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Saturday Spotlight ~ Marni Mann


So this morning I finished this authors latest book and I thought to myself I need to get everyone to read this one. I mean adored is not a strong enough word to convey just how much I loved that book. Then the grey matter got whirring and I thought why not do a spotlight of all her books, because I mean, they ALL need to be read, and then I got to thinking, there are so many great authors that fly under everyones radar that NEED to be read, so then I thought this could be a regular slot on the blog...and so Saturday Spotlight was born and Marni Mann is going to be the first.

I first read Marni Mann back in 2013 and was blown away. This was one author whose writing style I just clicked with. I loved everything about her writing and just fell in love with her voice. That first book I read was Seductive Shadows.

Marni Mann is a chameleon when it comes to writing, no matter what she puts her mind to, she just NAILS it, every single time. Whether it be erotica, dark, contemporary romance, even a little element of RomCom, no matter what she pens, she wins, well at least in my eyes.

I have read every single book this author has written, and while it took me a while to put on my big girl panties and read her first two books, Memoirs Aren't Fairytales and Scars From A Memoir I cannot stress enough how EVERYONE needs to read those two books. I regretted not reading them sooner. If two books ever had a huge life lesson then it is these two and then come in a YA friendly version too. Seriously, read them, get your kids to read them too.

This author, for me, has never written a bad book and I remember, after reading that first book wanting to reach out and tell her just how much I loved that book. I had not been blogging long and I'm incredibly shy, but never the less, I did and I was so glad I did. I have stalked her ever since, I have labeled myself her Number One Fan and have not looked back since.

So, fourteen books under her belt plus two books co-written with Gia Riley there is a lot for you lovely readers to get your teeth into. When Marni Mann goes dark, it is dark, like reallll dark and sometimes deeply disturbing, but that is what I love, because you never know what she is going to put out. I am going to do a quick rundown with links to my reviews so you can choose for yourself, but whatever you do, take a chance, you won't regret it.

(Some covers may have changed, but I'm old school)

Memoirs Aren't Fairytales and Scars From a Memoir

An honest account of drug addiction.

Read my review here

"This was a duet that I needed to review straightaway, I just feel that if I get my thoughts and emotions down while I am still coming to terms with what I have just read it will have more of an emotional impact. These books seriously touched me, having never been around drugs or even having an inclination to try any I have never fully understood the novelty or the pull that these chemicals have on the addicts that so easily become consumed by them. But the thing about these two books is that it not only draws attention to the addict, but also the effects that addiction has on family, friends and strangers. This is definitely no fairy tale, this is the story of a woman’s desperate decline into the pits of hell and I lived and breathed it, warts and all."

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Memoirs Aren't Fairytales

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Scars From a Memoir

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Seductive Shadows and Seductive Secrecy

Contemporary Romance/Suspense/Dark/Erotic

Read my review ~  Seductive Shadows
Read my review ~ Seductive Secrecy

"The style of writing in this book is addictive, you are pulled into Charlie’s life and at times actually feel that you are living it with her, it is dark, extremely sad, emotional and at times intoxicating. The drama and story that Marni pulls you through is written in such detail that you feel everything! Slowly but surely, layer by layer Charlie’s story is revealed with flashbacks from past to present. You understood why Charlie was the way she was. In the beginning I wondered where this self loathing had come from, but once you see the glimpses into her childhood all becomes crystal clear."

Buy Links:

Seductive Shadows

Seductive Secrecy

Pulled Beneath and Pulled Within

Contemporary Romance

Read my review ~ Pulled Beneath

"Marni’s writing style is engrossing, enchanting and extremely emotive and this book is no different. This is not another Shadows type series but is a traditional romance with some angst, webs of lies and deceit and is packed full of story line twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. I wasn’t ready for this book to end and I cannot wait for the next one in the series."

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Read my review ~ Pulled Within

"After reading Pulled Within I have to say this is Marni Mann’s best book yet. The development in her writing is exponential, this story is raw and gritty, it is emotional and beautiful, you live and breathe the story, you feel the pain, the angst, the romance, you cannot help but be blanketed in this story, and it takes you over, from your head to your toes and everything in between including your heart."

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Unblocked Collection

Contemporary Romance

Read my review here

"As in true Marni Mann and Derek Block style this book had its fair share of steam, these two on a physical level cannot help but scorch your kindle, their connection oozes from the pages and seriously melts your panties. What this man can do there anything he cannot do? But seriously, their connection is palpable, my heart races with these two and that is when I know the author has got me, the characters have got me and it is one feeling I treasure when reading a book."

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Wild Aces

Contemporary Romance

Read my review here

"Once again I take my hat off to Marni Mann, this was an engaging, gripping, swoon worthy read that I couldn’t put down and once again I have to mention that Prologue…what a fantastic start to an amazing story. I cannot wait to see what Marni Mann pens next; I will be 1clicking for sure."

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Prisoned, Animal and Monster

Dark, very dark

Read my review ~ Prisoned

"Prisoned is more the original Marni Mann for me, the dark side, one that this author has always pulled off exceptionally well and Prisoned is no different. Having been away from this type of read for a few years, Marni Mann delved back in with both feet and has delivered one hell of a mind fuck. It is this genre that she seems to thrive in, as if given free rein to unload every dark thought that she has ever possessed. This seemingly sweet and innocent author who comes across like butter wouldn’t melt definitely has an evil streak and one that she manages to pen with finesse."

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Read my review ~ Animal

"Marni Mann delivered a little of everything in this book, something for everyone and that was just what this book needed to perfect that balance and ultimately the reader’s enjoyment. Yes, you have the dark side, you have suspense and intrigue in spades but you also have some hot and I mean seriously hot sex scenes. I have read every single one of Marni Mann’s books, I am well versed in how this author writes but even I have to admit that Marni Mann outdid herself this time. These scenes were salacious, dirty, obscenely addictive, yet sensual in their own way. No scene was superfluous, they all added to the story and boy do they make you feel. EVERY. SINGLE. THING…from the pounding heart to the tingles in your toes. Where did this side of Marni Mann come from? Seriously though, these scenes were like a siren’s call, I couldn’t turn away."

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Read my review ~ Monster

"Marni Mann does sick and twisted like no other and she really delved deep into her deliciously dark psyche to conjure up this insane journey that she takes great pleasure in taking the reader on. Animal was the first book in this series, and while that shows just how capable she is, it seems we only saw the tip of the ice berg when it came to Shank. Suspenseful, cringe inducing at times (in the best way), Marni Mann really delivered in cementing you firmly in Shank’s depraved world, but while he shared the limelight in this book with a few other characters the end result would have always been the same."

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Signed, Endorsed and Contracted

Contemporary Romance

 Read my review ~ Signed

"After a run of dark reads, Marni Mann has changed it up and delivered an extremely swoon worthy contemporary romance that will leave all you ladies in a puddle. Our hero is one incredibly handsome alpha male, that never knew what he wanted until her found her. Despite the age difference, these two burn up the pages and as with any Marni Mann read, the pages literally combust, after all, this woman knows how to write a sex scene."

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Read my review ~ Endorsed

"Marni Mann is one of the queens of heat and this book will definitely have you fanning yourself and your ovaries combusting with just how awesome this couple are. It was great to catch up with the other members of The Agency and I cannot wait for the next book in this series. There is never a dull moment, that is for sure."

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 Contracted releases on 28th June

Add it to Goodreads here

This book is seriously HOT, I mean kindle needs freezer time but it is also emotional, I mean I'm a crier through and through but the character connection was so on point I had streams of tears at times before Marni Mann expertly put me back together again. Out of the three books in this connected series, this is by far my favourite and I may even go to say my favourite contemporary romance by Marni Mann.

Co-Writes with Gia Riley

Read my review ~ Drowning (Contemporary Romance/Little Mystery/Suspense/Sports)

"Drowning is a book where the hero and heroine could have easily chosen a different path, could have easily given up, where life had thrown them more crap than they could handle and yet they both came out the other side. Battle scarred, emotionally wrecked, yet still breathing. Their different tragedies brought them together, but could the same ultimately tear them apart? When life seemingly has nothing left to give you and yet somehow gives you the greatest gift of, a soul mate, someone who loves with every fibre of their being and who will go to the ends of the earth to protect you."

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Read my review ~ Lover (Contemporary romance)

"So, this dynamic duo has once again teamed up to give us readers a “holy hotness” fest in the form of a book about swingers. This is not a subject you see in many books and in fact I have only read about it once before, which is surprising, considering the genre that I am constantly reading. But this read was much more than just a “swinging” book, this was a book about second chances, understanding relationships, making choices and definitely living with the consequences."

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