

“We were so stupid to think we could have it all and it would cost us nothing. Life doesn’t care if you’re in love, there’s always a price for happiness, we were just unwilling to pay.”

Presley and Zachary were in the “IT” couple in school, everyone wanted to be them and were jealous of the intense love that they had found with each other at such a young age. They were the forever couple, the whole town thought they would be together till death us do part, until they weren’t. Now, years later, with a marriage and kids under her belt Presley is in no emotional state to be reminded of what she lost, but Zach is back too and it was only a matter of time before their paths crossed once again.

“He breaks me apart. He puts me together. He’s my poison and my antidote…for the first time since…I feel safe. And that’s not a good thing to feel in Zach’s arms.”

Presley and Zachary’s love was never in doubt, their relationship failed because life, circumstances and situations took their lives in different directions even though the ultimate destination was their grand prize. These two were young and na├»ve to an extent and made choices that they would later come to regret but by that time their new paths had been laid. As with any relationship there are misunderstandings and miscommunications but nothing too dramatic, but will they give the other the chance to explain?

This was more than a second chance romance, this was a test of strength, resilience and determination for Presley, this was a new start, with new foundations and she had to find the strength to build once again. Presley’s character is tested throughout but she is surrounded by people that love her and are determined to keep her head above water and most of all, living.

“…I don’t think we’re doing anything too fast. I think we’re just finding our way back to where we always were meant to be.”

I loved the relationships on the ranch and with the Hennington’s, yes there are more than one Hennington and Wyatt, Zach’s brother was a hoot and totally adorable and I cannot wait for his book, but I digress… This was a small town, everyone knew everyone and of course everyone’s business, but they looked out for their own. The relationship that Zach grew with Presley’s boys was heart-warming and would make even the toughest, coldest hearts melt. The way the boys were taken under everyone’s wings gave a true sense of family values and friendships.

“Face it, Pres. I’m the yin to your yang.” ~ Wyatt
“You’re the shit on my shoes.” ~ Presley
“I’m the bread to your butter,” ~ Wyatt
“You’re the pain in my ass.” ~ Presley

Yes, this book was emotional, yes it was a little angsty, yes I cried a river quite a few times but most of all I felt love and happiness throughout. I never doubted these two as a couple, I was itching for them to unveil all their skeletons and move past their past, it takes time, it takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of trust but they get there. Corinne Michael’s really delivered on all those emotions that I crave and her character connection was on point. She delivered Zach and Presley’s story with poignancy and passion. Their love was palpable and radiated through the pages and I couldn’t help but frantically read to get to the conclusion I was so desperate for. The growth in Corinne Michaels writing is prevalent throughout and with each story she hones her craft. This was an unputdownable read for me and now I am anxiously awaiting Wyatt’s story, it cannot come soon enough.

“You and me, Presley. You and me. I’ll give you the world.”


“Hey.” Zach peers at me as I shake off my thoughts. “I figured you’d be asleep.” He climbs the steps slowly as I get to my feet.
“I figured you’d be gone.”
I walk toward him, unsure of why he’s here. “I left for a bit, but wanted to come check on you.”
He snickers. “I couldn’t sleep.”
“Me either.” He’s close enough that I can smell his cologne. Even after a long night, being in the woods, he smells like home.
I take another step.
Then another.
I’m so close I have to tilt my head to look into his eyes.
I breathe him in, feel his heat, and I can’t stop myself. I want him. I need him. I grip his neck and yank his mouth to mine. I kiss him. I kiss him and give in to everything I’ve been feeling. He doesn’t waste a second. His arms wrap around me, holding my body against his. My fingers grip his neck, keeping him exactly where I need him. This kiss is frantic, but God it feels good.

 About the Author:

Corinne Michaels is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Salvation Series (Beloved, Beholden, Consolation, Conviction & Defenseless). She's an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.

Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn't ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha heroes are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway ~ Where the Sun Hides (Seasons of Betrayal #1) by Bethany-Kris and London Miller

Where the Sun Hides
by Bethany-Kris & London Miller
Seasons of Betrayal, #1
Publication Date: June 6, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Organized Crime

Book Description:

In places where the sun can hide, the darkest betrayals are made.

Violet Gallucci and Kazimir Markovic have grown up in the same city, but on opposite sides of the game they call life—Violet, an Italian principessa della mafia, and Kaz, a Russian Bratva heir. Lines have been drawn, and they know not to cross them.

Their paths crossed once, a long time ago, but when they meet again, the territory and rules set out by their families that have kept them separated seem to bleed away.

She’s more than her last name …

He’s more than a Russian …

But secrets from the past—and the people determined to keep them hidden—have other plans for Violet and Kaz.

Rival families.

One city.

Star-crossed lovers.

They should be enemies.

It could mean war.

This is just the beginning …

From authors Bethany-Kris (The Chicago War) and London Miller (Volkov Bratva) comes a thrilling, sexy new series—Seasons of Betrayal. Where the Russians and Italians clash in culture, mafia … and love.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“You should have kept those curtains closed, Kazimir.”

This is the story of two kids who met in a graveyard while their fathers shook on a treaty that would change the mafia world for the better, a deal between the Italian and Russian mob, a deal that would stop the war but would draw firm lines in the land. These two innocent kids were pawns, but together, for that brief moment in time they found friendship and it seems that short friendship is one that neither would forget.

Now as adults, their paths cross once again. Their families are bitter enemies, but for Kaz and Violet their heart beats for the other, but if found out…will their hearts beat at all?

“Once is a hook-up, but twice makes a lover.”

I love a good mafia romance, there is something about those alpha men who shoot straight from the hip that has me intrigued from the get go. I picture old black and white films, where Chicago was the hive of the Mafioso and the cops were in their pockets. Now, the mafia has evolved but the loyalties remain the same…family is family.

“Sacrifice…is at the heart of repentance. Without deeds, your apology is worthless.”

This was a forbidden romance with deadly implications, their worlds were polar opposites yet the heart wants who the heart wants and these two wanted each other. Violet and Kaz’s relationship was extremely dangerous, secretive, intense, passionate and fiery hot. The authors really delivered on that character connection and bringing to life the intense roller coaster of emotions that these two go through and that was ultimately passed on to me, the reader. I felt that hesitation and reticence, I felt anxiety for fear of them being caught, I had my heart in my mouth but most of all, I felt the passion and love between them. Both these two take such huge risks to be together, they know the consequences, yet that pull to one another was so strong, neither could resist. I wanted them to succeed, yet deep down I knew that was an impossibility.

“He might not have been able to claim her out there, but in his bedroom, where it was just the two of them, he made his ownership clear.”

Violet was the daughter of the Italian mob boss, Kaz the son of the Russian. Her life was restricted and she felt as if her wings had been clipped. She took one chance, one night out to a place where she knew she shouldn’t go but for her, this one night of freedom was worth the risk, she lived that one night, until it all went wrong. But that night bought Kaz back into her life, she should feel panic, but all she felt was calm, a connection. He wasn’t what her dad had led her to believe, the total opposite in fact. He was a man, whose heart beat the same as anyone else’s, he had feelings, he had emotions and while he kept them guarded, with Violet they just tumbled out. She weakened him emotionally and he liked it, in fact he loved it. That building chemistry, that tantalising feeling of the forbidden, heightened senses, heightened awareness, but a breathtakingly beautiful relationship that slowly unfolded through the pages. I adored these two.

“…it was too late. And even if she didn’t get to keep it – keep him – she knew now…Kaz was that one person. For her, he was that one soul meant for hers. And she wasn’t allowed to have him.”

This is the first book in a series and really sets the pace and dynamic for these two as a couple. The history between the families, their methods of retribution and the palpable fear on the pages all lead to an unputdownable read that had me engrossed from start to finish. I cannot wait for the next book, I desperately need it, such was the impact that Kaz and Violet left on me. What a start to what I see as being one fantastic series.


About the Authors:


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds where the bad guys are sometimes the good guys. Her debut novel, In the Beginning, is the first in the Volkov Bratva Series. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two puppies, where she drinks far too much Sprite, and spends her nights writing.


Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ My Guardian (Bewitched & Bewildered #6) by Alanea Alder

Book Description:

The next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin. 

Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth’s uncle and council elder, Magnus Rioux to the vampire’s pillar city of Noctem Falls. Meryn in a city of vampires, what could go wrong? Aiden and Gavriel are about to find out. 

Eva Mae Miller has been around for a long time. But never in all of her centuries has she ever had to turn to vampires for sanctuary. But when whole paranormal families begin disappearing in her quiet Texas suburb, Eva knows that it’s time to set her pride aside and join the other refugees heading to Noctem Falls for protection. 

Adriel Aristaios doesn’t know what to make of the small human his commander is mated to. Bethy assures him that Meryn is sane, but he’s not so sure. Magnus must be out of his mind bringing a pregnant human and precious Bethy back to the City of the Night, just as things are about to get ugly. To complicate matters he’s pretty sure the sassy, blonde shifter who has just arrived is his mate. How can he possibly do his duty and protect their Prince, when he has not only his commander’s mate and little Bethy to guard, but also the woman who has stolen his heart. 

When racial tensions threaten to boil over and sink the city in chaos, Adriel surprisingly finds himself relying on wacky little Meryn and his mate to help keep things from turning violent. But as more information comes to light, it’s clear that someone is out to destroy his city. The question is will they find them in time?

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 stars

This series never disappoints. Yet again this book has a really great story with a menace building up and affecting all the people that surrounds the Vampire City of Noctem Falls.

Not being able to look away the Prince, Magnus Rioux, Elder and leader of Noctem Falls, opens up the city doors and encourages the refugees to come in for their own safety but not all are happy with his decision.

Magnus reaches out to his niece Bethy who lives in Ambrosios to come to their aid, knowing that they had knowledge about this enemy and had fought against this menace that is surrounding his city and taking the people away from their homes. With no delay Bethy comes with her vampire mate Gavriel and the Commander of all the units, Aiden McKenzie, a bear shifter and his human mate Meryn.

The indubitable Meryn cannot help but liven things up in the rigidly controlled vampire city giving the book lots of humour that gets you laughing as you picture this little human woman bossing around the paranormal giants that surround her. You have got to love her, but she does also have a serious side that is amazing and with her adopted sister Bethy by her side diplomatically settling any ruffled feathers that Meryn can cause keeps her out of trouble most of the time.

But the nub of this whole series is the spell that the Elder Matriarchs had casted to bring the future mates to the warriors in the units so they wouldn't be alone and in this book. Adriel the vampire leader in one of the units who are stationed in Noctem Falls and his meeting with his mate Eva, whom he had been dreaming about for months but which had nightmarish qualities to it as it showed her death which was something Adriel vowed would never happen to her.

With all the uncertainty and disappearances of the local communities, people start arriving at the vampire city and Adriel’s unit was there to oversee the influx of people coming through the doors and it was while doing this that Adriel spots her.

Adriel makes his way over to her, this tall warrior of a woman who in one look he knew to be his mate standing before him and couldn't help but introduce himself and telling her of their bond. Eva looked into his eyes and knew he told her the truth because she felt the same and told him so and being a forthright woman told Adriel exactly how she felt and how they should explore their feelings more which were getting stronger the more they were in each other’s company and the sexual vibe that was thrumming between them.

Adriel needed no more telling and quickly took her to his house and Eva was introduced to her new home and environment to what will be her future home. Eva persuades her somewhat staid mate to join her on the bed and the heat slowly rises between them making Eva press Adriel to make love to her and he couldn't resist.

“The pounding of his body into hers, the feeling of his fangs deep in her neck, and the warmth of his soul next to hers proved to be too much. This time she screamed, he pulled back and roared his release along with her.”

The story hots up with heart breaking occurrences and with certain vampires not happy with the refugees in the city only livens the story up especially with Meryn being in the thick of things. You really have to laugh whenever she is around.

All round this is a very enjoyable book with mayhem, love and laughter to keep you turning the pages. It is worth every one of the five stars that I have given it.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review ~ Broken Love (Love #2) by Jillian Dodd

Cade & Palmer’s story is FINALLY here! 

Book Description:

After years of crushing and many failed seduction attempts, Palmer Montlake had finally scored the sexy Cade Crawford. Both a little drunk when they got back to her place, they were frantic with need, their desire intense. 

But as the night progressed, the hot-mess hookup morphed to sweet lovemaking.

The kind neither had ever experienced.

But they were destined for heartbreak.

She was his best friend’s little sister. 

He was her talent agent.

And they were dating in secret. 

When they got into a wicked fight and broke up, all hell broke loose. 

The kind neither have recovered from. 

Six years later, they still hate each other. 

But the universe seems to keep throwing them together. 

When they catch the bouquet and garter at a mutual friend’s wedding, sparks fly between them — their chemistry undeniable.

Will they get a second chance? Or will they be left with a broken love?

BROKEN LOVE is a STANDALONE, CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE NOVEL following Cade and Palmer from the USA Today Bestseller, Vegas Love. 

The Love Series is a series of STANDALONE novels featuring a different Crawford sibling. They can be read by themselves. However if you do with to read them all, they are best enjoyed in order.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“The heart that truly loves never forgets.” – Proverb

Broken Love is the second book in Jillian Dodd’s love series, in the first book we read as Cash Crawford got his happily ever after but now another Crawford was in the mix, Cade.

Cade Crawford was Cash’s older brother and he had been in love with Palmer Montlake since she was fifteen. They had already had one bite of the cherry and it didn’t work out, but now their paths cross once again... Jillian Dodd delivers forbidden and second chance love in this slightly angsty, slightly emotional but incredibly swoon worthy story. My heart well and truly melted.

“I’ve got it so bad for you I may start writing poetry.”

Palmer Montlake was the younger sister of, Pike and Pike was Cade’s best friend. It is bro code that you do not mess with your best friend’s younger sister, but these two truly loved each other. Pike had entrusted his sister, Palmer into Cade’s safe hands as her agent but Cade made her wait six years before he gave in, he cherished his friendship with Pike but at the end of the day, the heart wants who the heart wants and his heart had been beating for Palmer for the past six years. Palmer was insistent that they kept their relationship a secret and when Cade proposed they were finally going to tell everyone, until one stupid argument, one stupid misunderstanding that blew everything to shit, including his friendship with Pike. That day, Cade not only lost the love of his life, he lost his best friend too, he lost everything and the other mantra…you should never mix business with pleasure.

Fast forward another six years and their paths cross once again, weddings have a habit of bringing people together, but for Cade and Palmer a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Can they get past their past, can they air their differences, will they even give the other light of day? Well it seems that fate has other ideas and it seems that events keep pushing them together. But will history have a habit of repeating itself?

“My mother says love is based on strong emotions and that strong emotions polarize us. That’s why I can both love Palmer and hate her at the same time. And right now, I hate that I still love her.”

With a Jillian Dodd book I know that I will finally become a girly girl for a few hours, the world is a happy place where hearts and flowers and grand gestures are the everyday norm for her leading men and Cade is no different, but they never have it easy. Jillian Dodd never fails to feed the hopeless romantic that is forever present in my heart. Her books always make me sigh and swoon and they always leave me feeling hopelessly happy. I will say though, that Broken Love felt different from her norm and I loved it. This book had so many great plot lines none more so than Pike and Cade’s friendship itself. This book was hot, seriously, seriously, hot, Jillian Dodd really nailed that passion, that connection, that desperation that only soul mates can deliver, I found myself championing these two from the start and while I wanted to batter Palmer at times, I could understand her reasoning to an extent.

“The passion I feel now is bolder. It’s audacious, dauntless. Every touch – every kiss – is familiar, but it’s laced with the kind of desperation only true love can bring.”

Jillian Dodd delivers Broken Love predominantly through Palmer and Cade’s point of views, however she does give us a few from Pike’s and they were extremely welcomed. Pike plays a pivotal part in Cade and Palmer’s story and for me, this felt as much his story as that of Cade and Palmer’s, however, I desperately want him to have his own book. Pike was an adorable character and one that I want to get to know better.




We clink our glasses together then down the shots. The groomsman passes me a lime wedge, but I shake my head, causing him to pull me aside. 

“My name’s Jared,” he says with a cocky smirk.

“I thought this was supposed to be a no-names night?” I reply, giving him shit, even though I have no interest in him. 

“It is. But for you, I’ll make an exception. You need to know what name to say when I make you scream later.”

Cade comes up from behind Jared, clamping his big hand down on Jared’s skinny shoulder.

Jared glances back at Cade. They share some kind of a look that causes Jared to immediately ditch me. He saunters over to Tory and throws his arm around her, which earns him a hint of a smile from Cade.

“So does this mean you’re not married?” Tory asks Jared.

“Nope, I’m single as a Pringle,” he replies.

I expect Cade to say something to me, but instead he turns away. 

I’m not sure what just happened, but I think it was some guy-code thing. 

And it pisses me off. 

Tory sees the rage on my face, takes my hand, and drags me off to the bathroom. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you see that!?” I rant, as we step inside the ladies’ room, finding a long line. “Cade cock blocked me! Not that I wanted that guy’s cock, because you already called dibs on it, but Cade didn’t know that!”

“Since you don’t have a cock,” she replies. “I think it’s called blocking the box.”

“Oh, no,” the girl in front of us says. “It’s called twat blocking.”

“I thought it was boxed,” another woman says.

“Baseball players call cock blocking stealing signs.”

A voice from inside one of the stalls yells out, “It’s called clam jamming.”

Pretty soon everyone in the bathroom is giving us their opinions. 

“Twat swatting or twat stopping.”

“Beaver dammed.”


I shake my head at Tory. “Whatever. It really shouldn’t matter what part you have. I got cock blocked because I will be having no cock tonight.”

“There’s still time,” Tory says. “You can have the groomsman. You need to get laid worse than I do, honey. It’s been far too long.”

“But why would he cock block me and then walk away?!”

As soon as the words tumble out of my mouth, Cade’s mother steps out of one of the stalls. 

I put my head down, hoping she won’t notice me and, thankfully, she squeezes past us without saying a word.

“Holy buckets,” Tory says when the door closes behind her. “Wasn’t that his mother?”

“Uh, yeah. You can kill me now.”

broken love Jillain dodd teaser.jpg

Want to meet the other brother? 

Vegas Love 

  About the Author:

Jillian Dodd grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She has drank from a keg in a cornfield, attended the University of Nebraska, got to pass her candle, and did have a boy ask her to marry him in a bar. She met her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children, a Maltese named Sugar Bear, and two Labrador puppies named Camber Lacy and Cali Lucy. She is the author of the That Boy Trilogy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series.

Stalk Her: Website |Facebook | Twitter |Instagram | Goodreads