Friday 3 April 2015

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Hoodoo Blue (Magic and Mayhem Book 1) by Katalina Leon

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 Stars

If you want a light hearted, humorous but sexy read then this is the book for you. It is about a passionate, curvy but wary witch, by the name of Frankie, who has taken herself out of the dating game. The last disastrous date she went on didn't quite go to plan, so much so that her magic went a bit berserk on her and left her in heaps of trouble. Frankie however did feel vindicated, for her date so deserved to feel her anger and if he lost his hair in the process then so be it, but she had to admit she was feeling lonely as she did enjoy the company of the male species.

Unbeknown to Frankie, her best friend Estele, had decided enough was enough and that Frankie should start going out again and did a bit of the witchy business herself which included Frankie coming in contact with a rather handsome Lycan by the name of Gus and when these two met the attraction these two felt for one another was definitely there. With a bit of outside intervention the attraction became hilarious and with decidedly very sexy moments.

It all started with a shared drink that had been bought for them at the local bar which brought unforeseen consequences. It not only loosened them up physically but also affected their tongues, no sooner they thought something about each other it just blurted out their mouths, which was a tad embarrassing seeing they had only just met each other.

With things like, when Frankie looked at Gus her thoughts were...

"I think you're gorgeous. I would love to take you home and fuck us both happy, but I don't dare. You look like an A-plus roll in the sheets, and I would love to see your naked ass out of those tight pants, but I've got this horrible problem right now."

And Gus was no different; his thoughts were running along the lines of...

"I think we both have a problem. I'm getting ready to wolf-shift. We're strangers. I want to keep you up all night, pin you beneath me, and fuck you senseless while I growl obscenities in your ear. In my mind, I'm already plotting a way to talk you into anal and it's killing me that I can't censor my filthy mouth. Man, I'd like to bite your ass and spank you 'til you beg."

With this sort of thing going on for a while they both thought it best they called it a night, only to find that it was not only loose tongues, now it was they couldn't even be parted unless they suffered intense pain. Wow.

It is so comical reading how they tried to combat this fly in the ointment, but it did have its upside, like a certain Lycan being tied to a bedpost and a buxom blonde witch taking advantage and having her wicked way him, not that he was complaining much.

This is a very funny book and I'm sure everyone who is into witches and Lycans will to. Ms Leon very witty writing, it gave me a good giggle.

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