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Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Marriage of Inconvenience (Knitting in the City #7) by Penny Reid


Marriage of Inconvenience, an all new romantic comedy standalone in the USA Today bestselling, Knitting in the City Series by Penny Reid, is available NOW!

MOI copy

Book Description:

There are three things you need to know about Kat Tanner (aka Kathleen Tyson. . . and yes, she is *that* Kathleen Tyson): 1) She’s determined to make good decisions, 2) She must get married ASAP, and 3) She knows how to knit.

Being a billionaire heiress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it sucks. Determined to live a quiet life, Kat Tanner changed her identity years ago and eschewed her family’s legacy. But now, Kat’s silver spoon past has finally caught up with her, and so have her youthful mistakes. To avoid imminent disaster, she must marry immediately; it is essential that the person she chooses have no romantic feelings for her whatsoever and be completely trustworthy. 

Fortunately, she knows exactly who to ask. Dan O’Malley checks all the boxes: single, romantically indifferent to her, completely trustworthy. Sure, she might have a wee little crush on Dan the Security Man, but with clear rules, expectations, and a legally binding contract, Kat is certain she can make it through this debacle with her sanity—and heart—all in one piece. 

Except, what happens when Dan O’Malley isn’t as indifferent—or as trustworthy—as she thought?


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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“When you have that much money, only your child mourns you.”

Penny Reid never fails to deliver, and Marriage of Inconvenience is no different. This author is the master of words and no matter what she turns her hand to, it is simply…stunning. The Knitting in the City series is one of my favourites of hers and now being book seven, these characters are like family. Dan is a character I have been eagerly waiting for and his story did not disappoint. Everyone will love him and his filthy mouth and if anyone deserved a happy ever after, it was him.

“But never tell me what I deserve, unless it’s you.”

Kat was a character that had little to no self-worth, she was self-deprecating, and her confidence was at rock bottom. Kat had made mistakes, a lot of mistakes and her past was less than savoury at times, but she had turned herself around and was now a model citizen. But the problems with pasts, are they are always there, and always come back to bite you on the ass.

Dan Dan the Security Man, the Irish rogue with a huge heart. Again, unsavoury past but had turned his life around and was now a man most admired. Dan has a huge personality, a foul mouth but has the propensity to love like no other. I think this is the most I have seen the F Bomb in a book and in a Penny Reid book, made me more than crack up. I never knew the F Word was so diverse.

“I’m in love with you. You’re my fucking—fucking sunshine. My goddamn everything. You’re the centre of my whole fucking universe. I’d give up swearing for you, I swear. If you asked, I’d never say the word fuck ever again, that’s how much I love you. I love you more than fuck, so that’s a whole fuckavalot.”

Kat is in trouble; big trouble and she needs someone to go above and beyond the call of duty to step up for her and get her out of the shit fest she finds herself in. They say that blood is thicker than water, but nothing could be further from the truth is most instances in this book. However, Dan’s mum was simply adorable.

“I swear Seamus was conceived by anal sex. There’s no other explanation for him being such an asshole.”

This book was smattered with the Reid sense of humour and her intelligent conversations, facts and dialogue. This book was action packed and the ultimate swoon fest and will have ovaries combusting everywhere. There is never a dull moment in a Penny Reid book and I will read whatever this author puts out. Her books are more than a romance, they are a life lesson, a science lesson and they never, ever get old. Absolutely adore this series and sincerely hope that there is more to come.


Staring at his chin, because I couldn’t quite lift my eyes any higher, I cleared my throat. “Should we get ready for bed?” “Sure,” he said, his voice a rumble. Dan’s eyes were on me, I felt the weight of them. My hands came to the hem of my skirt and I hesitated, feeling winded for some reason. Sneaking a glance at him, I immediately wished I hadn’t. His gaze was watchful, but it was also unmistakably hot in a way that seemed at once both avaricious and accusatory. The vice tightened around my lungs. Kiss him! Just freaking kiss him! You want numbered steps? Fine. You kiss him- check. He kisses you back- check. Then you make out- check. Check the boxes. I licked my lips, balling my hands into fists at my sides again, preparing to follow my hasty list. But then he said, “Undress me.” My breath caught. On instinct, my eyes lifted and collided with his in much the same way our bodies had collided at the top of the stairs just moments ago. Jarring. Startling. Thrilling. This time I couldn’t look away because this time I was falling. He made no move to catch me. “What? What did you say?” His eyes narrowed, which served only to increase the intensity of his gaze from smolder to inferno. “Take my clothes off.” I stared at him, licking my lips again, and shaking my head. That wasn’t one of my steps. Lifting my chin, I moved to kiss him. He leaned to the side, evading me even as his eyes dropped to my mouth. “Take off my shirt and I’ll give you a kiss.” He’d used his naughty-secret voice. An explosion of heat erupted in my belly, and now I was hot all over. I couldn’t figure out if the heat was embarrassment or arousal or both. He didn’t give me a chance to figure it out. His hands lifted and he undid his cuffs; then they moved to the top button of his shirt. “You better take over,” he said darkly, “or else you’re not getting that kiss.”



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About the Author:

Penny Reid is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she’s not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

Connect with Penny:

Twitter: @ReidRomance

Release Day Blitz ~ Her Defiant Heart (Damaged Hearts #1) by Monica Murphy


Her Defiant Heart 
by Monica Murphy 
Publication Date: March 29th, 2018 
Genre: New Adult Romance

Her Defiant Heart ebook.jpg

Book Description:

Life can feel like a cruel joke. I grew up poor and motherless, with a father who never got over his wife’s abandonment. But now he’s gone too, and I’m dead set on finding the woman who so carelessly tossed me aside when I was a baby.

I want revenge. And I’m going to get back at my mother any way that I can.

I change my name. Start my new life in college, and just happen to cross paths with the gorgeous, ultra-rich Rhett Montgomery. He’s immediately interested in me, not that I’m surprised.

You see, I planned it that way. I meant for him to find me. He’s the one connection to my mother, and I’m using him, so I can destroy her. But I didn’t plan on Rhett being so charming. Sweet. Sexy.

And I definitely didn’t plan on falling for him either…


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About the Author:

Monica Murphy is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 international bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series, the Billionaire Bachelors and The Rules series. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and has sold over one million copies worldwide. She is both self-published and published by Random House/Bantam and Harper Collins/Avon. She writes new adult, young adult and contemporary romance.

She is a wife and a mother of three who lives in central California on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere along with their one dog and too many cats. A self-confessed workaholic, when she's not writing, she's reading or hanging out with her husband and kids. She's a firm believer in happy endings, though she will admit to putting her characters through angst-filled moments before they finally get that hard won HEA.

Connect with Monica:

Double Cover Reveal ~ The Wright Love and The Wright One by KA Linde


Double Cover Reveal!!!


Cover design: Okay Creations.
Photography: Perrywinkle Photography


The Wright Love -- May 15th 

Book Description:

A sexy new contemporary romance duet from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde… I have the perfect life. Until the day my husband tragically dies. Being a single mom and widow was never part of the plan. When David Calloway enters my life, I have no room for love in my heart. But he’s determined to do right by me. Could he be the Wright love? The Wright Love is the first book in the Wright Love Duet, and Sutton and David's story will conclude in The Wright One—coming May 29th! Get ready for your newest binge read. 

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The Wright One -- May 29th 

Book Description:

A new sexy contemporary romance duet from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde… Secrets swarm all around. My world is crumbling under the strain. I don’t know if we can survive this. My heart is in the Wright place. But is his? The Wright One is the last book in the Wright Love Duet that began in The Wright Love. Find out if Sutton and David survive their world of secrets in the conclusion to the Wright Love duet! 

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon UKAmazon US iBooksB&NKoboGoogle Play


About the Author:

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time. She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies. 

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Murder Notes (Lilah Love #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Murder Notes is LIVE!!!!

Title: Murder Notes
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Series: Lilah Love #1
Release Date: March 27, 2018

Book Description:

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones’s heart-pounding thriller of a woman’s secrets—and a past that’s about to come out of hiding…

As an FBI profiler, it’s Lilah Love’s job to think like a killer. And she is very good at her job. When a series of murders surface—the victims all stripped naked and shot in the head—Lilah’s instincts tell her it’s the work of an assassin, not a serial killer. But when the case takes her back to her hometown in the Hamptons and a mysterious but unmistakable connection to her own life, all her assumptions are shaken to the core.

Thrust into a troubled past she’s tried to shut the door on, Lilah’s back in the town where her father is mayor, her brother is police chief, and she has an intimate history with the local crime lord’s son, Kane Mendez. The two share a devastating secret, and only Kane understands Lilah’s own darkest impulses. As more corpses surface, so does a series of anonymous notes to Lilah, threatening to expose her. Is the killer someone in her own circle? And is she the next target?

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“There’s a reason it’s usually someone you love who kills you.”

This is a step away from Lisa Renee Jones’s norm, this is a fully-fledged thriller that had me frantically turning pages while trying to connect dots in the vain hope of trying to fathom out what was going on…a true sign of a great one. There is a romantic undertone, don’t get me wrong, but at the moment, that is an undercurrent, the real meat of this book is a serial killer that seems to have a point to prove to our FBI woman, Lilah Love.

Lilah Love is an enigma, it is obvious she has a lot of baggage but her cold heart and ambivalence makes her hard to warm up to in the first instance. However, as the book progresses you begin to understand her and her mannerisms. Lilah is a total badass, she can more than handle herself and the way her mind works is fascinating. It takes a brave person to take her on and even braver to try and blackmail her with secrets she definitely doesn’t want uncovered.

“It bleeds because you bleed.”

The anticipation of her love connection, with Kane, is one that had my heart thrumming and this man is one hell of an enigma too. There is obviously a lot of history between these two and it is that and the ultimate chance of a second chance romance that definitely has me wanting more. But, is he all he seems? For me, I do believe he loves Lilah and has never stopped and despite his cool, calm demeanour, I am sure that Lilah is the only one that thaw and floor him. There is definitely a love/hate thing going on and for two people that were so close…what happened to separate them?

“…you don’t catch a killer by hiding from him. You catch him by getting to know him.”

The action in this book is what really keeps the pages turning and being a crime programme aficionado, this book was definitely right up my alley. A cross between Criminal Minds and CSI, this book has a touch of everything for us crime junkies and Lisa Renee Jones did an amazing job of keeping the suspense up, the reader captivated and that forever anticipation. I cannot wait for the next book in this series, it seriously cannot come quick enough.


I scan the ocean, expecting it to turn to blood, but it simply crashes to the shore.

I turn to the house and take a step, then stop abruptly, a shadow flickering by the house. A shiver runs down my spine. There it is again. Another shadow. Someone is there. It’s then that I flash back to being on this very sand, with Kane grabbing my arms and saying, “I’ll take care of it.” And I let him, and did so without asking questions, until it was too late to change the outcome. Because I was weak that night and he was strong. But I am not weak anymore.

I pull my weapon and start running for the house, wind in my hair and face, my heart thundering in my ears, and I don’t stop until I’m staring at the blood splattered all over the patio glass, some kind of note pinned in the center. Adrenaline surges through me, but I am in my Otherworld now. I retain my cool. I walk to the patio door, using the end of my shirt to open the door, and then I systematically search every inch of the house. When I know I’m alone, I walk to my bag, pull on gloves and then walk back outside, yanking the note off the door. Returning back inside, I lock the door and pull the blinds and then I open the note. At the top is the alphabet, pasted in paper letters, with an X across the letter A. The note reads:

A is for the Apple a day that keeps the doctor away. But a doctor couldn’t help him, could he?



To celebrate the release of MURDER NOTES Lisa is giving away TWO Lilah Love Mugs PLUS a Kindle Fire Tablet!

Other Books in the Series:

Title: Murder Girl
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Series: Lilah Love #2
Release Date: July 10, 2018

Book Description:

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones returns with the second book in her electrifying series featuring Lilah Love, an FBI profiler who doesn’t fight her dark side—she embraces it.

It’s Lilah Love’s job to inhabit a killer’s mind. The unapologetically tough FBI profiler is very comfortable there. But her latest case is making her head spin. It’s a string of brutal assassinations carried out across the country, each tied to a mysterious tattoo. Body by body, she’s followed the clues all the way back to her hometown. And every step of the way, the killer has been following her.

Here, beneath the glamour of the privileged Hamptons community, is a secret long buried but never forgotten. It’s bigger than Lilah. It’s powerful enough to escape the reach of the FBI. And it’s more personal than anyone can imagine. Because it’s hiding in Lilah’s own past. To fight it, she’s forced to turn to her lethally tempting ex, Kane Mendez. He’s an expert at bringing out Lilah’s darkest impulses. If she plans to survive, she’s going to need them.

Pre-Order Links:

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About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.

In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling DIRTY MONEY and WHITE LIES series. Presently, Lisa is working on her Murder Girl/Lilah Love series to be published by Montlake.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Connect with Lisa:

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Cover Reveal ~ Sweeping the Series (A Balls in Play Novella) by Kate Stewart

Book Description:

Ren Makavoy is one season away from realizing his Major League dreams. Unfortunately, his bad-boy reputation off the field has landed him in hot water. Ren swears his days of drinking, brawling, and seducing starlets are over, but management sees fit to bring in PR to clean up his act. Determined to prove himself as a reputable catcher, his plans of playing along backfire when he comes face to face with the woman who shattered his heart.

She is the last hope of saving his reputation. 

And things are about to get a hell of a lot hotter.

This sinfully sexy second-chance romantic dramedy is a stand-alone and spinoff of The Balls in Play Series. Join the rest of the gang from Anything but Minor and Major Love for one last season of love, laughter, and baseball.

Sweeping the Series was originally a part of the Team Player Anthology which is no longer available. This will be released as a novella on 29th March.

I absolutely adored this whole series and this novella was a perfect accompaniment. You can read my review here:-

Thursday 22 March 2018

Review ~ Wait With Me by Amy Daws

Book Description:

When romance novelist Kate Smith suddenly gets writer's block as she's beginning the final installment of her international bestselling erotic Bed 'n Breakfast series, she'll do pretty much anything to get her groove back. 

Like sneak into a Tire Depot waiting room because her words flow there just like complimentary coffee-smooth, sweet, and scorchingly hot.

She manages to fly under the radar until the rugged and charming mechanic, Miles Hudson, notices the quirky redhead slinking in and out of the employees only entrance. 

But she's way too intriguing to blow the whistle on. 

Doing a test-drive of her new book idea sounds like a much better option.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 stars

“You know that point in a romance novel where the girl bares her heart to the guy, and he tells her that he’s loved her since the first moment he laid eyes on her? That’s not how my story with Miles went.”

If like me, you have been totally captivated by Amy Daws and her Tires Tires Tires escapades then you will be like I was…itching to read this book. I have followed her social media for weeks, itching to see what happens next and what fantastic inspiration to write a book, you couldn’t make it up. Social media, news stations and newspapers have all picked up on this feel good story and I have to say, the book will have the same effect. I have smiled from ear to ear throughout this book, swooned hard and loved even harder, this was one of those books I didn’t want to end.

Kate Smith is an author who writes smut, a little kink and a whole heap of erotica under the laughable pen name of Mercedes Lee Loveletter, but she is currently suffering from what every author dreads…writers block. While taking her car in for a service, she settles into the Customer Care Centre at her Tire Depot and the words flow, so much so, she doesn’t leave when her car is fixed, she takes all her friends cars in as an excuse to stay there another day and when all her car options are exhausted, she takes to sneaking in the employee entrance and staying there anyway.

Mercedes personal life is not what romance books are made of and having not long split from her boyfriend of two years it seems her old personal life is still wreaking havoc with her writing. Kate has some close friends that are incredibly supportive, just a shame her ex wasn’t the same. At the Tire Depot though there is one mechanic that catches her eye and tickle her ovaries every time their eyes meet, but she’s incognito…at lest she thinks she is.

Miles Hudson works at the Tire Depot, he has his own heap of baggage being a year out of a ten-year toxic relationship. Miles doesn’t want another girlfriend, he just wants to play the field a while until he feels his heart is ready to trust another, but he didn’t bet on a smoking hot red head, smut writing author…but is all in the name of research…right?

“I turn my back and walk down the stairs away from the girl I thought I fucking knew but was, in fact, writing fiction the whole damn time.”

Miles was the epitome of one of Kate’s book boyfriends, he ticked all her boxes and she couldn’t help her eyes whenever he was in her vicinity and it seemed it wasn’t all one-sided. The chemistry between these two was sizzling and they were such adorable characters you just wanted them to work. Neither looking, but both falling. The dialogue was on point, the comedic element had me laughing and smiling and this just had that “whole feel good read” vibe about it.

“We were the motherfucking storm. We were thunder and lightning, and we created the most beautiful swirl of passion I’ve ever experienced with a man.”

We go from friends, to friends with benefits to more and the progression of their relationship was destined from the very beginning. Both these characters deserved their own happy ever after and Amy Daws wrote it in such a way it was like watching your best friends. I adored everything about this book, associating things with Tires Tires Tires only made me smile and although Amy didn’t have any romantic liaison in the Customer Car Centre, it was a pleasure to read about a couple that did. Fantastic inspiration resulting in a fantastic book.

Teaser Thursday ~ The Real by Kate Stewart

Check out this teaser for THE REAL by Kate Stewart! Don't forget to add it to your TBR!

Contemporary Romance
Stand Alone

Book Description:

They say it happens when you least expect it.

It did for me.

It started the moment I saw the simple message pop up on my computer screen:

Cameron’s Mac: Hi.

And when I met the eyes of the gorgeous man messaging me from across the coffee shop, I never thought my reply would lead to the most intense, sexual, and passionate relationship of my life.

We both agreed to check our bags at the door and put our future hopes and aspirations on the table.

It worked.

I fell in love with his no holds barred attitude, sexy smirk, and undeniably good heart . . . and for a while we forgot about our baggage. We happily tripped over it to get to the other, neither of us willing to show the contents of our pasts in the off chance it could ruin us.

We built our love on a foundation of gray.

It was life in black and white that threatened to tear us apart.

About the Author:

Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it's what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things '80s and '90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.

Contact Kate-

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Review ~ One Last Time by Corinne Michaels

Book Description:

From New York Times bestselling author, Corinne Michaels, comes a new heartwarming standalone romance.

I’m getting really good at cutting my losses.

First, the husband. Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. But between single-parenting and job-hunting, I can’t catch my breath. When a celebrity blogging position falls into my lap, I’m determined to succeed.

That is, until I get my first assignment and actually see Noah Frazier for the first time . . . practically naked and dripping wet. My heart races and I forget how to form complete sentences. His chiseled abs, irresistible smirk, and crystal blue eyes are too perfect to be real. So, what do I do? Get drunk and humiliate myself, of course.

I’m ready to forget the awkward night, yet Noah has no intention of allowing me to move on. Instead, he arranges for me to write a feature on him, ensuring a lot more time together. One embarrassing moment after another, one kiss after another, and before I can stop myself, I realize—I’m falling in love with him.

But when the unthinkable happens, can I even blame him for cutting his losses?

What I wouldn’t give for just one last time . . .

Buy Links:

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“Magic gum, huh?”
“I hear it helps when you want to erase the past and start over.”

Corinne Michaels is one author that always delivers for me and this book was no different. This book is different from Corinne Michaels norm, but despite the slight deviation she still hit the nail on the head.

Kristin is a woman that most of us would be able to relate to in some form or another. Having been mentally and emotionally abused by her husband she finally plucks up the courage to divorce and finds herself a single mum of two and stepping her toe into the workforce for the first time in a very long time. Kristin is lucky though, she has a great team or girlfriends around her and this book goes a long way into showing just how important great friends are.

“His words are noise, and I’m going to drown it out with the positivity that lives inside me. Negativity is so much easier to believe, but I’m done with living in that hell.”

It is through her friends that Kristin gets her first job as a kind of celebrity journalist and her first topic is a friend of her girlfriends, Noah. Noah, was perfect, I mean you will be hard pressed to find a man as patient, adorable, caring and as charming as he was. He could see the damage that Kristin's ex-husband had caused, and he made it his mission to build this beautiful woman back up again. His relationship with her children will only make you love him all the more. I mean…ovaries officially combusted.

“…the glass door slides open and Noah walks through the threshold. My legs start to quiver as his eyes meet mine. All I can think about is how I’d like to climb him like a tree and shake his coconuts.”

This was a stunning read once again from Corinne Michaels. The character connection, the emotions, the dialogue were all on point and from the first to last page, this book had me rapt. With the added extra of Corinne Michaels humour, you will have tears of laughter and in my case, the odd case of sadness. Once again, Corinne Michaels has delivered a stunning book and I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Release Day Blitz, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely


One fiery American woman and one hot British guy? The language of love knows no boundaries…

From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes the hot, new romance guaranteed to sweep you away while scorching the sheets, WANDERLUST! A brand new, sinfully sexy romance, WANDERLUST is now available on all retailers! Get your copy delivered now!


✮✮✮WANDERLUST is here! Grab your copy today! ✮✮✮

Book Description:

From #1 NYT bestselling author Lauren Blakely comes a sexy new standalone romance!

The first time I met him, his sexy British accent almost talked me into giving him my number on the spot. The second time, he nearly charmed the panties off me with his wit. Then I learned he's the key to success in my new job in Paris. The man who tempts me into fling-worthy dirty daydreams has turned out to be my personal translator, and his accent is the hottest thing I've ever heard.
My mantra is simple -- Don't mix business with pleasure.
I do my best to resist him as he teaches me how to converse with my co-workers, navigate the metro and order the perfect bottle of wine at dinner. But I also figure out how to tell the charming and clever man what I most want to say -- that I want him to take me back to his flat -- tonight.
Except there's a catch...


One more assignment before I take off on my big adventure...
And it involves the toughest work ever -- resisting the fetching American woman I spend all my days with. But you know what they say about best intentions. Soon, we're spending our nights tangled together, and I don't want to let her go. The trouble is, my wanderlust is calling to me, and before we know it I'll be traveling the globe to fulfill a promise I made long ago.
What could possibly go wrong with falling in love in Paris? Nothing...unless one of you is leaving.

Buy Links:


✦ Amazon UK 
✦ Amazon US  ✦ iBooksKobo Nook Google PlayAmazon PB


✦The audiobook is narrated by Richard Armitage and Grace Grant! 
✦ ✦Audible ➜
✦Amazon Audio UK ➜
✦Amazon Audio US ➜


“Wanderlust is the love story to end all! I laughed, cried, dreamed, and hoped. To say I was transfixed by this story is to underrate its power. I am a romantic at heart and this book spoke to me like no other.” -Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews


“Packed with flirty banter, a slow-building, yet scorching hot romance, and characters that are enchanting, voracious, and delightfully unreserved, Wanderlust is a hopelessly romantic, heart-meltingly sweet love story from Lauren Blakely.” -Yvette for Nose Stuck in a Book

“Loved this! Wanderlust is a delightful and utterly romantic read.” -ShawnaLovesRomance


✮✮✮ Enter to win the ultimate gift for anyone who has a little WANDERLUST! ✮✮✮

This prize pack includes a Kate Spade Travel Bag ($500 value), along with a $50 gift card to Bath and Body Works where you can pick out your favorite scented lotion, bubblebath or candles.

Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

Lauren Blakely whisked me away to gay Paris in this stunning audible edition of Wanderlust. It is pretty evident that this author has an affinity for the French capital and her love of the city was prevalent throughout this audible. Narrators make or break a book and being British myself I was so glad that our British hero was granted the sultry, dulcet tones of Richard Armitage, I have to say, he made this audible for me.

I was enraptured by this audible and actually listened to it all in one sitting. The allure of Paris and Perfume was too much, and the stunning, evocative writing almost created an interactive read as the descriptive writing had me more than imagining the perfume that was being created.

Joy and Griffin were fantastic characters, their banter, their chemistry, their physical attraction was on point as these two narrators brought these characters to life. Having them “speak” only gave these characters their sense of humour, added depth and the little nuances with voices and comedic moments brought these characters to life.

As I said above, this was a stunning story, not only limited to Paris and perfume. The language, the food, the sites, the customs, really brought their love story together and I was total captivated from the very start. By the end, I wanted to see Paris for myself, refresh my rusty high school French and check out the capital for myself. Absolutely adored it.



There’s one word a woman can utter that gets a man’s blood flowing south instantly.

Okay. That’s not true.

There are about twenty thousand that produce that effect, because when you fancy a woman, nearly anything remotely sexy can drive you crazy with desire for her.

Imagine if she says, I’m going to take off a sock.

Boom. Implied nudity. Hard as a rock.

Perhaps she asks, Do you like strawberries?

Obviously that means she wants me to eat them off her breasts. Flagpole raised.

But then there are some that are so direct, so spot on, she might as well be saying, I’d like you to fuck me hard all night long.

Which, for the record, might possibly be my favorite thing a woman could ever say to me. In fact, I might need to make that my own personal addendum to the bucket list.

At the moment, though, the word is proposition.

As I walk to the restaurant Joy has chosen on Rue de Bac, I keep replaying that deliciously inviting message.

I have a proposition for you.

What could it possibly be but some fantastic arrangement where we shag all night and still get along for work? No strings, no pain, no heartbreak. Sign me up right-the-hell now. That would be fantastic. A promise of orgasm-drenched nights, capped off by an uncomplicated good-bye when I take off for Indonesia in a few more months, finally visiting the places around the world Ethan and I marked on a map when we were younger.

As I round the corner, Christian’s words have the temerity to appear in the forefront of my brain.

Don’t you make the same mistake. You can’t mix business and pleasure. We’re lucky to have the jobs we have.

We are lucky to have our jobs. I don’t disagree with his basic premise, but I doubt Joy’s proposition will jeopardize mine. Besides, I really only need to keep my job for the next two and a half months. That’s all she needs me for at her company, and then I’m gone. Who knows where I’ll end up after I take off on my great adventure? We made so many marks on that map. If I found it, it’d be full of pinholes, I’m sure.

Travel everywhere, Ethan wrote.

He can’t. So I must.

There’s simply no way that Joy’s have hot sex with me every single night starting now will interfere with my bigger plans. I can juggle business and pleasure. I can enjoy the woman, the gig, and the checking off of each item on the bucket list.

When I reach the door of Gabriel’s, a restaurant started by a French-Brazilian cook who’s now become a rock star chef in New York City, I’m more certain than ever that I can have my cake and eat it, too. Preferably off Joy’s soft supple belly.

With that enticing image front and center, I smooth a hand down my black shirt, push open the door, and head inside.

About the Author:


#1 New York Times Bestselling author, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 90 times, and she's sold more than 2.5 million books. In March she'll release WANDERLUST, a sexy new standalone romance. 

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Teaser Tuesday ~ The Real by Kate Stewart

Check out the latest teaser for THE REAL by Kate Stewart! Don't forget to add it to your TBR!

Contemporary Romance
Stand Alone
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Book Description:

They say it happens when you least expect it.

It did for me.

It started the moment I saw the simple message pop up on my computer screen:

Cameron’s Mac: Hi.

And when I met the eyes of the gorgeous man messaging me from across the coffee shop, I never thought my reply would lead to the most intense, sexual, and passionate relationship of my life.

We both agreed to check our bags at the door and put our future hopes and aspirations on the table.

It worked.

I fell in love with his no holds barred attitude, sexy smirk, and undeniably good heart . . . and for a while we forgot about our baggage. We happily tripped over it to get to the other, neither of us willing to show the contents of our pasts in the off chance it could ruin us.

We built our love on a foundation of gray.

It was life in black and white that threatened to tear us apart.

About the Author:

Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it's what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things '80s and '90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.

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Cover Reveal ~ Mogul by Katy Evans


A brand new contemporary romance from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans is coming May 31st!

Mogul Amazon-2

Author: Katy Evans
Release Date: May 31st

Book Description:

He's my most delicious secret. 
The hot Suit I had a one-night stand with one evening. 
I didn't know anything about him, not even his name. 
Only that we shared a taxi, and he was staying at the hotel where I worked. 
We met in room 301. Where he commanded not only my body but my soul. 
The next day he was gone and I only had a memory of him. 
I could still taste his kisses, feel his demanding touch.
I searched for him for months. Daydreaming about him. Wondering if I'd ever find him.
Until the day I find myself staring face to face with his jeweled black eyes again.
He says lets keep it casual, and my heart knows that falling for this workaholic in a three-thousand-dollar suit is off the table. 
Because he has a secret. One that's a deal breaker for me. 
My Suit has a name.
Ian Ford. 
And this is our story.

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About the Author:

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world. 
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Monday 19 March 2018

Review ~ The Valiant (Spy Girl #4) by Jillian Dodd

Book Description:

From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the fourth book in a sizzling series filled with action and adventure. Fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games will discover a heart-pounding thrill ride of espionage and suspense set in glittering high society.

What will happen when the world goes ka-boom? 
The assassin known as The Priest was tasked with a series of three hits, and the last one blows up in his face—literally. 
People will die. 
People will go on. 
Unlikely alliances will be formed.
And when British intelligence learns that a series of nuclear backpack bombs were smuggled into their country, there’s a lot more to worry about than discovering why a covert agent was assassinated over six years ago or what’s going to start in Montrovia.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“You’re the dream that won’t die…”

I adore this series and Jillian Dodd is doing an amazing job of keeping this plot action packed, addictive and all-consuming. In this book, this Spy Kids come James Bond’esque serial adds a touch of Da Vinci Code as Huntley finds herself trailing clues as to her past, what happened to her mother and how this impinges her future.

After the doozy of a cliff-hanger in The Society, The Valiant starts where The Society left off and while my lips are totally zipped, Huntley should never be underestimated. This is a trip down memory lane for Huntley, whereby she follows the trails of breadcrumbs her mother left in the vague hope of being able to recall her and her mothers’ final steps. Huntley hopes that going to these places will give her deja vu and she will be able to recollect any and everything that happened.

“I feel like I’m trapped in the video game of my life, and if I make the wrong move, I’ll be dead. I used to be okay about going Game Over, but that was back when…”

The threat to Lorenzo is rife as is the threat to Montrovia and everything points back to what Huntley’s mother was trying to tell her. As her mothers’ clues from beyond the grave begin to mount up, it soon becomes apparent that the only person that she can trust, is herself. Maybe though, getting too close to the truth, could be her demise. It seems everyone associated with this, is already dead.

Full of conspiracy theories and as I said above Da Vinci Code type clues, this book has your brain running a mile a minute as you try to piece together what is presented to Huntley. I loved the history contained within these pages and the amount of research was much appreciated. Lorenzo and Huntley’s relationship moves at Mach speed due to royal responsibilities but is this all too much too soon? I love the relationship that these two share and as one of her mothers clues comes to the fore, it made their relationship all the more special, but what you have to bear in mind is the time frame of the four books so far, is only a few weeks, although it seems as though I have spent years with these characters.

“Lorenzo, his monarchy, and his country are being threatened from sources unknown, and somehow, the two of us are mixed up in it, making both of us vulnerable regardless of our emotions. I tell myself that it has nothing to do with love. But I know better.”

The ending of this book, although not as traumatic as The Society, leaves just as bitter a taste and of course leaves the reader wanting more and more and more. My heart broke in this book and while this story still has a lot of legs I would love for something for once to go right for our Huntley. She needs some light in the dark, dark world that she constantly finds herself in. Bring on book 5.

“You are all the pretty in my life, Lorenzo. Do you know that?”