Thursday 4 April 2013

Listed Series By Noelle Adams (Volumes 1-6)

Reviewed by Donna 3.5 Stars

This is a review for the whole series volumes 1 to 6 - 3.5 stars

I absolutely adored Paul and Emily..what started out as helping a dying girl achieve her bucket list developed into a full blown love affair despite everything that was thrown at them.

Paul and Emily knew each other vaguely there was a 6 year age gap but everyone knew Paul Marino, the trust fund baby, adrenaline junkie bad boy...that was all until his mum died where he then felt he had to do something with his life to make her proud. Emily was now familyless thanks to Vincent Marino (Paul's dad), unfortunately Emily had been at the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard incriminating evidence against Vincent Marino. He therefore tried the scare tactics to prevent them from going to the police. It was these scare tactics that made up Emily's mind to testify, she had lost her dad and now her aunt had died after contracting some mysterious virus which Paul believed his father was somehow responsible for as his father dealt in biological weapons at his laboratory. The final hand being dealt when Emily contracted the same virus and was given 3 months to live.

Paul felt responsible for Emily and vowed to take care of her, one of the items on her bucket list was to get married, so they did! In return Paul wanted her guarantee that she would testify against his father.

I don't want to reveal everything that happened between them but this story is a fabulous story about whilst caring for Emily through the illness and fevers they knew were going to kill her Paul helped her to cross off everything on her bucket list and the "sham" marriage eventually evolved into the real thing as they both fell in love with each other. It was beautifully written and I had really connected to the characters, I was rooting for them both..they had a lot to overcome, Vincent, the trial, the virus, the press, the age gap, the fight to find a cure, the list goes on!

You will have to read the series to find out the ending but I was not disappointed, I did however feel that the last instalment felt rushed and that more should have been said and done between Paul and Emily. I am a sucker for a fab epilogue and this did not disappoint. I also loved the cut chapters at the end. I do though wish it would have just been released as a complete book, luckily there were only a few weeks between each novella but I read the first two then waited for the next four so I could read the complete series. A lovely series by Noelle Adams I would definitely read more of her work!!!!