Wednesday 10 April 2013

Date Me (The Keatyn Chronicles 3) by Jillian Dodd

Reviewed by Donna 5 Stars

Released Yesterday !

I so want to quote the last line of this book, but Jillian Dodd has politely asked that we do not quote them in reviews so as not to spoil the book for the rest of yous...I was crying when I read THE END, it was so cruel to end it there. I have loved this series and now I absolutely adore this think that I have to read another 3 books in this series makes me do a dance but to think only 1 other will be released this year and then 2 in 2014 makes me very sad :-(...

I will say I have been team Aiden since she started at boarding school and as much as I love Dawson I truly hope that I get my HEA with Keatyn and Aiden, they are so suited and obviously meant to be together, if only Aiden was not so misunderstood, he doesn't help himself though does he?? I think with Aiden it is a type of confidence thing but being the alleged player he does not seem to have the nerve to make the first moves with Keatyn and just does little things that I as a reader can see are his way of communicating to her, reaching out to her, but as Keatyn still thinks that Aiden has his eyes set on the love of his life (which is her by the way) she automatically sees him as being a jerk, rubbing her nose in the fact that he loves somebody else..good it is so infuriating at times. I just wanted to bang their heads together and shout WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

This book covers Keatyn's relationship with Dawson, her friendship with Riley and Dallas is fab and I love them boys too. We are introduced to Cam and Braxton who are Dawson's brothers and Braxton has me in hysterics during this book, I cannot wait for him to start at the school.

I cannot really say much about the content in this book without revealing the whole story so all I can say is that if you have read the first 2 books in this series, you will SO NOT be disappointed with this latest instalment, it is my favourite so far. Keatyn grows up a lot in this book and actually I have warmed to her even more. As usual the banter between them all has me in hysterics, the relationships, the bitching, the ups and downs all make for a terrific read. Of course Vincent is always lurking in the background and he does make several appearances during this book, the threat is still there at full throttle.

I CANNOT wait for the next one, I sincerely hope that Jillian Dodd does not make us wait too long, with a closing sentence like that, that had me bawling like a baby, I NEED TO KNOW what happens, like now, like yesterday...please give me the HEA that I want, pleaseeeee and hopefully not make me wait till book 6 to get it. Will also say that the titles of the last 2 books are a bit disturbing, I feel that I am in for a long bumpy ride..but one that I cannot wait to read. Fab book, highly recommended but only if you have read the previous two Stalk Me and Kiss Me