Monday 8 April 2013

Locked (The Alpha Group 1) By Maya Cross

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

This is a short novella!

This is a fab start to what I hope will be a great trilogy, my only complaint was that it was tooo short!! Just as I was warming up to the story and the characters it finished :-( at least we only have to wait a month for the next instalment and I hope that it will be longer than this one.

Sophia is on a pub crawl with her girlfriends when they stumble into this old run down bar, they are having a few drinks and are well onto their way to being intoxicated. There is a door that has a bouncer guarding it and as they are sitting there they see lots of people going in that are well dressed and even a famous actor, this gets their curiosity piqued! Sophia makes it her mission to get in there and see what is going on behind closed doors. I will say, how she gets in is hilarious and it is very funny, a fab chuckle moment, needless to say she gets in and finds herself in this very opulent ball room that has a pool and a is here she meets Sebastian Lock...drop dead gorgeous and very very smooth, she gets a bit taken aback by his interest and decides to retreat to the restrooms, gets lost and finds herself in this long corridor with lots of doors, one of which is Sebastian's office, she hears voices, panics and jumps into the cupboard, she witnesses things she shouldn't, moves and is discovered where she beats a hasty retreat, runs out of his office through the bar and back into the pub to her friends and tells them to run (all without her shoes).

It seems that Sebastian is very taken with Sophia and from their brief discussion at the bar manages to locate her and eventually manages to persuade her into "an arrangement", the chemistry between the two is fantastic and even takes them by surprise but Sebastian has secrets, his work takes him away a lot and it is top secret. he is obviously very loaded and Sophia is a lawyer working 80 hour weeks so the arrangement suits them both. The lack of communication between the two during the time Sebastian is working gets to Sophia and she asks for a little bit more, Sebastian agrees and all seems well in the world. Sophia wakes in the middle of the night and is just getting something to drink when Sebastian's phone goes off, she looks, sees something she shouldn't and bolts and that is where it ends. Why women do that I will never know, but nothing can be gained by sneaking at a mans phone, especially in romance books!

This book does contain a bit of BDSM, not too much but this may develop later in the trilogy.

All I can say is that I cannot wait for the 2nd book to see where this story is going and to find out a bit more about Sebastian Lock. As I said a fab start to what I hope will be a fab trilogy.