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Review ~ Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren

Review by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“Good, because I know we need to talk. But right now I want to put my mouth on you and sing “God Save the Queen.”

I have loved this series all the way through and this I have to say is my favourite one of the series so
far and Niall is by far my favourite leading man. There is something about a man that has zero experience that is humbling. A man that is so insecure, so afraid of putting himself out there that you cannot help but want to jump into the kindle, give him a big hug and tell him that he can do it. I felt this way ten-fold, I loved Niall Stella with a passion, I wanted to help him come out of his shell, and I wanted him to find that love he so wholeheartedly deserved, I wanted to give him the confidence that he desperately needed to embrace the opportunity put before him. He needed it, he deserved it and I wanted him to have it.

Niall Stella was a man who believed marriage was for life. Niall married his childhood sweetheart, his one and only and having just got divorced after being together sixteen years the sense of failure was immense. Niall had old fashioned morals and values, he was an upstanding British gent and the failure of his marriage had hit him hard, it also made him question his ability to keep a woman happy, his abilities as a lover and as a husband. He was full of regrets, he was full of questions to which he had no answers, he couldn’t understand how he had failed and it was this that was eating away at him. In the months that followed his confidence had taken a nose dive and his constant self-deprecation was making him believe that he would never find love again, but Niall Stella was full of love and he had a lot of love to give, it just needed to be reawakened.

“What was it you said about repressed sexual energy?”

“Enough to power the whole bloody city, if you ask me…that’s where his real urban planning skill would come in - hooking himself up to the grid…”

Ruby Miller was an American intern who had come to England to work her internship at the largest, most successful and prestigious engineering company, with hope that the experience would enable her to get on Professor Sheffield’s programme at Oxford. Ruby was a lovely character inside and out, she had sass, she was witty, she was attractive but for some reason whenever she was around Niall Stella she turned into a bumbling idiot. Ruby had been infatuated with Niall for months; she had admired him from afar, stalked him, swooned over him but never had the courage to do anything about it. He was by far her senior and he had never even noticed her, there was also the question of age difference. The highlight of her week was the weekly meetings where he would be present, if only he would notice her…

Their paths are about to cross where they will have no option but to notice each other. With one of the executives not been able to make a business trip to New York City, Niall and Ruby will be together for a month, a month on their own in NYC. Ruby was determined to make it count.

“More than enough. I don’t think people appreciate the awesomeness of a good finger bang.”

Despite being tongue-tied whenever she was in Niall’s company Ruby was an extrovert by nature. She was honest, she was quick witted, she had no fear and she told it how it was and she really needed to draw on this side of her personality to get through to Niall. While in the first instance her blunt honesty shocked Niall to the core, we soon saw a different side to him. Ruby brought the real Niall Stella out to play. These two were perfect for each other. Ruby brought Niall to life whereas Niall was the stability and the foundation that Ruby needed. They may be opposites, but they were certainly attracted.

“My hands, my lips, my cock. I trust you with all of it more than I even trust myself.”

Could these two make it work, or is their coming together destined to be just for the month. Could they survive back in the UK? Could the differences in their age and their work be overcome? Could Niall find his mojo and believe that he could love and be loved? If anyone could show Niall, it would be Ruby. She may give off that reserved vibe but she was a hell cat between the sheets, something Niall has never been faced with, coming from a loveless marriage with a shag scheduled in the missionary position for a certain day of the week, his eyes would be opened. Would it be embraced or send him running for the hills?

“And the twin realization followed, with a single, stabbing heartbeat, that if Ruby’s affection for me ever cooled, it would break me.”

This is where this book really starts and you cannot help but fall in love with Niall Stella. You will want to protect him, smother him in kisses and cuddles and give him the pep talk of a lifetime. His ex-wife really did a number on him and it was refreshing to read about a guy that wasn’t a player. He needed nurturing but once that seed turned into a sapling, Niall Stella was re-awoken.

“Number of Times Niall Stella Used My Name When He Said He Loved Me: One, and counting.”

I love this duo’s writing style, it is addictive, it is fun and witty, it is hot and sexy and the character development is always second to none. I feel as though these characters are my friends and every time I dive into another instalment it is like coming home. I love that all the characters always appear so you can keep up with their lives too and as I said, these guys are my friends and I miss them. This book was perfectly paced, their connection and relationship never hurried, it felt real, it was believable and with every step they took Christina Lauren held your hand. You will experience it all, feel it all, I smiled, I laughed, I loved and I cried but these two are one couple I will never forget and I will forever read about. This is going on my re-read shelf; it will be one of those books that I will revert back to when I am in a book funk. I loved it.

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Review ~ Kane's Hell by Elizabeth Finn

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars!!!

“Justice is this thing that can give a victim salvation. It’s also something that can eat away at a victim like cancer when they don’t have it. It’s the difference between acceptance and peace or denial and tumult.”

This is one of the most heart breaking, emotional, second chance love stories that I have ever read. It is hard to imagine coming back from what these two went through that eventually forced them apart for eleven years, but when their paths cross again, can the past be forgotten or will it be forever lurking in the back ground.

Some things cannot be erased…cannot be overcome, but could these two work through it, together? Will their reconnection just bring back too many bad memories or will it be the catalyst for both of them to work through their issues and forge a future for themselves? So many questions…but this book will make you empathise and sympathise, you will yearn for them to make it and Elizabeth Finn draws you into their lives with a beautifully crafted story that will have you sobbing in parts but rejoicing in others.

“She could be attached to the most painful, agonizing memories in my mind, but she also filled my most favorite memories too.”

Kane and Helene as teenagers were the best of friends, they both had that connection to each other, they both felt it, but neither had the courage to take that step to finally cross the line, but it was imminent. Even though these two were total opposites, they got each other in every way, their friendship was the forever kind and you knew that if they took that next step it would be the forever kind also.

Their lives would be forever changed one night and while one went way, the other went in the total opposite direction and for eleven years these two would be apart, with devastating consequences for both of them.

Helene coped in her own way, she threw herself into her studies…that night, together with Kane’s departure had left her wasting away, but she eventually got up and dusted herself off and coped the only way she knew how, she kept her brain busy. With relentless studying she could block out her past and block out Kane together with that sense of rejection, that sense of abandonment and she worked so hard she was on her way to having her doctorate in Philosophy. On an emotional level though she was still deeply scarred and this lead to her having trouble with any relationship, Helene felt that she was destined to be alone.

“I’m just trying to figure out to deserve you Helene…And when you figure out I don’t I’m not sure what that’s going to do to me, and that…scares the shit out of me.”

Kane was the total opposite; he went to pot, literally. He threw himself into alcohol, drugs and women. He really went off the rails, but it was his coping mechanism and for all those years it worked…for him. When his father gets ill Kane is forced to come back to the town that he ran from eleven years ago, he would soon find out that these coping mechanisms only got him so far, when powerful memories resurface and the woman he left all those years ago is suddenly within arms reach, something’s cannot be repressed and finally need to be dealt with head on…but with what consequences?

“…I fight because it feels good to hurt. I drink because it feels good to go numb. And I fuck because it feels good to forget…how terrifying it can actually be.”

This was a powerful book that covered some very tough subjects, but kudos to Elizabeth Finn because it was all written sensitively and empathetically. It was so emotional and it was hard to imagine just what these two had been through, but even though it was devastating, it would ultimately be the one thing that made them gravitate towards each other, they had survived the past, now it was time for them to grab their future. These two could be each others salvation, their connection too powerful to dismiss and as old feelings resurface and though it means their past will finally have to be confronted, together they make a formidable team.

I loved Kane with a passion, he was so broken and heavily laden with guilt and shame but underneath all that you could see his heart of gold underneath that was begging to be uncovered once again. You knew that there was only one woman for the job but Helene had her own issues to deal with, she never knew why Kane abandoned her and left her to cope on her own would she be able to forgive once the truth is finally revealed?

“What would happen to this man if he unshackled his life and finally broke the chains he’d placed on himself so long ago? Could he turn around and walk out of his cave, finally seeing the shadows for what they were - a pathetic coping mechanism. Could he realign his reality with truth, rather than the twisted notions of what he’d made his world out to be.”

As I said above, this book does cover some tough subjects but sadly these things do happen and are indicative of the world that we live in today and while we would love to live in a bubble where bad things never happen it just isn’t feasible anymore. We can try and protect ourselves as much as possible but there is always someone out there who has no moral compass. Together these two fell, but at the end will they be standing?

“You were my flower too…My warmth in the cold, my beautiful thing in all the ugly. You don’t have to be afraid of this.”

One thing you can guarantee from an Elizabeth Finn book is an emotional and sexy read and this one is no different. I even felt that she was pushing her own boundaries a bit on this one and it was great to see. The emotion hit you in the heart and the sexy times hit you some place else…but you could not help but feel every emotion that these two characters bled onto the pages. Yes it was raw, yes it was gritty but on the upside it was intensely uplifting. A powerful story of forgiveness, redemption and survival. I loved this book and I cannot wait to read more from this author. I can highly recommend this book and be prepared for an intensely emotional ride but one that you will never forget and will forever be thinking about.

“It’s a good life isn’t it…a beautiful life…”

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Sunshine & Whiskey by RL Griffin ~ Giveaway Winner

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Angelina Ocampo                  
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Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Desiring a Demon (Entangled Covet) (Archangels) by Missy Jane

Reviewed by Shirley ~  4.5 stars!!!

This is the early stages of what I can see as being a brilliant series for Ms Jane.

This second book is beautifully written, with empathy running through with a touch of sex but lots of loving feelings. It is about the Archangel Raphael and his meeting of a half demon, a demonling, by the name of Astaroth or Asta as she prefers to be called.

At first their relationship was of Rafe finding out if Asta was any threat to the human population of Houston, which was where Rafe and his brothers patrolled against any demon activity, something they have been doing for the last millennium, but all Rafe could sense whenever being in Asta’s company was goodness. The more Rafe got to know her the more the attraction for her grew, and the more Asta was in Rafe’s company she felt at peace in herself.

For so many years Asta has gone from pillar to post, from her mother rejecting her when she hit her teens, as it was then that her demon side started to show, to going to job to job, city to city, as she could never stay in once place too long as peoples attitude seem to change towards her, as if they sensed the demon blood that flowed through her veins.

Although Rafe was starting to get real feelings for Asta he was under no illusion how difficult it was going to be to have any type of relationship with her because of her demon blood but he felt it was well worth it. He knew Asta was very wary of the relationship that was growing between them as well and he knew that if she did ever decide to leave he would miss her terribly, but so far things were going great, she was allowing him and his brothers to help her and even had agreed to come and stay at his house.

After a few weeks of getting to know one another better it was obvious to both of them that their feelings for each other were mutual and their relationship went to the next level but also Rafe saw changes happening to Asta, but she kept reassuring him that everything was OK, but she knew different and didn't want to worry him.

Whenever Rafe looked at Asta the thoughts that went through his mind were 


“She was sex and sin, temptation in a sweet package of soft curves and attitude. She made him think of chocolate-covered strawberries with whipped cream on top. He wanted nothing more than to lick all the cream off and take a bite.”

But things started to go terribly wrong; he was beside himself with worry for her. He noticed the changes in her were getting worse but his belief in her never faltered and the feelings he had only got deeper and he needed her in his arms and his bed all the more.

“Each thrust drew him closer to paradise and he wanted her right with him when he reached it. He slipped his free hand down to the apex of her legs and found her throbbing centre.”

And Asta felt exactly the same, the feelings she felt for Rafe were so strong even though she hadn't admitted to herself it was love she strongly thought it was her blond hot angel.

An arch enemy of the Angels was out to get Asta and so their problems really started and so the story begins for proper. The fight over good and evil and to find that miracles do happen.

I am really enjoying reading about the Archangels in these books. This book has kept me enthralled from beginning to end.

I had to find out how these two star-crossed lovers were going to find the happiness they so richly deserved.

Loved it Ms Jane really great book.

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