Monday 29 April 2013

Conviction (Club Destiny 1) By Nicole Edwards

Reviewed by Donna, Dawn & Willow

What Donna Says: 4 Stars

Wow, just wow, so glad that I stumbled across this author..I am just writing full reviews now for the whole series as I have devoured them..I absolutely loved this series and it introduced me to things that I have never read about before and was unbelievably surprised that I could read it and enjoy it!!

This first book is an opener to some fabulous characters, but mainly concentrates on the relationship between Logan McCoy and Samantha.

Samantha is a woman doing well in a career in a mans world..she works for a small satellite office and the invitation is given for her to move to their main offices. She meets her new boss on Skype (Logan McCoy)in the first instance and there is instant attraction between them..but being the consummate professional Samantha does not want it to go anywhere..she does not want to be known as the woman that got it all by sleeping her way to the top. Logan however, has other ideas!! He has never felt this way before about a woman and is adamant to make Samantha his. When Samantha finally relocates the heat is on in more ways than one!!

This book is seriously smoking hot!! I mean hose me down hot...I need to get my body in a wind tunnel hot and it is not just Logan and Samantha..this book introduces you to threesomes M/M/F and even foursomes M/M/M/F..this is where I became a bit shy...never read anything M/M before but this opened my eyes in a big way and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! It doesn't help that the 3rd in this relationship is Logan's twin brother Luke...yes there are two smoking hot McCoy's and Luke's story is the next one up and that I can assure you is my favourite of the series!!

Logan introduces Samantha to a different side of herself and slowly but surely introduces his more dominant alpha male side, Logan is also into voyeurism and this gets Samantha going too so makes for some seriously hot reading. Eventually he introduces Samantha to the club "Club Destiny" that he and his brother Luke own and run and that is where the fun begins...

I cannot recommend this series enough..if you love a hot steamy read then this is definitely the series for you..I read all the books one after the other and never tired of their antics, I can't wait for more from Nicole Edwards. Seriously, seriously amazeballs!!
What Willow says: 4 Stars

So many of my forum friends had read this book and were talking about it and I kinda felt I was missing out by not reading it, but part of me thought it was just going to be another sex filled book, with just sex for the sake of it, so I didn't jump to read it. With so much talk about it I finally caved.

 I have to say it was a lot different that I thought it was going to be. It wasn't just a book about sex, yes there is a lot of it and as Donna mentions some threesomes and even foursomes, but actually there was a lot more story to the relationship of Logan and Samantha. With work being an issue for Sam, not wanting to be known as the woman who slept her way to the top and Logan concerned whether Sam will understand his different sexual wants, its not plain sailing for them, they don't jump into bed together straight away and there is a tension that builds.  I loved that fact that Sam a strong character and wasn't afraid to explore, and for however briefly felt that perhaps she should feel guilty for liking it so much.

When I heard the threesome involved twins, I was a thinking that was a bit wrong, but actually reading it, it didn't come out that way and you certainly understand why its not weird for Logan. I will be interested to see where Luke and Cole go from here (two of the characters involved in the foursome)

I was a bit puzzled by it being called the Club Destiny Series because there was only a mention of Club Destiny in this book, but as Luke's book is next and he runs CD, I am assuming that we will hear a lot more of it in future books

What Dawn says: 3.5 Stars

Ok the girls have described most of the book so ill go with how I felt.....

I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it however, I found it lacking in something but I can't put my finger on what. That's what is making me bring this down from a 4 or 5 stars because really, I liked it, I liked how Logan was trying to get Sam to lose some control she had on her life. And how I knew they made a great couple. He was obviously loving and caring and totally besotted with her so I'm wondering was it Sam that brought it down for me?!

The first 40 ish% of the book was a bit boring for me and I really struggled with it. There was more discussion of Samantha's job ambitions and Logan's outdoor pool layout than about either of their emotions. And as I have no clue about their field of work I was often a tad confused.
Then all of a sudden Pow.....a different book It turned into crazy hot sex scenes and a really good story.

 Although some of the description was a little disturbing, Logan described the sexual acts as entirely for Sam's pleasure, although  involved pleasure for everyone involved. And I once felt she was a little forced into it. I know she had her safe word but still she was new to this and never knew entirely what was going to happen. But in the end she liked it. Then the next day she would have an internal struggle with what she'd done. Which is what I would think was a normal reaction. The big finale was described as a "punishment," which was a little odd. A few times, I had to sit back and think about whether some of the acts were physically possible.

There was a lot of head talking. I also didn't like how Sam kept running, refusing to communicate with Logan, even by phone. This annoyed me and made me want to shake her and  tell Logan to find someone who was more deserving. I get she was hurt by a relationship in the past, I get she was cautious, but going back home for 2 weeks after everything they went through, especially towards the end of the book was not ok. The lack of communication during this and his weekend business trip then their hurt feelings didn't sit well with me.  He would then turn up they would say very little then he'd "show" her how she'd made him feel.

 I also had to wonder if this would all be ok in a loving relationship?!  I'm no idiot and I know these things happen but somewhere along the line if they kept on doing this with Luke surely feelings are bound to get involved. He is Logan's identical twin brother!! That was another thing I found odd for them being such close twins, Logan and Sam got married without him there? Really?

 All of that being said I read the whole book and I will definitely be reading the next books in the series. I can't wait to read about Luke he intrigued me.

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