Friday 12 April 2013

Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

I love Andrea Smith's books and this one is no different from her previous series but the book had me gripped.

I did guess there was more than met the eye with Slate and I was proven right, which made me fist bump myself..

Samantha is a married 35 year old, mother of 1 daughter in university, she fell pregnant when she was 16 by the high school stud, who reading between the lines basically took advantage of her whilst she was drunk and took her virginity at the same time. However, Samantha's father was not happy and basically made them marry and then set them up for life by providing Jack with a well paid job in his company. They never really loved each other but stayed with each other for Lindsay's sake.

Jack neglects Sammie, he is too wrapped up in his own life and other women!! Sammie finally sees the light and decides to get her life back on track and get rid of the "frumpy" Sammie. She starts at kick boxing and the gym and eventually ends up on a pole dancers course and she is really good..with all the exercise she has lost loads of weight, toned up and has the body of a 25 year old. Jack does not even notice. She decides to get a little job to keep herself occupied whilst Jack is travelling all the time and Lindsay is at Uni. The pole dance teacher persuades her to try out for a job at a club that her sister manages. It is not sleazy, higher end with nothing other than dancing on the table. She is a natural and they love her and "Diamond" is born.

Jewels where she dances is frequented by bikers and one particular biker called Slate is particularly entranced by Diamond, they become friendly and eventually it turns into "f buddies". But is Slate what he seems??? He wants her out of dancing and keeping safe..

I won't say anymore about the story as it will spoil the book, but it was a page turner for me, I devoured it. I wouldn't mind reading a sequel to this to see how their life pans out in the future.

Well done Andrea I absolutely loved it and can't wait to read your next book.