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Release Day Promo ~ Friends with Multiple Benefits (Friends with Benefits 6) by Luke Young

Book Description:

When newlyweds Jim and Victoria return from their Vegas wedding, Victoria dives full swing back into her sex therapy practice. With the addition of a new, let's call him, unique client, along with a couple of old surprise visitors, there is never a dull moment in the naughty professional's home office.

While Brian and Jillian are in full expectant parent mode and with twins no less, Jillian's movie opens to great success. Just when the famous author thinks she's gotten Amanda Joseph out of her, and more importantly her husband's hair, the A-list actress returns and in a big way.

With the continuation of Jillian's series of novels heading to the small screen, she's looking forward to the promise of a huge financial windfall, but will the price tag be too much to bear.

Will Jim and Victoria survive her new clients? Will Brian and Jillian have boys or girls or one of each? And will Jillian's movie's box office triumph be the end of her career or her marriage or both. Find out in Friends With Multiple Benefits.

Friends with Benefits Series Description:

Best friends Jillian Grayson and Victoria Wilde could not be more different. Victoria, a young widow who has really gotten on with her life, is wild, carefree, and living life to the fullest while Jillian, recently divorced, is a bestselling romance novelist who is straight-laced, proper, and reserved. That is until Jillian meets Brian Nash, the young, hunky best friend of her college-aged son. These two women provide the vantage point on the hilarious and steamy world of the Friends With Benefits.

Filled with strong, sexy women and fun-loving, real men, the books are at once playful and very sexy; light but large-hearted. If you love sexy contemporary romance with a healthy dose of fun then this series is for you.
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About the Author:

Luke Young's uniquely funny and sexy Friends With Benefits series is what happens when you take a happily married guy who enjoys watching Judd Apatow comedies and force him to watch every episode of Sex and the City (at least that's the story he's going with!).

Luke is the author of the Amazon bestselling five-book Friends with Benefits series, along with the prequel, Friends Wanting Benefits and several stand alone comedies including, his personal favorite, a parody of Gone Girl.

You can find Luke at or write to him directly at

Young also writes "spicier" books under the pen name Ian Dalton. If you like your sexy comedy heavy on the sexy, be sure to check out Dalton's Victoria Wilde series. For more information on how Ian Dalton's Victoria Wilde series relates to the Friends With Benefits series please see the “Who Is Ian Dalton" area of his website.

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Twitter: @LukeYoungBooks

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R.L Griffin ~ Interview, Giveaway & Review of Razorblade Kisses

Donna had the great pleasure in beta reading Razorblade Kisses by RL Griffin. You always go into these books expecting the unexpected and sometimes you start a book and as soon as you read the first page you know it is going to be fantastic. That is how Donna felt when she started this book. Check out Donna's review below.
We also had the pleasure of interviewing R.L Griffin via video where we talk favourites, her upcoming book Razorblade Kisses and just a general chat about being RL Griffin and being an author.
But that's not all! To celebrate the impending release of Razorblade Kisses on 6th January, RL Griffin has very generously donated a signed arc of Razorblade Kisses to be given away to one of our lucky followers.
Razorblade Kisses Review
Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“There is not a person out there who is just good or just bad, we all have layers and scars and graveyards.”

This is going to be one of the hardest reviews I have ever written. There are times when you read a book and that book totally and utterly consumes you, it takes over your thought processes, your soul, your emotions, your heart, everything. One of those books that you continually think about for days and weeks after and for me, this was one of those books, I lived and breathed this book.

“You are braver than you seem and stronger than you think.”

RL Griffin’s previous series, By A Thread was more a romantic suspense, and Razorblade Kisses is far from her normal. This is a book that screams the author has put their heart and soul onto the pages, if books could bleed, this one would be oozing. I felt everything, confusion, hurt, pain, anguish, hope, devastation and love, yes this book will put your emotions through their paces but this is so much more than a book, it is a work of art on paper.

“Hope. It had tempted her with its beauty and suffocated her with is reality.”

I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book; I have seen it grow from strength to strength. It covers some extremely hard hitting subjects but they are dealt with sensitively, thoughtfully and emotionally. There is nothing gratuitous, just heartfelt, beautiful penmanship that creates an ugly yet beautiful story. A story about leaving a painful past behind and trying to live for the now, a story of rebirth in the direst of circumstances, when all hope is lost and you are afraid for yourself and your sanity, clawing back from the pits of despair, making the most of the situations that you find yourself in, trying to forget and be that person you want to be rather than being the person that your past has dictated you be.

“My heart is broken and my head is barely inhabitable.”

Yes there are a lot of lows but this is balanced with some fantastic highs, your heart will be ripped apart several times but will be slowly pieced back together, this is a journey, a voyage, yes it is not pretty in places but what life is? We all have our dark and sad times, we are all different but life is an experience and one that we only get one chance at. Sometimes we have to make decisions we don’t want to, or feel we can’t do, but self-preservation is important. Sometimes our circumstances dictate the paths that need to be taken, give you that nudge in the perceived right direction, we can only follow and hope that it is the right choice. Most importantly, life is what you make it and this book hammers that point home. You can wallow, or you can live, you can be destroyed or you can fight, you can hate or you can love and be loved. But most of all, make those choices for you, always be you.

“She’ll get through it…You see fragile, I see a survivor. She may not be loud or hostile, but she survived…”

Emery was a gutsy character, when most are weak, she was strong, she was a survivor, a fighter. She was damaged, she was frightened and she felt that she couldn’t tell a soul. She bottled everything up and had her coping mechanisms. She coped the only way she knew how and this it seems was a godsend as this little godsend came in the form of a bubbly bundle called Rachel. While the circumstances under which they met were not the best, it proved to be the turning point for Emery and a friendship that would last a life time. A friendship so strong and infallible, a partnership, a best friend that goes above and beyond, this was hitting the best friend lottery and these two were perfect for each other. They saved each other.

“There was light at the end of her never ending tunnel. It was unexpected and it was named Rachel.”

This is not your hearts and flowers romance, obviously, but this is a lesson, a lesson that we all embark on but was made that entire bit harder for Emery. Learning that not all men are the same, that some relationships you embark on may not be “the one” but are important none the less. That love can heal, love can make you forget, love can make you be that better person, love can save you, but also that giving and receiving love is the greatest gift we are given and it should be embraced and treasured with both hands.

“I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“I can’t promise you the same thing.”

I will not say anything about the plot as it needs to be read blind, you need to experience it first hand for yourself. All I will say is that this is by far RL Griffin’s most accomplished book to date. It is raw, it is gritty, it is not pretty but it is more than a book, it is an experience and one that you feel all the better for reading. It makes you want to be a better person, to be the better friend.

“The problem with being a good liar is you forget who you are under all those layers of deceit.”

I cannot convey how much I loved this book; it was the surprises of all surprises. RL Griffin was unsure as to whether to publish this book or not, but this is a book that screams “read me.” It deserves the accolades that I am sure it will garner; it is one of my all-time favourite reads and one that I will read time and time again. If you have never read this author, please take the time to pick up this book, you will not be disappointed. RL Griffin, all I can say, is WOW; this is one book that I will never, ever forget! Kudos to you, allay those fears, this book is the shit!

Find it on Goodreads here:
Interview with R.L Griffin:

Win a signed arc of Razorblade Kisses

Cover Reveal with Giveaway ~ Second Debt (Indebted 3) by Pepper Winters

ebook (3)

Title: Second Debt (Indebted, #3)
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Erotica
Release Date: Early 2015

Book Description:
“I tried to play a game. I tried to wield deceit as perfectly as the Hawks. But when I thought I was winning, I wasn’t. Jethro isn’t what he seems—he’s the master of duplicity. However, I refuse to let him annihilate me further.”
Nila Weaver has grown from na├»ve seamstress to full-blown fighter. Every humdrum object is her arsenal, and sex…sex is her greatest weapon of all.

She’s paid the First Debt. She’ll probably pay more.

But she has no intention of letting the Hawks win.
Jethro Hawk has found more than a worthy adversary in Nila—he’s found the woman who could destroy him. There’s a fine line between hatred and love, and an even finer path between fear and respect.

The fate of his house rests on his shoulders, but no matter how much ice lives inside his heart, Nila flames too bright to be extinguished.

Indebted series
Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1)
“I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you’ve paid off your debts.”
Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter.

She is no longer free.

Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she’s paid off a debt that’s centuries old. He can do what he likes with her—nothing is out of bounds—she has to obey.

There are no rules. Only payments.
First Debt (Indebted #2)
“You say I’ll never own you. If I win—you willingly give me that right. You sign not only the debt agreement, but another—one that makes me your master until your last breath is taken. You do that, and I’ll give you this.”

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Stolen, taken, and bound not by monsters but by an agreement written over six hundred years ago, she has no way out.

She belongs to Jethro as much as she denies it.

Jethro Hawk’s patience is running out. His inheritance gift tests, challenges, and surprises him—and not in good ways. He hasn’t leashed her but he thinks he might’ve found a way to bind her forever.

Debts are mounting. Payment waiting.

Pre Order on iTunes!
Second Debt (Indebted #3):
Third Debt (Indebted #4):
Fourth Debt (Indebted #5):
Final Debt (Indebted #6):

About the Author

Pepper Winters - authorPepper Winters is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestseller. She wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters.
She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.

Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Amazon Author Page

Her Dark Erotica books include:
Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1) -
Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2) -
Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark #3) -
Debt Inheritance (Indebted Series) -

Her Grey Romance books include:

If you would like to be the first to know of upcoming releases please fill in her newsletter (Pepper promises to never spam or chat aimlessly


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Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Before Ryan Was Mine (The Remembrance Trilogy 0.5) By Kahlen Aymes

The Mad, Mad Love Begins….

Before Ryan Was Mine-live (1).jpg
The highly anticipated pre-quell to The Remembrance Trilogy is NOW AVAILABLE!
Book Description:

When Ryan Matthews meets Julia Abbott for the first time at Stanford University, he immediately knows she will change his life. They have an instant, unbreakable connection that goes beyond partying and palpable attraction. Although his intelligence and good looks land him any girl he wants, Ryan hesitates to cross that line with Julia because she quickly becomes the best friend he’s ever had.

Both secretly in love, Ryan and Julia are terrified to take the chance that could mean the loss of the very person they don’t want to lose. As the bond between them grows stronger, they are both miserable as they are forced to watch as they each date other people. But will Ryan’s all-consuming jealousy and Julia’s deeply broken heart torment them enough to make one or both walk away?

Join Ryan and Julia on the beginning of the journey that has made Kahlen Aymes’ Remembrance Trilogy an international bestselling favorite among her readers. This book was written after The Trilogy was finished due to an abundance of reader requests for more of Ryan and Julia’s story.

And so…

The Mad, Mad Love Begins…

Find it on Goodreads here:

before ryan was mine.jpg


Excerpt from Before Ryan Was Mine, The Remembrance Trilogy, Prequel, Copyright 2014, Kahlen Aymes, All Rights Reserved.

My beer slipped from my fingers, and I scrambled to catch it but it was being lifted by another set of slender fingers without the blazing red nails. By the time my eyes shifted up and focused, Julia was leisurely taking a drink from my bottle. Her hooded green eyes appraised me, with my date almost on my lap. I barely noticed Leah because my attention was on Julia, and then her eyes shifted twelve inches right, landing on Leah. Julia hated beer, but still here she was, stamping her ownership with something as simple as a pull on my beer bottle. She probably didn’t even know the effect it had on me at such a base level, but I fucking loved it. Something tightened deep inside my chest, and my dick twitched inside my jeans.

“Ryan! Are you gonna let her do that?” Leah demanded indignantly, her eyes flashing haughtily up at Julia.

My lips raised in the slightest smirk. Julia echoed it when her eyes locked with mine.

“Yeah, she… uh, she can do that,” I confirmed without emphasis. Amusement at Julia’s confidence made me want to laugh out loud. I felt fucking elated.

Leah huffed beside me and angrily flung herself back against the cushions of the couch, removing her leg from mine. “Well, do you know her?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know her.” Boy, do I know her.

Julia wobbled a little, and I could see she’d had more to drink than she needed. Still, she grinned at me, her arm bent at the elbow as she curled my beer close to her chest, not drinking, just holding it in place. My instinct was to reach out or stand up to steady her.

Angrily, Leah pushed on my shoulder and spewed venom in Julia’s direction. “Are you going to introduce us? Is she your sister?”

Julia started to giggle. “Pffft! Do I look like his sister?”

“Then who are you?” my date demanded, her expression hard. I watched the exchange, anxious to see what Julia would say.

“Oh, we’re ….” She handed back my beer and walked behind me to sit on the top edge of the back of the couch and slid her hand over the shoulder Leah had shoved. “Well, let’s see… we’re… mmmm...” Her words were nonchalant but her eyes widened, waiting for me to finish the sentence. “What exactly are we, Ryan?”

“This is my best friend Julia. Jules, this is Leah.” I said the words carefully, but couldn’t tear my eyes from Julia’s face. Her features were filled with laughter and devilry.

“His date,” Leah spat.

“Congratulations.” Julia focused on Leah and wagged a finger in her direction. She was clearly tipsy. “You need a donut.”

A laugh burst from my chest because I couldn’t help myself. You need a donut. I thought it was fucking hilarious, but Leah was clearly pissed.

“What did you say?”

“You seriously need a donut.”

Leah looked indignant and furious, but my shoulders were visibly shaking with laughter when Julia turned her attention to me. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Excuse me,” I murmured to Leah then immediately rose to follow Julia a few feet away. “Are you being careful?”

“Is it just a coincidence that you and Twiggy are here tonight?”

I swallowed at the accusation in her tone. She was tipsy, but her eyes still burned into mine. “Yeah. I had no idea you were even going out, but I’m glad I’m here. Who is that guy?” I wanted to ask why she let him touch her in such a familiar way but clamped my jaw shut.

“He’s a guy. Collin, I think? No big deal.” She shrugged nonchalantly, and her hand came to rest on the front of my shirt. I should have been reassured as her deep green eyes looked up imploringly. “Don’t worry, Ryan.”

It was all I could do not to cover her fingers with my own. “I worry.”

“I know.” She leaned in and wrapped her arms around my waist in a brief hug and the scent of her perfume engulfed me. “I’m glad to see you. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
beofre ryan was mine teaser 3.jpg

Before Ryan Was Mine (Book 0.5)
Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble:

Haven’t read this series yet? Now is your chance, Grab the box set!
The Remembrance Trilogy: Books 1-3
Kahlen collage.jpg

About the Author:

kahlen bio.jpgI'm a single mother of one daughter, Olivia. She's amazing in every way.

I was born in the Midwestern United States and educated at a private university where I received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Business Administration.

I've always been creative with art, music, theater and writing. I decided to write a story as a way to build a network for a business venture. The reader support of my stories and my overwhelming desire to find out where my characters would take me, soon had the writing morphing the business. No one was more shocked than I. When readers began nominating my work for online awards, it took my breath away and only made me love it more. It soon became clear that writing was, and should be, my focus.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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