Saturday 4 April 2015

Review ~ The Virgin (The Original Sinners: White Years, #3) by Tiffany Reisz

**ARC received for honest review**

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“It was a dark and stormy night...”

I can say with certainty that this series is one of my favourites of all time. There is something about the forbidden and the world of kink, you would never ever think that the two should ever meet, but the world that Tiffany Reisz has created you could never imagine them not. The three main characters Soren, Nora and Kingsley belong together, they are partners in crime and share such an intense bond that you can never imagine it being broken. These three have been through so much together and yet united they stand, their trust never wavering and their protectiveness and love for each other never falters, even when they are apart.


Tiffany teases us with the start of this book, Soren, Nora and Kingsley are at a wedding in a Scottish castle, but whose wedding is it? As much as I was desperate to know and we don’t find out until the end, what transpired in between had me thoroughly captivated and a sobbing mess in places.

We all know that there was a year when Soren, Nora and Kingsley were apart. Something had happened and Nora had fled and Kingsley followed soon after. The year is never mentioned, but never forgotten and sometimes it is best to lay old ghosts to rest. With these three reminiscing about that year we are finally treated to what really happened during that “lost year.” Through alternating flashbacks with Nora and Kingsley, we finally find out what happened.

“I had to work to love her. It didn‘t come easy. You chose her over me and it hurt, and it will always hurt. But I learned to love her despite all that, and that should tell you how close we are that I could overcome how much I wanted to hate her. You were right about her, about what she could be to us. But I was right, too. I was right, and you didn’t listen to me.”
- Kingsley on Nora to Soren

Nora sought refuge in the only place she felt that Soren couldn’t get to her, her mothers Abbey. Surrounding herself with nun’s, although she felt protected and safe, she always felt alone. With time on her hands Nora began a voyage of self discovery, reflecting on her past and after meeting someone finally found her true calling. As you can imagine it is hard for Nora to be celibate so I will say there are some F/F scenes in here, they are few and far between but they are beautiful and touching none the less. I have never read F/F before but Tiffany Reisz manages to pour every single emotion into those scenes, you cannot help but be moved and sucked into their story.

“You’re two people to me - Father Marcus Stearns and Soren - and I love both of you. I’m Eleanor and Nora. I was angry at you for so long because I loved both of you, and you weren’t willing to love both of me.”

Kingsley decided to tour the world and he ended up in Haiti where he met his Juliette. You will see Kingsley totally different after hearing his account. Can you ever imagine Kingsley without his suits and boots? In dirty Khaki’s and shirts? Kingsley, like Nora has a lot of time for reflection and we are treated to a very different side of Kingsley Edge. It was beautiful to see this side of Kingsley, it was Kingsley at his most open and most vulnerable and for once, we got to see the real man. It takes one woman to change this man and now it was his fight to make her his, but would this be a battle he could win?

“I used to think you walked on water…now I know you’re drowning like the rest of us.” - Kingsley on Soren

I have to applaud Tiffany Reisz, after seven books I am still not satiated, this is one series that I never want to end, I could read about this group in perpetuity. I am eagerly anticipating yet dreading The Queen as I really do not want this series to end, so it is bittersweet. There is no series like it and it is this unique story that has your heart racing and aching all at the same time. Tiffany has such a way with words, her stories are like a journey with friends, you live and breathe their lives with them, they have become my friends, when they hurt, I hurt, when they laugh, I laugh. It is not often an author can brand their characters into your heart and head, but for me at least, these three and their other group of misfits will never leave me.

“We’re all carriers. Original sin, remember…”

If you haven’t read this series, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Series reading order:

The Siren
The Angel
The Prince
The Mistress
The Saint
The King
The Virgin
The Queen (expected release 27th October 2015)

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