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Friday Frights ~ PNR reviews ~ Not Quite Dead (A NightHunter Novel) by Stephanie Rowe

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This book is totally different from the normal vampire stories that I have read. It is showing a different slant altogether.

It has Eric Hunter, a man who is more, graceful but lethal with sexual innuendo topping everything else. He is out to find his twin brother Tristan who has been missing for a couple of years and has finally found a concrete lead. This is where Jordyn Leahy comes in. In the past Tristan has helped Jordyn and so Eric has called on her to see if she could help him as he was in her old neck of the woods, because of the help that Tristan had done for her she couldn't find it in herself to refuse Eric’s call for help.

Eric had been attracted to Jordyn when he first met her when she was with Tristan and meeting her again now he has found that attraction has not gone away. Treating her with his normal sexual banter it can get quite funny between these two with Jordyn not wanting anything to do with Eric. As far as Jordyn is concerned she is only there to help him find Tristan but Eric being Eric just can’t help himself.

The story is not only about them and does have its scary side and you see exactly what these two have to face in the Louisiana Bayou with evil vampires popping up, betrayals when you least expect them and surprises galore but there is the undercurrent of love as well.

The attraction between Eric and Jordyn does start to build and when he does get to kiss Jordyn even he was surprised how much it affected him

“With a low rumble, he angled his head and deepened the kiss. What had been hot and desperate a moment ago, took on an entirely new level of intensity. He couldn't touch enough of her, his hands roaming her lower back, her hips, and the curve of her butt. Her arms were wrapped so tightly around his neck it was as if she would never let him go. The heat burning between them was electric, pouring off them in batches of steam that made the humid, sweaty night even more intoxicating.”

And as for Jordyn she was not totally un moved by Eric getting to know him more and seeing another side of this deep but fiercely loyal man.

“God, yes, she wanted this man. This arrogant, beautiful, tormented man with secrets so terrible she'd seen them in his eyes.”

She found herself being drawn more and more to this enigmatic but sometimes endearing man.

I haven't been able to say too much about this really great story as I do not want to spoil it for others but I have to say this is a must read for you all to enjoy. Ms Rowe an unusual but really great book.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Baby, It's Cold Outside Anthology ~ 5 Erotic Romance novellas by 5 bestselling authors

Book Description:
Outside it may be frosty, so turn the heat way up with these stories of desire!

Can a determined woman executive and a playboy billionaire survive being stranded together in a snowstorm? Jennifer Probst depicts an encounter almost too hot to handle…

Drew and Kate play an encore to Tangled in this sexy take on a “Christmas Carol” by Emma Chase. When a Christmas Eve argument condemns Drew to a troubled night, three dream women teach him that no gift could be more tantalizing than Kate…

With Kristen Proby, ski slopes are quite delightful. Grace Douglas is sure she’ll never learn to ski, but instructor Jacob Baxter could teach her lessons of a different kind…

Can a southern California transplant survive Montana’s deep snows? Melody Anne, author of the bestselling Andersons series, melts the icy drifts completely away with the heat between sexy Hawk Winchester and brand-new teacher Natalie Duncan…

What could be hotter than a firefighter? Kate Meader shows how hot it can get as Beck Rivera and heiress-turned-tattoo-artist Darcy Cochrane discover that nothing ignites holiday flames like rekindling a lost love…

“Safe in His Arms” by Melody Anne in BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE

Way too much eggnog!

The party was over and her head was beyond fuzzy, but Natalie walked about the nearly empty firehouse with the other volunteers who’d offered to stay for cleanup. She wasn’t capable of doing much to help them, but she could at least say she was trying to help.

After a couple of dances with Hawk, the two of them had been separated, so here she was, trying to decide whether to go home alone or to wait him out. She knew she would rather wait, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to seem desperate. The alcohol was messing with her rational mind.

Music was playing softly over the speakers, smooth country tunes, mellow, relaxing. She felt her eyes grow heavy, and she spread herself out on the front of the nearest fire engine. The step was wide enough for her to get just a little rest.

No one would notice if she lay down for just a moment . . .

Before she knew it, she was asleep.


“See ya later, chief!”

Hawk watched as the last people trickled from the fire station. They’d done such a great job of cleaning, it didn’t even look like there’d been a party. Good. He liked it when things were all in order. He valued a job well done. Only one problem remained.

He’d been separated from Natalie too soon. He hadn’t been ready for their night to end, and he still wasn’t. And now as he turned out the lights and did his final walkthrough of the station, he felt an odd emptiness settle inside him.

It was ludicrous. Hawk didn’t need to be around a woman to find fulfillment. He didn’t have to have companionship. But in the space of a couple of weeks, he’d found himself counting down the hours until he got to see Natalie again. The highlight of his day was when he walked into that gym and found her there, speaking with the children, smiling, gifting them with her laughter.

This was so far beyond anything he’d ever experienced before that he couldn’t even identify what exactly he was feeling. One thing he knew for sure, though—he wasn’t going to wait until Monday to see her again.

He couldn’t. He had to see her. Tonight.

Walking around the front of his line of fire engines, Hawk stopped in his tracks.

“What happened?” Natalie’s voice came out huskily as she began sitting up on the front bumper of the fire engine before him.

So Hawk didn’t have to go anywhere to find Natalie.

She was within grasping distance. At the sight of her sleepy eyes and tousled hair, he could think only of taking her, right now.

“Everyone’s gone,” he said, his voice a low growl.

Her eyes widened, and then, even under the dim lights, he could see the change in her expression. She knew what came next. They both did.

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About The Authors:
Jennifer Probst’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels, novellas, and ebooks include the acclaimed Marriage to a Billionaire series, as well as Searching for Someday and Searching for Perfect. She lives in upstate New York. Visit her at
Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Tangles, Twisted, Tamed, and Tied. She lives in a small town in rural New Jersey with her husband and children. Follow Emma on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her at
Kristen Proby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Loving Cara and Seducing Lauren, as well as the popular With Me in Seattle series. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. Visit her at
Melody Anne is the New York Times bestselling author of the indie published Billionaire Bachelors series, the Baby for the Billionaire series, and the Surrender series, and she has a new series coming soon from Pocket Books. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Visit her at
Kate Meader is the author of the sexy new series Hot in Chicago, coming soon from Pocket Books. When not writing she works in an academic library in Chicago. Visit her at

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We have a surprise guest on the blog tonight!!

Our first EVER author take over by the lovely Kahlen Aymes. Kahlen wow'd us with the Remembrance Trilogy and is now making us all hot under the collar with the After Dark series. Kahlen will be here for 8pm-9pm CST, which is 9pm-10pm EST, 1am-2am for our UK followers and night owls!! Please give Kahlen a huge Romance Cover welcome!!

Giveaway Winner Announced ~ Signed Copy of Grounded (Up in the Air 3) by R.K. Lilley

Earlier this month to celebrate the release of Mr Beautiful, book four in R.K. Lilley's Up in the Air series, we gave you the opportunity to win a signed copy of the third book in the series, Grounded.

 The winner, picked via, was
Holly Luft-Highsmith
Congratulations Holly!
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