Monday 26 May 2014

Blog Tour ~ Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Point of Submission by Remy Landon

Book Description:

Cassandra Larsen is not the type to give in. But Carlo Leone is not the type to give up. The 27 year old CEO of a prominent industrial company, Carlo is rich. Powerful. And devastatingly handsome. Tragic events in his past have caused him to be guarded, to view women as playthings in a provocative game he and his colleague created. When Carlo meets 21 year old Cassandra at the horse stable he owns, he is instantly drawn to her beauty and feisty nature, but beneath her spunk, there is vulnerability and want. She will be a challenge--a perfect candidate for the contest. 

Wary of relationships due to her rocky history, Cassandra is determined to resist Carlo’s smoldering eyes and maddening charm. Will she surrender? And will Carlo discover that this has become more than just a game--before it’s too late? 
Carlo was kissing her more deeply now, pausing every few seconds to nibble on her lips and allow her to catch her breath. He kept one arm wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly, while his other hand slid up her bare back in a skin-tingling trail. When he reached the nape of her neck, he pulled back to stare at her, his breathing ragged. “Take down your hair.”
This was surprising. And it sounded like an order. A tiny seed of doubt sprouted within her. She hesitated, her chest heaving.
“Take it down now, Cassandra.” His eyes were smoldering, the lamplight illuminating the clench of his jaw.
She reached up to remove the hair pins and elastic, spirals of hair cascading down. He was watching her almost hungrily, and this both unnerved and excited her.
“Beautiful,” he said softly, clearly satisfied. “Good girl.”
Now his hands were up in her hair, tugging gently and combing it out with his fingers so it fanned across her bare shoulders in long curls. A long, shuddering sigh escaped her as he put his mouth to her neck, nibbling at her skin and making a trail of cool, shiver-inducing kisses. He was gripping the underside of her hair, winding a section of it around his hand and causing her head to tip back—he wasn't pulling so much as just holding, but with the way she felt right now, she wasn't going anywhere, anyway.
His lips left her neck. He began kissing her again in the agonizingly slow, deliberate way he had, giving her time to think about how good his kisses felt in the space between them. His mouth, she had discovered, was as functional as it was beautiful. She had never been kissed so perfectly, although she was trying her damndest not to fully participate. She didn't want to let him know just what kind of major effect he was having on her, although given that she wasn't resisting and couldn't seem to prevent the little sounds she was making, she was pretty sure he had an idea.
“Lie down,” he said hoarsely. “I want to feel you underneath me.”
About the Author:

As a child, Remy was an avid reader and writer, bringing stacks of books everywhere she went and scribbling stories in a thick spiral notebook.

She heard somewhere that you should have a career based on what you loved to do when you were 10, and she would love nothing more than to follow that advice.



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