Saturday 25 January 2014

Angel After Dark by Kahlen Aymes

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3 to 3.5 Stars

“I don’t want you to lose yourself, honey. I’m trying to find you. To keep you with me.”

I have absolutely loved everything that Kahlen Aymes has written so was really excited when this book was released. I had seen the snippets and the teasers and my interest had been piqued, I wanted to know all about Angel and Alex.

I will say that I feel that this is what I call a “groundwork book,” basically, introducing us to the characters and their back stories. It is a slow burner and I did find it a bit too slow in places but the foundations have been laid now so I am anticipating some major plot lines to come through in the subsequent books in this series.

This is a love story with an edge of suspense, both Angel and Alex are alpha characters and this has already led to some seriously hot “rutting,” each character vying for the upper hand, the edge and most importantly the feeling of being in control. I really cannot wait to see where these two go in the future, the anticipation of this relationship has me salivating.

Angel is one ballsy lady, she is a criminal psychologist specialising in aiding those women that have been the victim of rape. She deals with some very unsavoury cases and characters, but with her inner strength and crazy determination she very rarely fails. She is well known and well respected in her field. She also has a soft side, though she likes to keep it hidden and she has a wicked sense of humour and is a diva on karaoke! She has also started a late night radio phone in session that deals primarily with relationship issues and whilst she is strong and tough (or so she thinks) the advice that she gives takes into account both the male and female psyche. It is on this late night show that she comes across Alex, or have they already met?

“The sound of Alex’s laughter reverberated through his empty house combined with the song that Angel played at the end of her set; Maneater by Nelly Furtado. He wasn’t familiar with the song but Angel’s message was loud and clear. Fucking priceless!”

Alex, married to his job, he is drop dead gorgeous, successful, driven, extremely rich but he knows his limitations. He knows that he cannot be someones boyfriend or husband because of his job and the life that he leads, so he goes into “arrangements” where he lays it on the line in the beginning. I will keep you, pay for anything you want, we will have a “monogamous sexual relationship” but that is all it can be and ever will be. He doesn’t have the time or the inclination for anything else. But will this change when he meets Angel?

These two do have great chemistry and I really cannot wait to see what happens going forward with them. Two extremely alpha characters together and you know you are going to get fireworks. Just when the pace of this book picked up and I was really getting into it, it finished and I was like WTH?? I wanted more! This does mean that I will be buying the next one though. I would have liked to have seen more happen with the underlying story of Angel’s “day job.” I did think that this is where the action was going to come from throughout the book and was just waiting for something to happen but it never did. I anticipate that this will come to a head over the course of the series.

“Because it can’t be controlled. I fight it, too, but I’m ready to let it happen. When we’re together like this, all I want to do is feel. There is no other choice.”

In summary the foundations have been laid and read and now I want to read the walls and finish with the roof, no doubt in true Kahlen Aymes style she will blow it off when we get there.

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