Monday 22 April 2013

Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

For a debut book, Kate McCarthy did an amazing job. It was so refreshing that the lead character was a woman who was a lead singer in a rock band…whilst most write about men that are lets face it manwhore horndogs!!
The book is set in Australia, Evie (Genevieve Jamieson) is the lead singer of a rock group that are trying to make it big. Evie’s best friend is Mac (Mackenzie Valentine) who is also the bands manager, she is one bossy, sassy woman and keeps Evie and her band mates in check. All the other band mates are male and the relationship that they have with each other is fab and hilarious, especially Henry he has earned a special little place in my heart.
Evie is emotionally scarred, she has had two serious relationships in the past that have not ended well, so now she just dates “safe geeks” ones that she can have sex with and know that they could never hurt her emotionally or physically. Mac introduced Evie to her brother years ago, Evie had to get away quick as Jared (Jared Valentine) was super scrummy and had Evie’s panties melting at first sight but she knew that he had the power to hurt her bad emotionally. However, they did strike up a great friendship but always communicated by text, it was safe, if she had to see him she could not be held responsible for her actions. The text banter between these two had me in hysterics. You could tell that they had a great friendship but you could also tell that Jared wished it was more. Jared and Evie’s families had been inter woven for years Evie’s brother Coby and Jared are business partners too in a top security firm and investigators and when Evie and Coby’s parents died Coby had custody of Evie and Mac’s parents became sort of surrogate parents to them both.
This story basically covers the band “Jamieson” and their rise to the top and the developing relationship between Evie and Jared. Jared and Evie have fantastic chemistry, Jared has no problem in sharing his feelings but Evie always pulls back, she is scared. When one of Coby and Jared’s operations goes bad Jared gets shot but not before he shot dead one of his assailants , this near death experience gets Evie thinking and she realises that she needs to let Jared in but the other assailant in the case seeks revenge, will he use Evie as his ammunition??
Just as Jared and Evie embark on a relationship much to Mac and her parents delight, Evie’s career takes off and they get signed and become a support act for a big band around Australia. Realising the threat against Evie security accompany them at every turn but is this enough to protect her from Jimmy who is hell bent on revenge! Is Evie enough of a target or will they try their hand at anything to get revenge on Jared??
This book has it all, chemistry, great supporting characters, a fab plot and is a real page turner. I could not put it down. Jared is super yummy and Evie feisty which makes for some great dialogue between the two. Sometimes I could have bashed their heads together, especially when Jared took off for 4 months, that seriously peed me off..although I could understand why, it was just really bad timing. Absolutely loved the epilogue, so glad it was included and I cannot wait for the next instalment, so glad that other characters are getting their stories told and hopefully wecan continue to read about how Jared and Evie develop going forward.
My favourite quote from the book is Jared to Evie….
“I feel like everything is so much brighter when I’m with you. When you are not here it’s like someone turned out the lights” awwwwwwww.
Highly recommended for a fab romantic read with some action, some fun and a bit of rock!!

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