Saturday 6 April 2013

Rules of Entanglement (Fighting for Love 2) by Gina L Maxwell

Reviewed by Donna 3 stars

Seven days. And seven rules to break...

Vanessa MacGregor’s “Lucky 7” Rules To Live By:-

7. Never take your responsibilities lightly.
6. Never indulge in the poison of lies.
5. Never let a fling last more than three days.
4. Never date a man who chooses fists over words.
3. Never date a man who lacks a stable future.
2. Never relinquish control.
1. Never fall in love.

Vanessa is very man wary, she has 7 rules that she follows to prevent herself getting involved with the wrong man, but what she fails to realise is that these rules prevent her from getting attached to any man.

Her best friend is getting married in Hawaii and becomes stricken with food poisoning so she asks Vanessa to go there early and start the wedding preps with the planner with her brother who lives on the comes Jax (Jackson)who is a cage fighter, totally ripped, tanned, surfs and is just 6ft 3 odd of tanned fit muscle...yum yum yum

He is late picking up Vanessa from the airport which does not go down very well and puts them both on the wrong foot, however there is a kind of insta lust between the two, Jax does tell a little white lie to get to spend some time with her and eventually Jax breaks down a few of her walls until she proposes a 3 day fling..however Jax is not totally happy with the arrangement and tries his best to make the biggest impression in 3 days to prove that what they feel for each other is more than just worthy of a fling..then his little white lie comes to bite him on the bum and the relationship implodes and she runs off, it is now up to Jax to fight to win her back and prove that he is worthy!

I did enjoy the plot but I did not get the character chemistry like I should have, it was a kind of insta lust/love but that did not manage to work it's way through the pages to me..but Jax's 7 rules at the end were so moving I did shed a little tear:-

7) Always be 100% honest
6) Always own up to your mistakes
5) Always negotiate in terms of forever
4) Always use fists in the cage and to protect her where necessary, but never bring violence into your life.
3) Always be willing to move out of the bachelor shack into a grown up house
2) Always understand the balance of control and give as often as you take
1) Always, always, always tell her how much you love her , now and forever before it is too late

Total swoon moment and once you have read Vanessa's rules in the beginning they make you melt, especially the way in which they were delivered.