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Blog Tour ~ Guest Post & Giveaway ~ The Best Laid Plans by Tamara Mataya

Book Description:

Jayne Griffin isn’t looking for Mr. Right. She’s looking for Mr. RTFN and a toe-curling good time. She’s got the brains, the powerful job as a futures broker, and thanks to a makeover and a thin book of dating advice, the confidence to turn any man’s head.

Malcolm Black notices his high school crush, Jayne, from the stage of her company’s work party. His adolescent feelings for her died beneath months of abuse at the hands of bullies. Abuse that was Jayne’s fault. Though this scorching hot studio musician is unrecognizable as the band geek he used to be, the hurt still lives inside him, and he hatches a plan: Seduce Jayne into falling in love with him, and then shatter her heart.

The white-hot chemistry between them is a pleasant surprise. It all goes so smoothly until Feelings start to develop... and that invitation to their ten year high school reunion lands in their inboxes.

Jayne wants the perfect lover. Malcolm wants revenge. But you know what they say about The Best Laid Plans...

Book Trailer:

Guest Post by the Author:

Tamara Mataya here.

I grew up in a very small, rural community. Okay, that's not true. I actually grew up on a farm, and had to travel to *get to* a very small, rural community. And take a bus from there to get to my school.

My elementary school was very small and, sadly, the library was tiny. BUT we had this amazing thing called, The Bookmobile!

The Bookmobile was basically a huge RV that had been lined with shelves, and filled with books. It would show up every couple weeks and BLOW OUR MINDS.

Crammed full of books we hadn't read yet, it was a magical place for a voracious reader like me who had basically rampaged my way through the shelves at school and NEEDED MORE THINGS TO READ.

I thought that Bookmobile driver was a hero. Honestly, I’m pretty sure we all thought that the driver OWNED all the books and was letting us borrow them from his private shelves. We didn’t question why an adult had so many children’s books; we were too busy grabbing all the Berenstain Bears and Little Miss books we could get our hands on!

          Such a small thing, new books to read, made a huge difference to our lives. And it still means the world to me. Waiting (somewhat) patiently for the next book in a series I love, knowing it’s On Its Way is almost as exciting as reading the book itself. Almost. Let’s not be silly.

          There are so many authors out there producing new and exciting things for us to read, and suddenly I’m out there too, pouring my heart into the keyboard while words come out.

          I’m not a kid climbing the stairs into the dark hall of the bookmobile anymore, but I feel just as excited – only now mine is the book someone might take off the shelf. I can’t tell you how good that feels – I can only hope that you’ve gone for one of your dreams as well, and made it a reality.
About the Author:
Tamara Mataya is currently a librarian; she lurked there for so long recommending books to patrons and shushing people, that she suspects they only hired her so it would be less creepy. Now she’s armed with a name tag, and a thin veneer of credibility. She’s also a musician with synaesthesia – which isn't an issue until someone plays a wrong note, which makes her want to squirm inside out. It makes for a good live show.

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6000 Facebook likes ~ Giveaway Winners Announced

Thank you for helping us get to 6000 Facebook likes, here are the winners of our Giveaway for two $25 Amazon Giftcards.
Yaritza Santana
Dianne CG
Congratulations winners! You have 48 hours to claim your prize by emailing us at theromancecover@gmail.com and telling us which email address you'd like the Giftcard sent to and if you want an Amazon.com GC or Amazon.co.uk GC.  

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SALE ALERT ~ Seductive Shadows by Marni Mann

Book Description:

Charlie is a passionate, sensually-inspired art student, desperately seeking an escape from the abusive past that haunts her and a tragic accident that emptied her heart. Scarred and unable to love, her yearning for physical pleasure leads her into a tantalizing, dangerous world of power and seduction. The anonymity of the deal offers security; the money brings financial freedom and the madam is the mother figure she longs for.

But the thrill of the mansion and its arousing dominance quickly fades when she meets renowned-yet-mysterious Cameron Hardy, whose intense baby blue eyes send a nervous flutter through her core. Cameron is sexy, and not in a subtle way. He stimulates Charlie’s art, her intellect and her desires. Just as he begins to break through her emotional boundaries, she discovers a devastating connection between her past and her scandalous work at the mansion, shattering everything she thought to be true.

Provocative, intoxicating and erotic, Seductive Shadows is the unforgettable tale of a young woman’s self-discovery as she learns to forgive, to love and be loved, and to find redemption amidst a remarkable journey that will captivate your mind and stimulate your soul.

This book is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language and sexual content.



The breath he exhaled trickled inside my collar and down my neck. “Tell me your name,” he said a little louder. There wasn’t any anger in his tone. Just desire.


He dipped his head, his lips stopping just above my earlobe. His fingers traced the skin below my jaw. I expected words to come out of his mouth, but instead it was a tiny moan. A breeze of cold air rushed against me as he moved over to the bed. He sat on the edge, unknotting his tie before resting his hands on the mattress.

“Come to me.”

I stepped past the pole and around the end of the bed. His commands, the way he expected to be obeyed, enticed me. They weren’t cruel or threatening; his voice, his words, his whole persona was deliberate and inviting. The need from my other sexual partners had often been a turn off, but Jay’s tone was just the opposite.

“Slowly,” he said.

With my chin pointed down, hair falling over my cheeks, I looked up at him as though he were my master. If this was the role I needed to take tonight to impress Victoria and make her proud, I was ready to abide. Our eyes met, and his breath quickened. I bit my bottom lip and took a step forward. My toes danced over a broken slab of mirror, pausing for several seconds, and I took another. Landing just a foot from his lap, my fingers caressed the buttons of his shirt. When I got to the bottom, I started back up.

“Take it off,” he said, his eyes never leaving mine.

I pushed his top button through the hole.

“No,” he said quickly. “Yours.”

My fingers circled around the top buttons of my shirt, popping them through their holes. As I got lower I shimmied my shoulders out of the collar, and the shirt fell to my chest. With my breasts still hidden, I hesitated.

His mouth opened. “Drop it. Now.”

His impatience was sexy; his demands caused everything below my stomach to soften as the fluttering increased. His voice was as nerve-wracking as it was arousing.

I pulled the shirt open, rubbing the fabric over my nipples, making them even harder as they pushed through the thin cotton. I watched the shirt fall to the floor. It floated so slowly and gracefully in its descent. I kept my eyes lowered as I dipped my fingers into the waist of my panties, running the width of my stomach.

“Now those.”

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About the Author:
I’m a New Englander at heart and now a Floridian, inspired by the sandy beaches and hot pink sunsets of Sarasota. As a writer of erotic romance, new adult and literary fiction, I tap a mainstream appeal and shake worldwide taboos, taking my readers on a dark, harrowing, and breathtaking journey. When I’m not nose deep in my laptop, I’m scouring for chocolate, traveling, reading, or walking my four-legged children.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Review ~ Under Different Stars (Kricket #1) by Amy Bartol

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Dystopian Stars!!

“I’m stone…nothing touches me…nothing”

Now before you all hang me up and batter me, I have to admit, this is my first dystopian book…shock, horror, gasps etc. etc. This genre of books has never “called to me” I was never a fan of paranormal either until I was told I had to read the Premonition Series by none other than Amy Bartol herself. Amy totally and utterly captivated me with that series, so much so I had to read all the books back to back and now I am anxiously awaiting Iniquity, now I have to add also anxiously awaiting Kricket #2!

This book totally and utterly blew me away, I couldn’t put it down, it starts with the cover…I mean, how damn perfect and beautiful is that cover!! From the first till last page I was swept up in this fantasy world, I was all things Rafe, consumed with new knowledge about this new world that I knew absolutely nothing about. We were in the same boat as Kricket though as she knew nothing either, so I felt as if we were learning together. It was a journey, but only the beginning, a voyage of discovery, learning ones heritage, finding yourself finally, understanding, a sense of belonging but also that fear of the unknown. It was a sensory journey and one that I will not forget in a hurry.

Kricket is as adorable as she is feisty, but she is a survivor. She has been passed from foster home to foster home, never once feeling like she belonged, always feeling that she was different. Of course she was who else would have piercing violet eyes? A freak of nature…or perhaps a sought after child from a faraway planet, a child that held the key to prophecies that may or may not come true. A valuable commodity, but Kricket is a person and now it is up to those to keep her safe and alive from the vultures that are now circling now that she has been found. She is an asset to any “house” but which house wants her protected and which house wants to just use her for their own gain?

“If it weren’t you, it would’ve been someone else. I don’t need your pity, Trey . I don’t need anyone. I do my best work alone.”

The story begins with Kricket trying to stay under the radar until she reaches 18, but that is hard for a 5ft 10, blonde goddess with piercing violet eyes. Having escaped the system she has just a few months until she is finally an adult and can breathe again, that was until some tall, violet eyed men approached her saying that they were going to take her “home.” She runs and manages to escape only to run into a different group of men claiming the same thing. She is now stuck between a rock and hard place, but Kricket has this hidden talent, she can tell when someone is lying and knowing that the first group of men lied and were now fast approaching to capture, she goes with her gut instinct and trusts the second group, after all, they were telling the truth. She is soon transported to Ethar and this is where the story really kicks off. The planet in question is Ethar; the houses are Rafe, Alameeda, Comantre, Peney and Wurthem. Let the battle commence.

“All the paper airplanes of my heart nosedive and crash, coming to rest in a heap in the pit of my stomach.”

Her “rescuers” are Trey, Jax and Wayra, while they say they are taking her back home so that she can pay her penance, it was their mission to bring her back safe and sound. She can’t help but trust them, they haven’t lied, they are friendly and they really do seem to have her best interests at heart. It is on this trek back to Ethar where they have to navigate some awful and life threatening terrain that she begins to see the people behind the fa├žade, friendships are formed, some more than others. It is obvious Trey and Kricket have this chemistry but Trey has his own problems and demons to fight and another woman thrown into the mix is not on his list, but chemistry has a different opinion. It is now up to these two to see where it takes them and if they can battle to be together, or will the Ethar houses have their own theories as to how this story will end?

“We have to make the stars align for us now— find a way for us not to get burned for being together.”

All the characters in this book are written superbly, such is the powerful way this book was written, you loved the characters you were supposed to and absolutely detested the ones you weren’t. I loved reading the development of their relationships, from blatant distrust, to trusting, friendship, loving and caring and then an all-out, protect this woman at all costs. Amy Bartol always delivers a compelling read and this is no different, the slow build, the intensity, the chemistry, the beautiful descriptive writing that gives you the ability to picture yourself in this world and living what the characters were experiencing. It is no mean feat to be able to capture your imagination with that much force that you end up picturing, believing and living. I have always said that the Premonition series should be made into a movie; I feel exactly the same way about this one. I cannot wait to see where this series is going to go, but I seriously cannot wait for more Trey and Kricket.

“He was telling us that your voice will give comfort when the night becomes its blackest,” he replies. “And I’ll protect that voice with my body, my mind, and my spirit… because without it, I’m alone in the dark.”

Once again Amy Bartol, I take my hat off to you. The sensory overload that you have conveyed through words is truly astounding. I absolutely love your writing style, a certain 1click author for sure and I am now waiting on tenterhooks for the next instalment, whether it be Iniquity or Kricket #2, I am there, finger poised, ready to buy, read and devour. Totally and utterly fantastic, for those fans that are dystopian lovers, what are you waiting for and for those people like me, take a chance, buy it, read it and devour it like I did. I am now an official dystopian convert or maybe I am just under the Amy Bartol spell? Who knows!!

“When the crickets are singing, their music drowns out all the other noises in the night sky. You can have faith that the enemy isn’t moving because they’ll warn you,” Trey replies. “It’s when the crickets stop singing that you know the enemy is near and the battle is about to begin.”