Sunday 7 April 2013

Lost in Distraction (Lost 1) B.J Harvey

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

OMG another blinking cliff hanger, why do they do this to me and it is not even a little one it is a massive whopping big one!!

I loved this book, the chemistry was fab the side characters where great too. Brax was just amazeballs he could put his slippers under my bed anytime lol!!!

Elle was orphaned when she was at a camp and came home to find out her parents and sister had been murdered in their home, her father was a very successful business man that had built the company from scratch to secure a future for his two daughters. Elle went into her shell after this and kept herself to herself and just trudged through life to achieve her goal of finishing college so that she could take over the family business when she finished as expected and as was detailed in her fathers will. Her sparkling green eyes are dull and lifeless and she has no friends and does not talk to anybody.

Brax is in security, his boss was a family friend of Elle's father and vowed to keep her safe and protected, he gets wind that Elle's life is in danger and puts Brax and Shay onto the case. Brax poses as another student and is immediately drawn to Elle, during the assignment they fall in love. He manages to do what no one else before had managed and given Elle hope, love, passion, security and a sense of purpose in life, he has mended her broken heart. After 8 months undercover the relationship is in full flight and they are both besotted with each other, however the villains in this book that we are introduced throughout have other ideas and it all starts to go wrong... And then the book ends, it just ends just like that just when I was well hooked...I need book 2 NOW!!

The writing style was not one of my favourites but it was made more enjoyable by the dual point of view. I really cannot wait for book 2 but the intro into book 2 at the end of this is cruel, it makes you think about what Elle could possibly be thinking and after reading the epilogue thinking it could all work out ok this little intro throws it all up into the air!!