Friday 19 April 2013

Resisting Her By Kendall Ryan

Reviewed by Donna 2 Stars
I wanted to love this book, but I didn't something was missing for me and I cannot put my finger on it.
The story was different, but it just seemed to drag and I could quite easily have put it down and not picked it back up again. There is only so much you can read about what she cooks, how she cooks, giving the dog a cuddle, taking it out for potty etc etc etc.
Cole is obviously very emotionally stunted, he has the need to protect women to make up for something that happened in his past. I feel that Abbie did a number on him and has basically ruined him for everybody else. He did very well in "resisting her" but all the internal dialogue could get very irritating.
Savannah was rescued by Cole from a compound, she was 19, hardly been off the compound so was not very world wise, he let her move in with him and slowly introduced her to the ways of the world. She was a strong character which was good, I did really like her, but again she had the compulsion for mothering and just became his domestic slave which was a tad annoying. I could understand why, but for a girl with freedom she did not seem to act the way I would have thought, she never did have the rebellious stage the shrinks thought she would have.
It took till near the end of the book before anything substantial happened and I warmed up a bit then. I thought that the epilogue was the best bit and was glad that they got their HEA.

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