Friday 24 January 2014

Friday Frights ~ Two’s A Couple, Three’s The Law by Eve Langlais

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 5 Stars

A fantasy come true in this brilliant book, it is sexy erotic and can be very funny. Two hot males and one verrry lucky lady.

Chloe, Anthony and Pete.
Chloe, one tall defence lawyer.
Anthony, a drop dead gorgeous D A prosecutor.
and Pete, one very hunky werewolf, what can I say.

The first male on Chloe’s scene so to say was Anthony. Anthony meets Chloe in a bar and persuades her to spend the night with him. Three times in as many places and many orgasms later wow. After a chance meeting the following day there is Pete which leads to another mind blowing night of sex.

“The passion. The wild sex. The out-of-this-world orgasms. And with a werewolf of all things.”

All this after going so long without OMG, from drought to uncontrollable nympho phew.

These two different men have totally blown Chloe away. Boy talk about a cold cold love life to raging hot and getting complicated. Yes, especially after them finding out about each other and talking between themselves they eventually decide a threesome is the only way to go. This, to the girl who isn't into threesomes, as I said complicated.

With a bit of impromptu sex in a maintenance cupboard at work with a werewolf who howls loudly when he comes and one very erotic dream that leaves her gagging for more.

Then Anthony comes round and after showing some of his sexual prowess he drops his bombshell that in fact he is a vampire, getting interesting, oh yes, but no way was this going to stop Chloe enjoying his gorgeous body all she could say was:

" Bite me," I whispered, "Bite me and fuck me."

and also they have a murderer to find, yep.

With all this hot hot sex the decision for the first threesome came up.

“Flesh joined, we fucked, I sucked, and our pleasure mounted. Pants, groans, and moans accompanied the sound of my slurping and flesh slapping. So fucking decadent. So amazingly good. So....... Incredible.”

But there is still that murderer to find.

Really great read. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Had a good giggle along the way as well and just lurrved the sex.

Ms Langlais hats off to you, a definite 5*.

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